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Help a tailor track down his missing supplies.
Quest Giver: Merlador in Llothanis
Location(s): Llothanis
Reward: 125 gold or Extravagant shirt and pants
ID: TR_m1_GO_2
The Elfmaid, in dry dock

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Merlador in his store in Llothanis.
  2. Track down the missing supply ship.
  3. Return to Merlador with his missing goods.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Supply Troubles[edit]

Llothanis' resident tailor, Merlador has what he calls a "little problem". It seems that a shipment of cloth and other supplies that he ordered from Alinor is months overdue and he is worried for his investment. He has discovered that the cargo was shipped from Falinesti to Blacklight, where it was loaded aboard a ship called The Elfmaid that was due to stop in Tel Ouada before arriving at Llothanis. Unfortunately the ship never arrived at Tel Ouada. He gives you a letter in case you need to convince the ship's captain to hand over his cargo.

Following the Thread[edit]

Since the ship was last seen in Blacklight, it seems fair to assume that it then sailed across the northern coast of Vvardenfell on its way towards Tel Ouada, and it might be worth checking with people along the probable route.

Take the river strider to Tel Ouada and talk to Dunveri Rodran, the local shipmaster about The Elfmaid. He will tell you that the ship often travels between Llothanis and Blacklight, and that the most likely place for a ship to run into trouble is when it tries to tack into headwinds around Balvvarden Island, just northwest of Bal Oyra.

The next place to investigate is obviously Bal Oyra, and Rodran will take you there for a small fee. Once there, the local shipmaster, Viania Claeni will tell you that the ship is in the local docks awaiting repair.

Retrieve the Cargo[edit]

Talk to the captain of The Elfmaid, Leile, and she will tell you that the ship still isn't seaworthy. She directs you below decks, to a Redguard called Asint, who will take Merlador's letter in exchange for five high quality bolts of cloth and ten spools of fine thread.

Alternative Retrieval[edit]

If you don't possess the note, Asint will refuse to hand the cargo over. It is contained in a chest in the same small room and can be stolen, but since Asint never moves from his spot you will either need a good stealth skill or to kill him.

On You it Looks Good[edit]

However you recover the cargo, Merlador will offer you a choice of reward: 125 gold or a set of clothes comprising an extravagant shirt and pants. If you choose the latter, he tells you to come back in a day to retrieve them.


  • Each time you refuse to take the quest for Merlador, his disposition towards you drops by five points.
  • Once Merlador has his supplies, he will begin to make new clothes that will be added to his inventory and made available for purchase. After two days, he gets an extravagant robe, expensive robe and exquisite skirt; after four days, he makes exquisite pants, and an extravagant belt and shirt; after six days, he gets an expensive robe, extravagant robe and exquisite shirt. It seems that is all he can make from the new supplies.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

A Tailor in Need (TR_m1_GO_2)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Merlador, the Altmer clothier in Llothanis, has told me that a shipment of cloth and supplies he was expecting to receive from Alinor has gone missing. He recently learned that rather than being shipped entirely by sea, the clothes passed over land from Falinesti, in Valenwood, all the way to Blacklight. From there they were loaded onto a ship called the Elfmaid, which was set to call in Tel Ouada and then Llothanis. It failed to arrive in Tel Ouada; I should try to locate this shipment.
11 I have heard that ships are often sunk while trying to round Balvvarden Island. It was suggested that I search for the wreckage there. It is also possible that if the ship was only damaged it has likely docked at Bal Oyra to make repairs.
20 I have recovered the shipment of goods bound for Merlador.
100 ☑Finishes quest I have handed over the shipment of goods bound for Merlador. He has paid me 125 gold pieces for my trouble.
101 ☑Finishes quest I have handed over the shipment of goods bound for Merlador. He has agreed to make me an extravagant set of clothes as a reward. I should return and get them the day after tomorrow.