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Blood and guts everywhere

Anyone else who bought this house still have all the blood and guts and the alter still in the house? --Aceman67 04:09, 17 November 2011 (UTC)

I had this problem to solve it i had to select clean up the murders mess and without buying anything i had to go to the house and check to make sure it was done then go back to the steward and purchase everything. I found out if you tell the steward to clean up the mess for 500 gold and immediately proceed to buy everything the blood bones and gore will still be there even tho i selected clean up the mess for 500 first.-Luckysneak

Can't buy it?

Even after finishing the stormcloaks quest line, it seems that I can't purchase this house, despite having the quest to do so from the Jarl! I've got a nasty feeling it's because I (most likely) glitched the Butcher quest when I first entered Windhelm by inadvertently breaking into Calixto's house. He won't come out now, I can't get the Butcher quest to start and the house is unpurchaseable. The console commands for a lot of quests don't seem to have been explored much yet, I might try using them to start or maybe just complete the quest, see if that has any effect. I want my house collection to be complete! 07:41, 17 November 2011 (UTC)

Possibly Bugged

Despite finishing the Blood on the Ice quest and joining the Stormcloaks, I have never been named Thane of Windhelm, nor been offered to buy Hjerim, even though I just basically sacked Whiterun on my own. So now I'm homeless, because there's no way I'm living in Whiterun now. Just for once in my life, I'd like to play a Bethesda game that aren't absolutely riddled with stuff like this. 19:46, 18 November 2011 (UTC)

That's not a bug, you have another Storm Cloak mission to complete before you're given permission to buy a house in windhelm.

The Dialogue is there.... & Blood on the Ice ID's

Typing: help windhelm 0 and looking closely through all the dialogue with the page-up key, the ID and the dialogue to purchase the home, everything in it are there, as well as telling Jorleif to Get rid of Blood. We just NEED the console command to force the secondary dialogue (buying a house, furnishings, remove the blood, etc.) as it's apparently different then typing: player.setstage xxxx xx for the quests?

Blood on the Ice can be forced to start with "player.setstage MS11 10" Bumping it in increments of 10. An eventual branching occurs before/at 100, so player needs to play with the settings as it's possible to have 2 Blood on the Ice Quests active using this method if you go in order, skipping OVER 100. The 2nd one relates to when you are supposed to return to Windhelm and another murder occurs. "player.setstage MS11 100" will get the mage arrested, ending the 1st branch. Trying to talk to Jorleif after "100" but before the arrest will result in a "Player is Busy" response until they arrest Un-liver. Using player.setstage MS11 200 will end the 2nd one. Technically, I think there are 4 outcomes, being a 3rd after you have evidence and talking to the mage instead of having him arrested, then entering the Stone Quarters to catch Calixto in the act. A 4th being none of the above or he escapes? A thorough mapping of 10-90, 110-190, in a particular order to trigger in the desired fashion is needed to assign the dialogue to it's number (I.E 10, 40, 100). Also, another apparent glitch occurs if you pick-pocket Calixto and take his key. Open his chest on the ledge at the top of the stairs to find a 3rd, numberless "Butcher" Journal, that's 100% incriminating as he lays out what he's doing, and even signs his name it. But the game never recognizes you even have this, even if it's the 1st bit of evidence you collect! The NPC's have no dialogue relating to that Journal either. Possibly an over-site by programmers? The only Quest I had done in Windhelm was the Dark Brotherhood one. Blood on the Ice I stumbled upon. Running through B O T I, one of the prerequisites glitched where it said to Get Assistance or one of the later "Get something" from Jorleif wouldn't trigger, but the other events did. I also started B O T I BEFORE ever talking to Jorleif OR Ulfric. The House purchase never came for me, nor any title of Thane. I'm also avoiding the Civil War / Stormcloak Quests until a suitable patch as I'd hate to have a gamebreaker by ignoring this now. Been awesome fun tho! UPDATE: Someone else added the lower portion as I've avoided this mission for know.

SOMEONE ELSE ADDED: I was finally able to buy the house as I progressed through the Stormcloak missions but the steward doesn't have any of the upgrades in his dialogue menu. I have been named thane and everything and have my housecarl but still no dialogue option for upgrades. FML

Buying the house with Imperial Quest

Apparently everyone seems to think this is possible..yet I can't do it. Is this a glitch or what?

