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Turn Undead Stagger @ 0[edit]

I did some independent testing on this and concluded that Turn Lesser Undead and Turn Greater Undead both stagger, while Turn Undead does not stagger at all. This seems to align with what the properties of Turn Undead state, that "Turn Undead Push" for Turn Undead is 0. Unlike what the article currently claims, "This means it may stagger an opponent, but won't push them back.", it would seem that Turn Undead simply never staggers. Is anyone else in agreement regarding this?

While correcting the displayed information for this page may be achieved here, I am also curious as to why Turn Undead has a "Turn Undead Push" value of 0; particularly since the lower level spell, "Turn Lesser Undead" has a "Turn Undead Push" value at all. Anyone? --GodRaine (talk) 04:42, 22 February 2013 (GMT)