Skyrim:Emerald Paragon

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Unique Item: Emerald Paragon (xx019abc)
Type Paragon
Added by Dawnguard
Editor ID PortalGemGreenKey
Weight Weight 0.3 Value Value 1500
The Emerald Paragon

The Emerald Paragon is held by a frost giant who is located on an area fenced off by the Falmer in the top of the canyons at Forgotten Vale. Specifically, this is in the area beyond the Shrine of Resolution, and before the Glacial Crevice.

Go to the Shrine of Resolution. Cross the rock bridge to the north. Turn left, heading west, down to a Falmer camp. Turn right and climb the canyon to a second rock bridge. Follow the path to a Falmer bridge. Turn left and cross a third rock bridge. Continue past Sharpslope Cave, on a one way path over more bridges. Just before reaching the top of the western canyon, there is a fenced area to the right where the frost giant is located. Kill the giant to get the Emerald Paragon.

If placed into the gem holder for the Paragon Portal, it will create an opening to the Forgotten Vale Overlook, an area that overlooks the giant lake where Voslaarum and Naaslaarum were located. At the end of the river, there will be a leveled weapon, Unknown Book, Vol. II, and a chest near a corpse. With some tricky moves, you can reach this position from the castle balcony without the paragon.