I finished the imperial line. Everyone talks of the murders, but i can't witness the murder scene at the graveyard.

UPDATE: For the quest to start normally, you must leave and re-enter Windhelm 4 times. When you enter on the 4th time, it has to be night time or dark out. Walk to the upper left of the city to see several NPC's standing over a victim. Talk to the guard and other NPC's standing there. If, after all this the quest still won't start, type: player.setstage MS11 10 and the quest will start for you. Make sure ALL the tasks it gives you update as being "completed" after doing them, as "Accept Jorleif's help" was bugged on mine.

UPDATE: Once you've finished the Imperial line you cannot start this quest. When you gatecrashed into Windhelm you killed the critical guard NPC which is the person who triggers the quest. Learned this the hard way. Ironically I found this out on a different wiki page. <--- Scroll down to Windhelm

This is exactly what happened to me. Though I did the 4x entry to Windhelm before even starting the civil war questline, I never got Blood on the Ice. Now, with Windhelm in Imperial hands, I am Thane of Windhelm, but unable to purchase Hjerim. I was wondering if there is any way to reset the house so that it becomes purchaseable? Doing completequest ms11 and ms11b does not work. I've tried everything else (pickpocketing the key, etc.), even trying to find the guard's body (ID is 00045c12). But moveto just takes me to the guard barracks.Achariel 20:03, 3 January 2012 (UTC)

Unfurnished Room Upstairs

Is there supposed to be an unfurnished room upstairs? It's the one opposite the master bedroom. The steward doesn't have any more stuff for me to buy. 09:54, 23 November 2011 (UTC)

I have the same problem; I never actually found the necromancer's lair when I did the Blood and Ice quest, but I'm assuming that that's the correct location for the alchemy and enchanting upgrades? So I've no idea what's supposed to be in the unfurnished room, though I would suspect servant's quarters since Proudspire Manor has a servant's bed, while Hjerim does not. In any event, it's a ridiculously buggy home, as I've managed to get the murderer's mess glitch, and even if it weren't blood-stained it's a pretty ugly place compared to some of the other Windhelm homes. Haravikk 18:46, 23 November 2011 (UTC)
This unfurnished room isn't really a bug. Since you buy Hjerim prior to becoming Thane of Windhelm, you can't get the housecarl associated with it. Once you're Thane and the housecarl (Calder) is here, the room is furnished and he will sleep in it. 11:53, 25 November 2011 (UTC)
i just went home and the room is now furnished, i think the 1.2 patch fixed it (xbox) (Eddie The Head 06:34, 1 December 2011 (UTC))
The arcane enchanter and alchemy lab are on the first floor behind a false panel inside one of the wardrobes. The 1.2 patch is unrelated, and the proper furniture for the room opposite the master bedroom include a bed and shelves. I believe the IP was correct about what causes the room to become furnished. Rhyono 07:28, 10 December 2011 (UTC)
Hmm, i had the house after becoming thane, the room was unfurnished for ages, when i checked it was furnished (but it defiantly wasn't after i bought the upgrades), also for me Calder never sleeps, he mainly sits in a chair on the first floor. (Eddie The Head 07:06, 18 December 2011 (UTC))

Possible Bug

Finished the quest 'Blood on the Ice', purchased Hjerim, purchased all decorations, entered Hjerim - everything checks out. After some 30 days of other activities I returned to Hjerim to stash some loot only to find it has none of the decorations, still has the murderer's mess in it and the housecarl will not talk about it. Anyone else have this? --Lauriy

Another possible bug. For the PS3 I have experienced that for this house armor placed on a mannequin may appear invisible. Items put in display case may end up scattered on the floor during your next visit. Activating weapon racks, shield plaques, weapon plaques, and bookshelves ALL may just flat out not work at all.

  • those are not really display cases, (like oblivion's) they are weapon cases. you must equip a weapon and activate it. it will be placed there for display.

Glitched Furniture

After purchasing the house in Windhelm, I noticed some of the furniture in the master bedroom became glitched. This quest was done without using any cheat/console codes and is on the PC version. Here are some screenshots of the glitch:


As you can see the drawer and the bookshelf are stuck in each other. You can still access the "wardrobe" but not the bookshelf.


