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Book Information
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
ID TR_m1_bk_SilverSerpentJournal
Value 275 Weight 3
Found in the following locations:
Private Notebook
The smuggling activities of a ship tavern

[ Most of the entries are normal boring ones, but a few of the interesting ones caught your eye ]

28th, Rain's Hand: Today is Jester's Day. Just as I expected, I received double the amount of the usual orders from The Den. I will have to fill up the back room and seal it just in case. Reminder: Increase price.

30th, Frostfall: The Emperor's birthday today. I should double my price if they decide to make sudden 'orders' like this again. Now where can I find 20 crates of moon sugar and get it back to The Red Den in a month?
Reminder: Double up the stock when these holidays arrive - just in case His Excellency decides to 'let his hair down' again.

20th, Sun's Dusk: Finally got the shipment delivered for today's Warrior's Day celebration at the Den. I am going to Iron-Grip's to see whether I can get a free weapon. And I have given Polanna a raise for finally finding a permanent source of the cargo for me.

21st, Sun's Dusk: Yes! The D has given me special dispensation to use this 'travelling' Inn as a cover for all my smuggling for her. Now I have an excuse to have this ship docked here as and when I want to. I must say, Polanna has done a very good job in 'twisting' the D's arm.... I wonder what else she twisted.
Note: Give Polanna another raise.

16th, Sun's Dawn: In honor of the Lover's, I had to give my beds out for free. What a lovely Heart's Day it has been today.