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This is a list of pages that categorize the various new items added by Tamriel_Data. For the rest of the items in the base game, see the Morrowind Items page.

Items added by Tamriel_Data's dependent mods are listed on the pages below:

Equippable Items[edit]

  • Armor — Items you wear that provide damage protection
    • Generic Magic Armor — Common magical armor, generally found in random locations
    • Armor Artifacts — Unique armor that has its own appearance and usually a powerful enchantment
  • Clothing — Items you wear, including jewelry, that do not provide direct protection
  • Weapons — Items that you attack with to deal damage
    • Generic Magic Weapons — Common magical weapons, generally found in random locations
    • Weapon Artifacts — Unique weapons that have their own appearance and usually a powerful enchantment

Consumable Items[edit]

  • Ingredients — Harvested items that are made into potions through alchemy
  • Potions — Alchemical consumables that temporarily add magic effects to the user
  • Scrolls — Magic items that work as one-use spells

Other Items[edit]

  • Books — Books and notes with text to read
    • Imported Books — Books from other games, and duplicates of base game books
    • Notes — Shorter notes, ledgers, logs, etc.
    • Faction Books — Most factions have books that document what they believe
    • Skill Books — Books that increase your skills
    • Spell Books — Books that teach you a unique spell
  • Keys — Items that open containers and doors
  • Other Items — Lights, alchemy apparatus, thieves tools, and miscellaneous items that are typically useless except to sell

Item Lists[edit]

  • Leveled Lists — Items often appear in random loot based on these lists