There are 4 chairs and 2 tables in this picture. You can still sit in the chairs and you can still move the objects on top of the table(s).

Console commands (i.e. setstage...) haven't worked to fix this glitch as of yet.

If you select the glitched furniture via console(~), and be sure you are selecting the furniture ONLY, not your house, so be sure to save after you fix all of it, so you don't loose a wall or bookshelf. Proceed to type into the console "MarkforOBLITERATION" mean "markfordetele" then hit enter, if you leave then re-enter Hjerim, the selected furniture should be gone.
NOTE: The command is markfordelete, not MarkForOBLITERATION, that was a joke.--Flairtorc 22:21, 7 December 2011 (UTC)
^Thank you!^

I have this problem too, but sadly on Xbox... hopefully it'll be patched soon =\ also it only started happening a long while after i purchased the house, after i did The Pale Lady. --Rawrgoaway 04:20, 26 December 2011 (UTC)

Blood on the Ice temporary work-around

Ok, so I couldn't do the Blood on the Ice quest, not sure why but it was broke. But, straight to the point. I wanted Hjerim. By trying multiple things I found here, and other places, I managed to unlock the house, and am able to purchase decorations from the Jarls steward, house is unlocked. So far so good. This is what I did.

First buy the house, you must have 12,000 gold on you for it to work.

setstage 000A7B33 10

Second, I dont think this did anything, but this is what I did, so try it. lol. I managed to force the dialog to get the decorations. What I did was, I walked up to the steward and had my crosshair hovering over him. Went into console and put...

say 000E67B8 say 000E67B6 say 000E67BA say 000E67B5 say 000E67B4 say 000E67B9 say 000F726A

That didn't do anything but give me back a bunch of crap about faction and quest stuff. So then I thought, hey I didn't finish BOTI yet... So, I entered...

completequest MS11

Once I did that I talked to the steward, still no decorations. So I went back to the console and I entered in a nerd rage.

say 000F726A say 000F726A say 000F726A say 000E67B9

Then, I talked to the steward. Guess what? I can buy decorations! and they work!! hahahahaha. Just make sure you clean up the blood first.

Some other things I tried was resetting the at with ResetAI on that Wicked chick and Calixco but that didnt work either. Im stoked this works for now. I can finally continue on with my life in Skyrim.

Brought to you by: Vitalsine

Won't start

This quest doesn't start if you've completed the Dark Brotherhood questline. Just a heads up. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 08:59 on 28 November 2011

For me, I couldn't trigger the quest reguardless of what I did like many people have complained of. Re-loaded the game to a previous save from BEFORE I started any of the Stormcloak quests and the Blood on the Ice quest started no problem. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 00:07 on 4 December 2011
To solve the issue stated above simply go to the dungeon and speak to the wizard this part will only work if you previously accused the wizard of the crime and he was arrested for it. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 03:46 on 7 December 2011
My quest didn't start because Viola Giordano was dead. I was able to verify this by using console command "player.moveto 1B13C" which took me to a Unknown Hall with dead bodies all over. I found Viola's body and typed "resurrect 1" on her. There is no way out of this hall and Viola is stuck, so I moved back to Jorleif by "player.moveto 1B134".
The next time I entered Windhelm the quest STARTED LIKE NORMAL! I had to moveto Viola again to speak with her during her part, but there were no other issues (except that she's stuck living in a dead hall).Anardil 23:38, 12 December 2011 (UTC)

THIS was a big help. My Viola was underground ALIVE, so I just had to use the move commands. THX

can't finish quest

So I started Blood on the Ice and it won't let me finish it. I started it and didn't realize that there was more to the quest than stopping the mage, but that you have to catch calixto too. So i randomly ended up talking to the mage in the jail and he sent me after calixto and now i own hjerim and calixto will neither die nor leave!

New note: This is on my xbox360

SUCCESS! Blood on Ice glitch workaround!

Vitalsine's instructions have fixed this glitch for me.

Although I did have to use the CC and a few setstage MS 11 and "say 00.." commands, everything is finally right in the world. I was able to purchase the decorations from the steward and even paid for them.

Guys it worked for me using that line. I could buy the house. buy the decorations

clean up the blood.

