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Killing the little horrors[edit]

The magic anomalies are somewhat like ice wraiths but extremely tough: very fast, attacking in a swarm and are always leveled up higher than you.

The article here was a little sparse, so here are some tips found searching the internet:

  • take a follower and/or summon atronachs or other creatures to help
  • hide and restore your health during the fight
  • they get stuck easily -- I was out in mountains near Saarthal with little place to hide, but backing up into a bit of a depression against a cliff helped. In town, they can get trapped in porches and between buildings which makes them easier to hit
  • melee weapons work better than magic
  • they hit you with both shock and frost magic

Also, don't bother trying to deal with the big anomaly that spawns them. I wasted several lives thinking that closing it with the Staff of Magnus would help, but it just generates them and then goes away. — Unsigned comment by Katjaroja (talkcontribs) at 09:15 on 27 May 2019 (UTC)