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Mainland Great House Redoran

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Favored Skills:
Favored Attributes:
Friends & Foes:
Clan Aundae -3
Clan Berne -3
Clan Quarra -3
East Emp. Comp. -1*
Mainland Fighters Guild 1*
Great House Dres 1
Great House Indoril 1
Mainland Great House Hlaalu -2
House Hlaalu -1
Mainland Great House Redoran 3
House Redoran 1
Mainland Great House Telvanni -2
House Telvanni -1
Mainland Imperial Cult -1*
Mainland Imperial Legion 1*
Mainland Thieves Guild -2
Thieves Guild -1
Mainland Tribunal Temple 2
Tribunal Temple 1

MW-banner-House Redoran.png
Areas of Morrowind controlled by House Redoran (red areas)

House Redoran has ever pledged itself to the three basic virtues: duty, gravity, and piety. It is called the noble's code. A Redoran never forgets his duty to protect Morrowind. A Redoran never forgets his gravity, but rather shuns frivolity to maintain his honor. A Redoran never forgets his piety, his devotion to ALMSIVI the Tribunal, the gods who walk among us, who gave us life time and time again. This is the core of any Redoran's life. -- True Redoran Courage

House Redoran is one of the five Great Houses of Morrowind. It governs the Redoran District of north western Morrowind from the city of Blacklight, close to the border with Skyrim.

Redoran are not individualists, but they are locally oriented and provincial compared to the House Indoril. They tend to conceptualize the House Redoran in terms of their immediate family and community rather than the House at large.

The main focus of House Redoran is maintaining the traditions of the settled Dunmer and, more specifically, the way of the warrior. Due to this focus, the Tribunal Temple is a natural ally. There is also mutual respect between them and the Fighters Guild and Imperial Legion. They have less respect for the other Imperial institutions, such as the Mages Guild, the Thieves Guild and the Imperial Cult religion.

Favored Skills[edit]

Armorer, Athletics, Heavy Armor, Long Blade, Medium Armor, Spear

Mainland Great House Redoran Ranks[edit]

Rank Required Attributes Required Skills
0. Hireling Endurance 30 Strength 30
1. Retainer Endurance 30 Strength 30 One skill at 10
2. Oathman Endurance 30 Strength 30 One skill at 20
3. Lawman Endurance 31 Strength 30 One skill at 30 and two at 5
4. Kinsman Endurance 32 Strength 30 One skill at 40 and two at 10
5. House Cousin Endurance 33 Strength 31 One skill at 50 and two at 15
6. House Brother Endurance 35 Strength 32 One skill at 60 and two at 20
7. House Father Endurance 36 Strength 33 One skill at 70 and two at 25
8. Councilman Endurance 38 Strength 34 One skill at 80 and two at 30
9. Archmaster Endurance 40 Strength 35 One skill at 90 and two at 35

Mainland Great House Redoran Members[edit]

  • There are at this time no members of House Redoran, named or otherwise, in any released maps.

†Mainland Faction
‡Vvardenfell Faction
*Both Mainland and Vvardenfell Factions.