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A local Nord needs help proving his innocence.
Quest Giver: Hlorgir Firm-Hand
Location(s): Ammar
Reward: 250 gold or Amulet of Spell Absorbtion
Disposition: +5 Hlorgir Firm-Hand
ID: TR_m2_Ay_FallGuy

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Hlorgir Firm-Hand about his wrongful imprisonnment.
  2. Investigate both his shack and the plundered shack to the south of Ammar.
  3. Kill the smugglers and retrieve a note from their bodies.
  4. Secure Hlorgir's release from prison:
    • Present the smuggler's evidence letter to Tavrene Indalas.
    • Pay off Hlorgir's fine.
    • Confront Vuvil Adas and present a second letter to Tavrene Indalas.
  5. Travel to Hlorgir Firm-Hand's Shack for your reward.
    • (Optional) Bring Vuvil Adas to justice and collect the bounty from Tavrene Indalas.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Wrongfully Imprisoned[edit]

In the guard tower of Ammar, a Nord named Hlorgir Firm-Hand will talk to you through the bars of his prison cell, and claim that he was framed as a member of a local smuggling ring. He says that they are hiding out somewhere south of Ammar, either at his shack just across the river, or slightly further at the Plundered Shack just past the Dwemer ruin of Bazhthum. Your search will soon bring you to Ennodius Caro and Tredyn Telvayn, two smugglers who will attack as you come near. On Tredyn's body will be a Letter to Tredyn explaining how Hlorgir refused to co-operate with the smugglers so they framed him to teach him a lesson. Return to Ammar to continue the quest.

Making Amends[edit]

When you return to Ammar, talking to a guard will point you in the direction of Tavrene Indalas, the leader of the fort, who can be found in Indalas Manor at the top of the structure. Presenting the evidence of Hlorgir's innocence to Tavrene will result in him asking you to return in a day's time while he follows up on the evidence. After this time has passed, return to Tavrene and he will tell you that he questioned one of his Guardsmer, one Vuvil Adas. Vuvil started acting suspiciously, drew a sword and tried to make a run for it, and Tavrene was forced to slay him. He will inform you that he has released Hlorgir Firm-Hand. Travel south from the fort to find Hlorgir's Shack and he will thank you, and reward you with an Amulet of Spell Absorbtion.

Avenging the Scapegoat[edit]

If instead of presenting the evidence to Tavrene Indalas you simply pay off Hlorgir's fine to get him released, you will arrive at his shack for your reward to find him dead, and Vuvil Adas, one of the guards from the Ammar courtyard standing over his body. Talking to him will cause him to reveal his scheme to you before attacking. Kill him and retrieve the letter from his body, then return to the fort to find Tavrene Indalas. He will congratulate you for unwittingly slaying a traitor to House Indoril, and reward you with 250 gold.

The Corrupt Guard[edit]

As soon as you have acquired the evidence letter from Tredyn Telvayn's body you can try accusing Vuvil of his involvement with the smuggling ring. He will insinuate that he could easily create incriminating evidence about you too, before attacking. On his body will be another letter this time from Tredyn to Vuvil. Present both letters to Tavrene Indalas to secure Hlorgir Firm-Hand's release, and your reward.

Quest Stages[edit]

An Inconvenient Scapegoat (TR_m2_Ay_FallGuy)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Hlorgir Firm-Hand, a prisoner in the Indoril fortress of Ammar, has asked me to find and kill two smugglers. I can either find them at his shack to the south of Ammar or at the plundered shack past the Dwemer ruin of Bazhthum.
20 Hlorgir's shack is abandoned. I should go to the plundered shack to find the smugglers.
30 I killed the two smugglers at the plundered shack.
40 I found a letter on the body of one of the smugglers. It suggests that Hlorgir was set up by the two smugglers and someone called Vuvil.
50 Hlorgir asked me to persuade Tavrene Indalas, the leader of Ammar, to release him. He promised me a reward.
60 I paid off Hlorgir's fine. I should go and see him at his shack for the reward he promised.
70 When I arrived at Hlorgir's shack he was already dead. Vuvil Adas, one of the guards at Ammar, admitted being part of the smuggling ring and then attacked me. There may be a reward if I can convince Tavrene Indalas of his guilt.
75 I gave the letter I found on the smuggler to Tavrene Indalas. He agreed to investigate the matter and told me to come back in a day's time.
77 A day has passed. I should return to Tavrene Indalas. Perhaps he has found enough evidence to release Hlorgir.
80 I confronted Vuvil Adas, one of the guards at Ammar, with the letter I found on the smuggler. He grew violent and attacked me. If I can find evidence that he was part of the smuggling ring then maybe Tavrene Indalas will release Hlorgir.
85 I showed the two letters I found to Tavrene Indalas. He agreed to release Hlorgir. I should go to Hlorgir's shack to receive the reward he promised me.
90 Tavrene Indalas told me that Vuvil Adas, one of the guards at Ammar, was killed resisting arrest and further evidence proved that Hlorgir was innocent. Hlorgir has been released. I should meet him at his shack for the reward he promised me.
95 ☑Finishes quest Hlorgir offered me a valuable amulet he found while fishing. I refused to accept it.
100 ☑Finishes quest Hlorgir gave me a valuable amulet he found while fishing.
105 ☑Finishes quest Tavrene Indalas paid me 250 septims for killing Vuvil Adas.