But...its still got spider webs, mist and old corpse skeletons in it

Quote from above "Blood and Guts everywhere" "I had this problem to solve it i had to select clean up the murders mess and without buying anything i had to go to the house and check to make sure it was done then go back to the steward and purchase everything. I found out if you tell the steward to clean up the mess for 500 gold and immediately proceed to buy everything the blood bones and gore will still be there even tho i selected clean up the mess for 500 first. -Luckysneak"

(Another PC skyrim player) I am posting here to confirm that Vitalsine's fix to buying a house in windhelm works!! THANK YOU!! I think this is the best and perhaps the only fix around not being able to buy a house in windhelm. For weeks i have been trying to buy a house in windhelm and couldn't , but with his instructions it works completely. I could even buy the decorations!! The minor problem (atleast in my skyrim) random investigation spots are in my house and there's chairs and rubble furniture inside my bed as well as pieces of bone? or white things scattered on the floor of the first floor. The floor is patchy and randomly darker shades in some spots, but that doesn't bother me one bit, just the fact that I can own a house a windhelm with decorations is amazing. Thank you Vitalsine.

Summary of what you all said;

If you're still not able to buy the house, or do the "blood on the ice" quest, you can do as follow :

Be sure you have 12000 gold on you, Open de commands, and write:

Setstage 000A7B3310 (or if this does not work use: Setstage A7B33 10)

Completequest MS11

and there you go, you can buy both the house and the decorations !

*******NOTE****** FIRST CHOOSE ---> "CLEAN UP THAT MURDER's MESS" for 500g before purchasing ANY decorations, or you will forever have blood stained on your walls and in your secret room. If you're ok with that tho, then ignore this first part.

If you pay to have the mess cleaned up, there is still some bone fragments around. To get rid of those do the following: to to Hjerim, create a NEW save game file.

Open console click on bone fragment (you will see it's hex code appear under your cross-hairs) type: markfordelete click on another fragment (be sure you're NOT clicking on the floor, wall, or anything else!!!) hit up arrow to bring up the inputted "markfordelete" then hit enter

Do this with everything you want to delete AGAIN BESURE YOU DO NOT DELETE YOUR FLOOR, although fun it's a pain.

Hit F5 (quick save) hit f (quick load)

everything you marked for delete will be gone...yes floors & houses too.

hmmm, maybe this can help?

  • Entry by General M-13*

typing "help MS11 0" in the console reveals some interesting subjects, including all the speech and such but 2 of these stand out above all of these.

MS11FollowUpStartDay (which is 0 in my game)
MS11EnteringWindhelmCount (which is around 50 in my game and goes up every time i enter windhelm)

maybe those 2 can be used to FORCE "Blood on the ice" to trigger in combination with:


i tried setting MS11FollowUpStartDay to 1 but that did not work (maybe it needs a different value)

typing Player.setstage MS11 10 does not do anything for me.
typing CompleteQuest MS11 allows me to buy the house, but it makes no entry in my questjournal and the house is bugged.

maybe some people can try and fiddle with the console using the stuff i just typed and find a way to force the quest to start.
i tried a few things but nothing worked, but maybe i missed something.

Vitalsine is correct

I also was nerdraging over this not working and being able to use this awesome house but that vital piece of code to advance the actual buying of the house was all i needed after that i was able to buy the upgrades and become a thane as normal i worship the ground you walk upon vitalsine <3

Missing wardrobe

So I bought the house, stored pretty much every knickknack I had in the wardrobe upstairs, I'm the bedroom BEFORE buying the upgrade. Post upgrade, the wardrobe and everything in it has gone missing. I would reload a save, but it was days after I bought the upgrade that I actually went in the house.

I've checked the other chests/wardrobes in the house. No dice. Would it be somewhere else completely or..?

  • when you buy a house upgrade ,you should always remove all the stuff you had stored in the room you upgrade because it'll most likely remove the old containers , meaning you can't get your stuff back unless you load a save before upgrading or ,if on PC, console the items you remember having stored there into your inventory.

Fix for Xbox?

