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The Silver Serpent
Proprietor Polanna
Console Location Code(s)
Firewatch, The Silver Serpent
Firewatch, The Silver Serpent: Private Area
Firewatch, [16,15]
The Silver Serpent

The Silver Serpent is the cheapest tavern in Firewatch, where you should worry about sea sickness next to alcohol poisoning.

Polanna sells a large range of food and drink, but is also notable for a huge stash of moon sugar. The inn is especially notable for its stock of drink from Cyrodiil, and a few bottles of such wine can be found dotted around the interior. There is also a small stack of gold on the table near the entrance.

A couple more bottles of wine can be found in the Private Area, where the ship's owner, Dorisola Lancastim, lives. There is also a chest containing an interesting journal about activities in the tavern.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Amores Letia Female Imperial Pauper 4 55 84 90 30
Ansjir Male Nord Hunter 10 97 74 90 30
Ararvyne Teloranys Male Dunmer Commoner 9 92 98 90 30
Badal Andules Male Dunmer Rogue 12 111 98 90 30
Dorisola Lancastim Female Imperial Shipmaster 15 107 130 90 30 Private Area
Maryne Female Breton Pauper 3 40 104 90 10
Pilo the Roach Male Bosmer Pauper 3 69 184 90 30
Polanna Female Khajiit Publican House Telvanni Retainer(Retainer) 10 82 128 90 30 Merchant