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The Inn Between
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
Almsivi Intervention Akamora
Divine Intervention Windmoth Legion Fort
Mephalan Vales, [27,-15]
The Inn Between

The Inn Between is a hidden retreat for adventurers located in the Mephalan Vales.

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  • This was evidently at one point named "Dragon Nest Inn". At least one of dialogue line still refers to it by this name. There is an interior cell which is an inn of completely different design. Most of the items there are listed as owned by Revas Baldaren, who is the proprietor here. It is only accessible via console however, and there are no people there.


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Audania Ranius Female Imperial Trader Service 4 63 90 95 30 Merchant
Baro Kelaius Male Imperial Knight 18 169 118 90 30 Trainer
Eifid Male Nord Witchhunter 22 121 196 90 30 Trainer
Hozgub gro-Hazor Male Orc Warrior Fighters Guild Associate(Associate) 12 152 78 90 30
Kaye Male Redguard Warrior 21 196 86 85 30 Trainer
Revas Baldaren Male Dunmer Publican 7 71 120 100 30 Merchant
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