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This is a list of factions in Tamriel Rebuilt.

New factions[edit]

These factions do not have a presence on Vvardenfell, Mournhold or Solstheim and therefore are exclusive to Tamriel Rebuilt lands.

Mainland branches[edit]

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Those factions which are also found on Vvardenfell are referred to here with the "Mainland" prefix. This prevents quest conflicts between Tamriel Rebuilt factions and their vanilla-Morrowind counterparts. This is justified in-game by the logistic issues arising from the quarantine which affects Vvardenfell due to the Blight. Further, all factions except Great House Redoran have their real headquarters or capital city on the mainland (Narsis for Great House Hlaalu, Port Telvannis for Great House Telvanni, Almalexia for the Temple, and so on).

Old factions[edit]

These factions are present both on Vvardenfell and the mainland but are not split in two branches.