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The Seasons
by Horatio Gargonath
Four verses about the four seasons

Spring's Blossom

As the honey bee buzzes laz'ly by,
and the swallow-tail hovers in blue sky;

The flow'ring blossom blooming in the shrouds,
Against the cool covering of the clouds;

Where all beetles seemeth lazy, and weak,
And the fragrant wind bloweth on thy cheek;

The vivid colors showing in thine eyes,
Appearing 'gainst a rainbow that ne'er dies;

Here in the midst of these wonderful things,
It is nature's grand welcoming to spring.

Here at Last

A shift in the winds,

Brought an ever needed breeze.

The honeysuckle vines send the smells of summer,

To tickle my nose.

As I lay beneath the trees,

I hear birds calling to me.

As I drift into a daze,

I am reminded of lazy ways.

The sounds of summer,

Here at last.

Autumn's Welcome

Autumn's lofty sky
descended, covering the valleys
with fluttering reds and yellows.
The glitter and ivory of snow
sparkle from the high mountain pinnacle.

The dawn of crimson and gold
reverberated songs of migrating birds,
dazzled unseen above the painted leaves.
Melodies of autumn reflect the serenity
that lies in the approach of the frigid winter.

Autumn sinks down
and blue hues flatter the icy mountaintops.
Crows and blue-jays sound a trumpeting,
as squirrels play
within the color crested treetops.

From the windless meadows
many bees hum towards their home,
and songbirds fashion musical tunes
more enchanting than the colors of autumn.

Winter's Solace

The snow gently fell on the mountain pass

All things were covered and shimmered like glass

In the distance, stood but a single young doe

As the forest revealed its icy show

Fir trees were bent - in reverence - they bowed

Rabbits remained hidden beneath the tree's shroud

Icicles hanging, a lustrous cascade

A light wind blowing a melodious serenade

The mountain streams were now covered in ice

It was winter's welcome to paradise.