It's nice to know all the PC users can use console commands when they encounter a problem. What about us Xbox and PS3 users?— Unsigned comment by (talk) and — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 22:30 on 3 December 2011 (UTC)

Either wait for the developer to patch the game, or revert to an earlier save to see if you can avoid the problem. There's a great save system and it shouldn't take too much backtracking to find a point to start again without a bug. If that doesn't work though, you can always try building a new character, which is a fun and rewarding experience. Lukish_ Tlk Cnt 22:30, 3 December 2011 (UTC)

So I completed teh Imperial quest line and couldn't get Blood on the Ice to trigger at all, despite trying what was listed...

Eventually this worked:

You must have Purchase a house in Windhelm quest (in miscellaneous) active, then just open up console (~) and type:

setstage 000A7B33 10

That gave me ownership of Hjerim. As I had already done 5 assist citizen quests I was prompted to return to Brunwulf and was made Thane.

However...still no Jorleif dialog.

So completequest Ms11 and completequest Ms11b via the console. Now I can buy decorations including the "clean up" option (choose it first).

Buying Hjerim with the Imperial questline.

Is is possible to purchase Hjerim by siding with the Imperials?

I don't like that the Nords are all racist and it's just the Thalmor and the White-Gold Concordant that are really the only problems with the empire. I know that the worship of Talos is forbidden if I complete the Imperials' quest and I can live with that, but I think I'm making up for it by slaughtering every group of Thalmor Justicar and escorts I come across. >:)

Reply: ****SPOILER ALERT****

 After completing the civil war and killing Ulfric, if you leave the city and come back there will be a new ruler who will thank you
 for aiding in the war and you will have the same options of purchasing a house and becoming his thane.

Found key to Hjerim on Tova Shatter-Shield after killing Nilsine

I was on the Dark Brotherhood quest to Mourning Never Comes. I killed Nilsine for the optional part. I decide to check the Shatter-Shield house to see if Tova killed herself. When I found her body she had the key on her. Going in the house doesn't trigger Blood on Ice quest and it doesn't count the house as owned in the stats tab. Just wondering if anyone else found this. Noyman29 19:45, 5 December 2011 (UTC)

Yes, I also found the key and entered the house; no quest triggered, etc. There were various "investigation points" around the house that did nothing upon trying to activate. 02:24, 8 December 2011 (UTC)

Clean Up Disable Workaround?

If you've purchased the Living Room upgrade already, is there a way to still purchase the Clean Up? Manually deleting the bones and altar works, but the blood stained textures cant be removed from the floor and walls

Out of place items

Here's a list of things that need deleted:

Sacrificial altar


Bone fragments




Upstairs hallway furniture


Bedroom furniture


Living room furniture


I could not find a way to make the MarkForDelete command use an ID in-line. I would've made this into a batch file otherwise (note: doing prid id then markfordelete the next line did not work for a batch attempt). Note: be very sure of what you are clicking on when you are using markfordelete. That is why this list is here. Rhyono 06:32, 8 December 2011 (UTC)

By using address.markfordelete (e.g. to remove the altar: d55f8.markfordelete), you can permanently remove everything from the house that shouldn't be there. If you make a text file with all of the addresses I've listed here (with .markfordelete after each one), store it in your Skyrim directory, then execute bat "filename.txt" your house will be cleaned of all things that were left behind by the "clean that murderer's mess" option. Rhyono 06:59, 18 December 2011 (UTC)


the house has 3 mannequins in it...i've put 3 sets of armor on them and they dissapeard...if i go out from the house and come in again i can see the one...the others no.the one totally dissapeard and the other i can see only the head without the helmet i supposedly had put on it...can i do something???

Put a ring that you DID NOT MAKE on the mannequin leave the mannequin equipment menu then open up the mannequin and take back the ring this also copies that ring every time you return. Note: the mannequins body will be invisible until you take the ring from its inventory at least in my case on the ps3


i bought the house, i became thane of winterhelm, i bought all the decoration and no clean the mess option...the guy is inside the house and looking out for it but no cleaning...i wouldnt mind just the blood, but inside the alchemist laboratory its like a Jack the Ripper's scene..!

I might be able to help with your problem, except I can't find where the arcane enchanter and alchemy lab are in the house. Rhyono 22:10, 8 December 2011 (UTC)

as u go in the left side of the house, its inside the right wardrobe. u open it and than it says open something more, i cant remember what is says exactly..!

