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Dwemer Ruin:
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
# of Zones 1
Archaeologists, Dwemer Machines
Console Location Code(s)
Boethiah's Spine, [30,-2]

Amthuandz is a medium-sized Dwemer ruin currently undergoing excavation, located to the northeast of Tel Muthada.

To reach the ruin, head northeast out of Tel Muthada and stay on the road until you reach Adosi Rothari's Shack. In the northeastern corner of Rothari's farm you should find a set of steps cut into the rock of the mountain. Climb these and you will be in the general area of the ruin, with guards and archaeologists aplenty. According to Corvo Melurus, one of the people in the ruin, the bridge outside Amthuandz used to be the only way through the Boethiah's Spine, making the fortress strategically critical.

Inside, there are several assorted robots and ghosts to deal with, and they guard the usual collection of Dwemer loot. There's a greater than usual concentration of such loot, and the three inhabitants don't mind how much of it you take.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Alcus Pirilo Male Imperial Savant 10 84 134 0 30
Corvo Melurus Male Imperial Savant 16 114 156 0 30
Grunk gro-Shagrot Male Orc Miner 4 82 64 0 30
Idriso Venalis Male Imperial Savant 13 99 146 0 30
Shelley Female Redguard Miner 6 95 68 0 30
Tirinia Malcus Female Imperial Savant 8 74 126 0 30


Map of Amthuandz