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Adosi Venith (TR_m2_Adosi_Venith)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
Location Adurin-Ouaka, Venith Shack
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 8 Class Scout
Training Long Blade (50)
Athletics (50)
Block (46)
Other Information
Health 98 Magicka 96
Alarm 85 Fight 30
Adosi Venith

Adosi Venith is an experienced scout, whose specialty is to swim and to scavenge the shipwrecks and the lake bed of the Lake of Boethiah. In his own words: I am an 'entrepeneur' as I like to call it. I am the best swimmer in town with the best swimming 'equipment'. Whenever a ship wrecks, I'm the first one there to scavenge it. The locals here don't really like me, but that's too bad. I am simply the most able at scavenging, and therefore I win. There simply is no reason for me to share my profits with anyone other than myself and my wife. In his last scavenge hunt he found a whole lot of books that now gather dust in his shack.

He is willing to share his skills with you; he is a minor trainer in Long Blade, Athletics, and Block, as well as the only trainer in Adurin-Ouaka. He visited a lot of places in his life and can offer information about most of the regions and towns in the vicinity. Since he was born in Darnim Watch (on the southern shore of the Inner Sea) and has lived in Bahrammu for a long time, he has visited most of the places in the neighborhood.