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Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
# of Zones 3
Bandits, Slaves, Nix-Hounds
Console Location Code(s)
Boethiah's Spine, [27,5]

Marisanibal is a medium sized cave which houses a large skooma lab. It is located directly south of the Telvanni Library. The cave isn't hard to find. You can either head south from the library, or follow the River Garivun east and north from Helnim to its source.

The first zone of the cave is relatively sparse. There are four NPCs guarding the zone, living mainly in an area to the south where there are some bedrolls and some containers full of food and ingredients. A copy of Unbiased Appraisal of Abolition can be found on a bed. A hidden stash of skooma, some moon sugar and a pipe for smoking it can be found tucked behind a rock in the west. There is a deep chasm in the northwest, at the bottom of which are several corpses and their equipment. Evidently the bandits have their own way of dealing with intruders or traitors.

The Deep Caverns is where the main skooma-producing operation can be found. 23 bottles of the drug are out on tables. Even more of it, as well as moon sugar, is in the crates lining the walls. More moon sugar can be found in pots over the fires, obviously in the process of being refined. Dozens of other ingredients can be found in the cavern, evidently being used to augment the drug as described in An Alchemist's Guide to Skooma, a copy of which can also be found. Eleven NPCs are found in this cavern, although eight of them are slaves and will usually not attack you.

The Supply zone is obviously where the supplies for the operation are stashed. A vast quantity of skooma, moon sugar, marshmerrow, food and other ingredients can be found in crates and barrels, watched over by two slaves and one other NPC.

In total there are nine slaves in the cave, who can be freed using the key held by both Heran Llothar and Selthrin Jerdan.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Barathas Male Imperial Savant 2 45 104 0 90 Deep Caverns
Celerin Male Bosmer Archer 5 61 86 0 100 Deep Caverns
Glarrod Male Nord Barbarian 4 77 64 0 100
Heran Llothar Male Dunmer Warrior 12 145 98 0 100 Deep Caverns Holds the Marisanibal Slave Key
Jo'Kazh Male Khajiit Slave 1 40 80 0 30 Deep Caverns
Kah-Meelei Male Argonian Slave 1 40 80 0 30 Supply
Ka'Ralaj Male Khajiit Slave 1 40 80 0 30 Deep Caverns
Karthor Halas Male Dunmer Mage 8 66 124 0 100 Deep Caverns
Keelah Male Argonian Slave 1 40 80 0 30 Deep Caverns
Korin Male Redguard Rogue 6 82 68 0 100
Llerthas Maril Male Dunmer Scout 7 90 94 0 100 Trainer
Malas-rai Female Argonian Slave 1 40 100 0 30 Deep Caverns
Manasabi Female Khajiit Slave 1 40 80 0 30 Deep Caverns
Selthrin Jerdan Male Dunmer Agent 10 86 100 0 100 Supply Trainer; Holds the Marisanibal Slave Key
Sugar-Tooth Male Khajiit Slave 1 40 80 0 30 Deep Caverns
Swims-Swiftly Male Argonian Slave 2 46 82 0 30 Deep Caverns
Walks-Like-Fire Male Argonian Slave 2 46 82 0 30 Supply


Map of Marisanibal