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Halaran Camp
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
Console Location Code(s)
"Halaran Camp, Darayn Halaran's Yurt"
"Halaran Camp, Rolaam Ulvi's Yurt"
Telvanni Isles, [44,20]
Halaran Camp

Halaran Camp is a small campsite in the Telvanni Isles, northeast of Port Telvannis. The easiest way to find the camp is to head to the northernmost part of the island then look around just inland from the shore.

The camp resembles an Ashlander camp from Vvardenfell, although it seems to have different origins. Darayn Halaran claims to be following the ways of his ancestors and living off the land. The other pair are married, and follow Halaran, whom they regard as a "wise man".

The two yurts contain little more than food and clothing.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Darayn Halaran Male Dunmer Hunter 12 98 98 60 30 Darayn Halaran's Yurt
Elsa Ulvi Female Dunmer Commoner 6 69 92 60 20 Rolaam Ulvi's Yurt
Rolaam Ulvi Male Dunmer Hunter 10 87 94 60 30 Rolaam Ulvi's Yurt