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Book Information
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
ID TR_m1_bk_passionscall
Value 15 Weight 5
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Passion's Call
A heartwrenching tale of romance by Elisabet Pallatier
A badly-written romance novel

[This book is appallingly bad. It follows the life of an apparently halfwit (but incredibly beautiful) Breton woman who makes decisions so amazingly foolish you cannot sympathize with her plight in the slightest. Near the beginning of the book she meets a handsome, noble Cyrodiilic knight, whom she cannot help but admire, but certain of his actions, for reasons you don't really understand, cause her to hate him with incredible fury. Most of the book describes predictable "embarrassing" scenes where the two meet and make idiots of themselves, and gradually find a thread of romance developing between them. The book feels like the cumulation of all the poorly written romantic plays you've ever heard of, taking the worst qualities of them all and meshing them into a masterfully horrible plot. Adding to the effect, the author's writing style uses similes and metaphors so absurd they change romantic scenes into utter hilarity.]