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A Tattered Journal
The doomed adventure of a High Rock dragon hunter in Morrowind

I shall begin my journal with an introduction.

I am Debent Darawald, the Grand Knight of the Order Of The Eastern Egg, previously known as the Order of the Smitten Dragons. I was born in High Rock's province named Dwynnen, in a small farm. I lived as a peasant, until my family was slain by dragonlings. After that little incident I swore to spit on every member of the dragonkind I would ever meet. And thus I have - after slaying them, obviously. Soon, I moved into the town of Dwynnen, the province seat of Dwynnen. I met some other people who had a similar mind when it came to the beasts that are the dragons and the rest of such filth. So we founded our Knightly Order. We did prefer being a little bit subtle at that though, didn't want anyone extremely inexperienced to join us.

Most members of our order spent their time in taverns, listening to rumors, hoping to locate more dragons and dragonlings, or looking out for more seasoned adventurers, seeking to recruit them to the order.

One day, a dark elven trader from the far east came into one of the local taverns; to be more precise, the one we were using as our hall. He said that he knew of great dragons in the east, saying that they had nests there filled with eggs and guardians. He hinted that it might be better to slay the dragons as they hatch or destroy the eggs instead. Of course, I didn't trust him at first, but he had one of the dragon eggs with him as proof.

We gathered the whole order, and prepared for a journey to Morrowind. The place the trader talked about.

When we arrived we claimed a cave as our new headquarters, as we did not hold much trust for the locals. This cave is still used as our base of operations. It was already cleansed though, but the Orc who did so had fallen between the jaws of a rat, while the Orc himself was dressed in an exquisite Orcish armor, which seemed to be more protective than their more common armors, and had a daedric dai-katana as a weapon, while he also had a lot of potions. Of course, he was not very poor either, and as such has been of use for our relations with a few nearer towns from which we have been buying our food. He seemed seasoned enough, not to be killed by a rat, which I killed with a single arrow.

Setting ourselves in was not very difficult, because many of us had previous experience in building things. Of course, we rested for a few months before getting into any actual action. We felt very confident in the success of our conquest.

After resting, we sent out three groups of five to destroy some dragon dens, and two out of the three groups found that there were dark elven warriors, and peasants who offered resistance. Obviously, they were no match for our forces, but the dark elven alliance with the dragons is still alarming. Also, there were some sort of insects protecting the nests. Soon, I decided to rename our order, in a way which would link to the fact that we are chasing the eggs of dragons, here in the east.

We have had many successful raids in the past years by now, and I feel that the previous lines are enough to bring the reader up to date with the history of our order, and thus I feel as though as I may start writing this as a journal, that it is...

23rd of Second Seed, the 321st year of the 3rd Era.

Today, I finished writing the introduction for my journal. Our three groups have been successful, and have brought us many eggs. We have tossed them around in piles of hay, knowing that these eggs will rot, instead of hatching when we will use this method. It is brilliant, if I may write so myself.

25th of Second Seed, the 321st year of the 3rd Era.

One of our knights ate a dragon's egg. Obviously, he was executed for such actions, which are not fit for a mortal being. Our groups still show success.

1st of Mid Year, the 321st year of the 3rd Era.

A group was slain. At least, they have not returned. I am worried. This might mean that there will be a possibility of great dragons flinging around soon. The rest of the groups have still had great success. I have chosen a new five member group to keep up the work for now though.

3rd of Mid Year, the 321st year of the 3rd Era.

None of our groups have returned. The cave we inhabit seems to be nearing its end as wel--

[The journal ends on that word as the writer had apparently tried to jump away from the collapsing rocks.]