Enter the command prid c10cb and then try the command say f726a and tell me what the 8 lines of text say. Rhyono 20:23, 9 December 2011 (UTC)

i suppose u r talking for pc yes..?i'm playing it in ps3...any help there???thanx anyway for your time and mood..!

Ah, with PC there was a chance I could've helped you force dialogue or force clean up directly. There isn't anything I can do for you on PS3. Blood on the Ice and Hjerim are both extremely buggy, which is what has caused your dilemma. Hopefully they'll patch the problem. Rhyono 22:30, 9 December 2011 (UTC)

Mind helping me out with that instead? Love the house, cant stand the blood-soaked mess it is right now. Anyways, I did what you said and I got four pairs of values, all of them being 1.00 and 0 respectively. 00:40, 14 December 2011 (UTC)

Bugged bedroom

I forgot to investigate the chair stacked on top of the bed during the Blood on the Ice quest. Now there's no chest standing in front of my bed (also no chest downstairs, in which you can find 'Beware the Butcher' notes during the quest. I've purchased all decorations.

Hjerim Not Available If You're Neutral?

In my last playthrough I went with the Stormcloack campaign and I was able to buy Hjerim with no problems, glitches, etc. However, on this playthrough I have decided to NOT pick a side. I would like to remain neutral, but now it seems I can't buy Hjerim. I did the "Blood On The Ice" quest with no problems or glitches, and I have helped almost all of the townsfolk, but there is no quest offered to become thane or purchase the house. I haven't gotten to the part in the main storyline where you have both sides sign the peace treaty, so maybe once I finish the main story I can buy Hjerim? I've been able to buy all of the other houses just fine, even Solitude's house was a cake-walk. I could just console command Hjerim into my ownership, but I'd like to avoid that because if I ever get the Thane/Hjerim quest later down the road, God only knows what crazy glitches Skyrim might throw at me then. If anyone else decided to go neutral and was able to buy Hjerim, please let me know how you did it, and if you had to wait until after the main story to buy it. ( 05:45, 16 December 2011 (UTC))

Well, I have completed the main storyline, and have done all misc. quests, but it looks like I will have to side with either the Stormcloaks or Imperials to get Hjerim unless I console code it. ( 23:24, 29 December 2011 (UTC))

Hjerim house purchased, but no "clean up that mess" option pre-upgrades? Maybe this will help

For people who want the short of it and don't care about anything else: Simply make sure you do the 5 Eastmarch errands and the Jarl's kill-the-bandit-leader errand. THEN buy the house, and THEN speak with the Jarl to receive the title of Thane of Windhelm. That will unlock the previously-missing upgrade option for cleaning up the murderer's mess. I promise only that the option will show up, not that the mess will be gone. Keep that in mind. (though it worked for me).

On a footnote, the Clean-up option persists, and it will charge you extra gold. Be careful and try not to accidentally pay for the clean-up twice, especially for those of you whose Septim funds are already dry after getting the Hjerim home.

I... wrote a longer version, but decided to omit it entirely and save it for a personal journal-like entry or something, if I can make sense of my userpage options.

bat Cleanup

After doing Vitalsine's workaround if you cannot get the quest I used a bat file to cleanup the house. If something is still there maybe add it from the list above?

df495.disable df492.disable d55f2.disable d5625.disable d5662.disable d57f6.disable d57ef.disable d57f7.disable d572c.disable d57c7.disable

Disable isn't permanent; you would have to run that every time you played the game. Markfordelete, however, is permanent. Rhyono 07:00, 18 December 2011 (UTC)

Full BAT file for Hjerim workaround

Here is the full text for the BAT file for the Hjerim workaround on PC. This will complete both quests for "Blood on the Ice", purchase the house, and cleanup the mess and the investigation spots. Just make sure you have the 12000 gold for the purchase first. Big thanks to Vitalsine and Rhyono for figuring all of this out, I just compiled it all so you could just cut and paste. 06:35, 19 December 2011 (UTC) Obsidian

Upstairs Lighting Glitch

I am having a glitch where the lighting upstairs in Hjerim changes depending on which direction I am facing. I used whats been previously said on this page to unlock the house because my "Blood on the Ice" quest glitched. I bought all of the upgrades after cleaning up the house and then ran a BAT file to get rid of all of the bone fragments and cobwebs. I'm not sure how to fix it but was wondering if anyone else seems to have this problem or if anyone knows how to fix it. --Rottingham 01:28, 20 December 2011 (UTC)

Fix for everything.... At least me

I had the leftover bone fragments, cobwebs, lighting issues, etc. Follow this link and download for PC. This fixed everything INCLUDING the lighting glitch.


