Tes3Mod:Tamriel Rebuilt/Nethre-Pulu Egg Mine

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Nethre-Pulu Egg Mine
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
# of Zones 4
Mine Type Egg
# of Samples 42
Kwama, NPCs
Console Location Code(s)
Nethre-Pulu Egg Mine
Nethre Pulu, Entrance Shack
Nethre Pulu, Miner's Shack
Nethre Pulu, Storage Shack
Telvanni Isles, [38,17]
Nethre-Pulu Egg Mine

Nethre-Pulu Egg Mine is a medium-sized egg mine on the road between Sadas Plantation and Port Telvannis where the miners have a drinking problem. It is halfway between the plantation and the port as the crow flies, although it is much closer to the former on the road, which takes a huge detour to the north around the mountains on the way to the capital.

There is nothing interesting in the mine apart from the kwama eggs.

Related Quests[edit]


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Bradasou Rethre Male Dunmer Miner House Telvanni Hireling(Hireling) 7 98 90 90 30 Miner's Shack
Dalave Rathas Female Dunmer Miner 5 77 86 90 30
Elammus Therayn Male Dunmer Miner House Telvanni Retainer(Retainer) 3 66 84 90 30
Irari Female Bosmer Miner 4 64 84 90 30
Tilore Alethi Male Dunmer Miner 7 98 90 90 30


Map of the Nethre-Pulu Egg Mine