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Book Information
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
ID TR_m2_book_Command_i323
Value 10 Weight 1
Found in the following locations:
Fort Windmoth
Entries showing the slow decline of Fort Windmoth's garrison and related incidents

[This book is a record of notable events at Fort Windmoth. It continues for many pages in Arvs Rethrathi's tight script. A few entries catch your eye.]

Entry 1: Newly appointed Knight Errant Arvs Rethrathi assumes command of Fort Windmoth.

Entry 7: Maliferous Lend failed to show proper obedience. Arrested on authority of Arvs Rethrathi, Knight Errant of Fort Windmoth.

Entry 11: A terrible accident has occurred; the prison has partially collapsed, killing one prisoner. The collapse appears to be the result of poor craftsmanship on the part of the architect in charge of designing Fort Windmoth.

Entry 17: Firewatch is not sending a replacement for Maliferous; thus, Sarethi Trinesi has been granted a field promotion to Champion of Fort Windmoth (authority granted by Arvs Rethrathi). He will serve with honor and dignity.

Entry 36: Due to exceptional circumstances, Knight Errant Arvs Rethrathi and Governor Contumious Flavius of Helnim have deemed it necessary to supplement the Helnim Guard with troops from the Windmoth Legion. Veteran Trooper Servas Capris has been promoted to Champion of the Windmoth forces resident in Helnim, and has assumed the position of Knight Protector of that city.

[Most of the entries are mundane and show a slow deterioration of Fort Windmoth's readiness, due to a lack of support from Legion command and frequent accidents. The last few entries are quite interesting, however.]

Entry 347: Scouts report that the porters bringing supplies from Helnim were killed by musk flies. A dispatch has been sent to request another group be dispatched.

Entry 348: The situation is deteriorating in Helnim. Word has arrived that no new supplies will be sent until next month. A cadre of soldiers has been dispatched to Helnim to help maintain order in the city.

Entry 349: The reinforcements from Firewatch that were to take the place of the men sent to Helnim have been reported dead on the road. They appear to have succumbed to a blight disease they picked up by being in close proximity to Red Mountain.

[This is the last entry in the log.]