Make sure you download the newest file.

The above worked for me, just as the OP says: all the gory details plus the lighting glitch are cleaned up.

lighting glitch

Hjerim still has lighting glitches for me even after installing the mod mentioned above. If someone could get the hex values for the lighting objects (not like torches, they are invisible objects that emit light) that are not meant to be there then i could just .markfordelete them. i am not sure if you can click on them in the console or not, might try that.

Errors in bugs

The bugs sections says : If you are not the Thane of Eastmarch when you complete the Blood on the Ice quest, the weapon racks, display cases, and sheild racks are uninteractable.

However, on the 360, version 1.3.5, this was not the case. I finished blood on the ice, the 4th mission of the stormcloaks, then bought the house. I cleaned it first, then bought the bedroom upgrade (I believe), went in, quested a bit for more money, bought the rest of the upgrades, and found that most of the racks / display cases worked.

However, I did have the common problem with the 2 dagger cases in the master bedroom as well as a new issue. If I tried putting a mages staff in the display cases next to the 2 manequins, the case "ate" my staff (inuendo not intended). I tried putting another one in and it ate that one too. My theory is that they are too large to fit (again, not intended). Staffs are even longer than double handed weapons, so who knows. The staffs mount just fine on the weapon dispay dodads on the wall.

Lastly, some helmets do not work on the manequins. The dragr helmet and the stormcloak officer hat are not worn by the manequins. I guess they are picky about what clothes they are willing to wear. Rings / amulets do not seem to show up either.

Eric7237cire 08:55, 23 December 2011 (UTC)

strangly stacked furniture

I was in here in the Blood On The Ice quest, and I was investigating everything, and when I investigated the chair stacked on top of the bed in the upstairs it mentioned the strange way that it was stacked. Does anyone else think that this might be a reference to the furniture in the 6th house bases in Morowind? --Halfstache 22:18, 26 December 2011 (UTC)


I've purchased Breezehome, Proudspire Manor, Honeyside, and Vlindrel Hall for 0 gold each(haven't tried Hjerim yet, XBox). All you need is the minimum amount of gold to purchase the property and any type of container close to the steward.

1. Complete all the respective Thane tasks so you can purchase property AND have the minimum amount of gold to purchase the house.

2. Check for a nearby lootable container close to the steward (chest, dresser, guard body, sack, ect...)

3. SAVE!!!

4. Make sure you SAVED!!!

5. Buy the house/decorations and immediately exit the conversation and open the container.

6. Deposit all of your gold in the container and exit the container menu. You'll know you own the house when the steward gives you the key and decorating guide AND NO GOLD REMOVED! They'll just continue their dialogue for the decorations.

7. Repeat as necessary.

WHITERUN - This is a bit tricky. Try catching the steward after he wakes up in the morning. After he leaves his bedroom in the Jarl's Quarters on the second floor, he'll pass by a chest that's under the table with the civil war map on it. If you can't catch him, wait by his bed while he's sleeping and talk to him so he wakes up. Let him start to get back in bed and wait until around 10am or a little later and he should still be getting in bed. He will then get out of bed and proceed towards the door to Dragonsreach. Beat him through it and catch him as he passes the chest.

MARKARTH - There is a dwarven chest on the right as you face the steward.

RIFTEN - There are long, short chests on either side of the throne.

SOLITUDE - Behind Falk Firebeard there is a cupboard.

WINDHELM - I haven't tried this one yet because of a bug related to the Blood On The Ice quest. I didn't notice any containers near the steward in the Palace of the Kings so a process similar to aquiring Breezehome in Whiterun may need to be used. Or if you don't mind killing a guard and dragging his body closer. Or creatively exploiting Beast Form to kill a guard without a fine(don't get caught transforming).

Try this in other in-game transactions as well(carriages, mercenaries... Hint: bodies are moveable containers and rabbits and foxes are very easy to move!)

