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Seradan Grotto
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
# of Zones 1
Kollops 8
Water Creatures
Console Location Code(s)
Seradan Grotto
Sea of Ghosts, [17,26]
Seradan Grotto

Seradan Grotto is a large grotto in the Sea of Ghosts containing a valuable treasure. The entrance to the grotto is just below the surface of the water, on a small, unnamed island just off the coast of the larger Urlis Rock.

Inside, the grotto is the usual maze of tricky tunnels, but they are even more difficult to navigate than usual due to the intense darkness. Some form of Night Eye or Light effect is almost essential if you're going to find your way around. In the north of the cave is a Sunken Chest with a 100 point lock, related to the Treasure Hunt quest. Even if you can pick the lock, the chest remains closed until you find and use a Pewter Key on it, but it's definitely worth visiting again once you find one. In the northeast is the corpse of a drowned warrior, with a Water Breathing potion still in its hand. Further round to the southeast are seven glass veins, each containing up to eight pieces of Raw Glass. Throw in the eight kollops that may potentially hold a pearl, and the grotto contains a good amount of mineral wealth.

The grotto is guarded by a Dreugh Warlord, another Dreugh, and up to twelve more leveled water creatures. The confined spaces of the tunnels can make for a tough fight.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Treasure Hunt: Many interesting items are scattered in hidden locations. Can you find all the treasure chests and get the keys to unlock them?


Map of Seradan Grotto