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Creates a header for Legends quest pages.


Legends Quest Header
Parameter Scope Description
description Required A one-sentence description of the story part of the quest, e.g. Investigate a recently abandoned house.
image Required The file path of an image for this quest. For the Forgotten Hero story, this is the image shown in the intro cutscene for each match. For the Fall of the Dark Brotherhood story, this is the location image shown in game.
imgdesc Required A brief description of the image. Will not be displayed on the page if frameless is used.
frameless Optional frameless=1 makes the image a frameless thumbnail. Used for Fall of the Dark Brotherhood story images, which are circular.
Act Optional Forgotten Hero story: Which act the quest is in
Episode Optional Fall of the Dark Brotherhood story: Which episode the quest is in
Preq Optional What quest directly unlocks this one. Use this parameter if there are multiple options for Previous or if the prerequisite does not directly precede the current quest.
Prev Optional What quest(s) precede the current one. Should include all available options.
Next Optional What quest(s) follow the current one. Should include all available options.
Unlock Optional What quest is unlocked by completing the current one. Use if the unlocked quest is not immediately available/is later in the story.
Opponent Info
Opponent Optional The name of the opponent for that quest, if any.
OppTitle Optional If the opponent has a title, add it here.
Attributes Optional What class that opponent is. If they are only a single attribute, list that.
Attributes2 Optional For when there is more than one opponent (see Attributes).
Difficulty Optional What difficulty is the opponent has. Use only for puzzles.
Match Info
Lanes Optional What lanes are used in the match.
Health Optional What health the opponent and the player start with.
Magicka Optional What magicka the opponent and the player start with. Usually only needed in Puzzle quests.
Rules Optional Special rules for the match, i.e. if the player starts with a certain support in play. Also used to describe the rules for special lanes.
People Optional Other characters involved in the quest, besides the opponent.
Reward Optional What the player receives for completing the quest. Note: Leveling up should only be listed here for quests in Act 1 of The Forgotten Hero, as after that point there are other ways to level up.