Skyrim:The Woodsman's Friend

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Unique Item: The Woodsman's Friend (00022265)
Type Battleaxe
Editor ID dunPinewoodGroveWoodsmansFriend
Damage Damage 17
Damage Damage 17 {{{health}}}
Speed 0.6
Speed 0.6 Reach 1.3
Weight Weight 20 Value Value 28
The Woodsman's Friend
The dead wood cutter the weapon is found near

The Woodsman's Friend is a unique iron battleaxe found alongside a dead wood cutter. With no enchantment and no way to improve the weapon through blacksmithing, the only advantage this weapon has over the generic version of this weapon is the single extra point of default damage it can do. However, as the weapon has a lower speed, the overall benefit of this extra point of damage is diminished. Additionally, it has approximately half of the gold value of a normal iron battleaxe, making it notably subpar stat-wise to the standard version of this item.


  • The Woodsman's Friend does no critical damage by default.
    • PC Only This issue has been addressed by version 1.2.6 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch; the weapon can now do eight points of critical damage.
  • This battleaxe cannot be tempered, despite there not being an obvious reason for this.
  • The battleaxe will respawn even though it is a unique weapon.