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Nilara Beleth (TR_m1_Nilara)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
Home City Firewatch
Store Beleth's Bakery
Race Breton Gender Female
Level 5 Class Pawnbroker
Gold 75 Mercantile Novice (5)
Sells Ingredients
Other Information
Health 66 Magicka 128
Alarm 90 Fight 20
Nilara Beleth

Nilara Beleth is a Breton pawnbroker who runs an eponymous bakery in Firewatch. She has a small sample of her produce for sale. Her husband, Andoren Beleth, is the baker.

She wears a common shirt, shoes, and skirt. She also carries a fork, knife, spoon, plate, and 25 gold. Aside from her natural bonus and resistance to magicka, and her ability to shield herself for short periods, she knows no spells.


  • Greeting: "Welcome to the bakery. What can I get you, %PCName?"
  • Background: "I am %Name. I sell the bread and pastries made by my husband and his Argonian assistant."
  • Dunmer: "They don't deserve the reputation they have acquired in the other provinces. They can actually be really kind and charming. So much, actually, that I ended up marrying one."
  • bakery: "This is the bakery. Would you like to try some of our wares, %PCName?"


Item Qty
Biscuit 6
Half Loaf of Colovian Bread 1
Loaf of Colovian Bread 6
Scrib Pie 4