Skyrim:Froki's Bow

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Unique Item: Froki's Bow (000c0186)
Type Bow
Editor ID dunHuntersBow
Damage Damage 6
Damage Damage 6 {{{health}}}
Speed 1
Speed 1
Weight Weight 5 Value Value 307
Tempering Iron Ingot
Tempering Iron Ingot Perk
Does 10 points of Stamina damage:
Charge/Cost = Uses 55/18=3
Froki's Bow
Froki's Bow, with a nearby dead bandit

Froki's Bow is a long bow that was made by and was the weapon of choice of Froki Whetted-Blade that he lost within Graywinter Watch. The bow has an enchantment that does ten points of stamina damage. Tempering Froki's Bow requires an iron ingot and the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

Froki will send you in the direction of his old bow as part of Kyne's Sacred Trials, when he sends you to face the final guardian spirit, the Guardian Troll Spirit. Towards the back of Graywinter Watch, the bow can be found upon a barrel, near a few arrows and a copy of the Archery skill book Vernaccus and Bourlor. Retrieving the bow and taking it to Froki after completing the quest will allow you to show it to him, which will have him reminisce on his old weapon, before having him let you keep it: "I don't believe it. I made that bow myself. Been through some messes with it, let me tell you. You know what? I want you to keep it. My great hunts are behind me, but yours are yet to come."

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