IMPORTANT!!! After purchasing the house and all the upgrades make sure all the weapon/shield plaques/cases/racks function properly. I purchased Breezehome and entered the house before purchasing any upgrades and returned again after purchasing the upgrades to find none of the plaques in working order. (I bought the house from the steward around 4am in the Jarl's Quarters and the furnishings option wasn't available. Around 10am I returned and bought the decorations in Dragonsreach and the racks didn't work.)

Add notes and comments if you have trouble or this works for you. I'll update if I can get this to work for Hjerim.

--Dlsmith08 10:11, 29 December 2011 (UTC)

I did this a while ago with the Solitude house and it worked but thanks for the tips on the other houses as well! I think that this should definitely go on each of the house pages if it is phrased properly. Thanks for that:)RIM 10:25, 29 December 2011 (UTC)

More trouble

After trying various methods (most of which can be found here, one notable method is the setstage A7B33 10 one) I managed to purchase the house. Having read the advice here, I bought the "clean up this murderer's mess" upgrade, and the rest afterwards. I entered the house, but there is still mist everywhere, and incredibly annoying lighting glitches. The bone fragments and so on were cleaned easily with a batch command and a text file I downloaded.

Is there a way to get rid of the mist and weird lighting?

The mist is click-able. Click the mist, then type disable. If the mist doesn't disappear (but the floor/walls accidentally disappear) type in enable, and the missing object comes back. If the mist DOES disappear after typing disable, then go ahead and type markfordelete. Exit the house, then enter the house and the mist will be gone forever. The light effect I don't know how to get rid of. ( 23:28, 29 December 2011 (UTC))

XBOX 360 glitch. Cannot buy upgrades for house?

So i was doing the stormcloak quests, and Ulfric told me I can now purchase a house. I go to the guy and buy the house. Once at the house its terrible, the bed has chairs on it from the quest so i can't sleep in it and all that. So i think "Upgrades will fix it." I go back to the guy(Jorlief) but the only options are "What do you do for the Jarl?" and "What can you tell me about windhelm?".

This is almost certainly because I bugged the quest. After finding the unusual amulet i went to the guy at the house of curiosities and chose the option to sell it to him, I then went back to him and there were no dialogue options for the quest. So now my quest logue says to 'Follow up on the clues from hjerim" and my marker leads me to Jorlief, but when I go to him once again only dialogue options are "What do you do for the Jarl?" and "What can you tell me about windhelm?". Someone please help me! I really want to upgrade this shithole of a house.

You have to have properly finished the blood on the ice questline, after its fully finished the upgrades option becomes available. Also be sure to buy the clean up option, then visit your home before buying the rest. My Hjerim still hass blood everywhere and a room full of skulls.

Moved note.

  • You can buy the house for only 8000 gold if that is all the gold you have in your inventory when you ask to buy it.

I know you can buy it for cheaper, but to have a exact amount on how much, because I bought it for 9546 (or around that area), which is neither 8000 or 12000, should it be rephrased to be "You can buy this house for all the gold you have in your inventory if it's between 8000 and 12000" Or something similar. JackTurbo95 09:45, 30 December 2011 (UTC)

I bought it for 8500 (give or take 30 Septims). Was carrying the required 1200 to purchase, but before talking to the steward, I gave 4000 to my companion. When I selected the option to purchase house, he took the 8500 Septim and gave me the key.

This reference lacks any detail for players who are not yet aligned with either Stormcloaks or Imperials.

Spec'd detail regarding a (pure non-aligned) acquisition of Hjerm is sorely needed. There is currently nothing of the sort.

Prevent the quest non-starter bug!

Ever have this quest never start for you forcing you to use console commands??? well reason is, is because you joined the other faction than the one you escaped Helgen with. Follow the Stormcloacks out and join the stormcloacks, quest will start. Follow the Imperial out and join the imperials, quest will start. follow stormcloack out and join Imperials the quest will bug out. Follow imperial and join Stormcloak quest will bug out.

Plan ahead to get the quest, follow imperial and join the legion to get the quest or follow stormcloak and join stormcloaks. May still bug out but after 40 tests trying each way 10 times it worked or didnt work exactly as I noted. I now hate the intro scene!

i escaped with the imperial and joined the empire and i can't start the quest so i assume you are wrong.

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