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For information about the Smith class, see Smith (class).

Traditionally, a Blacksmith is a large, swarthy man with a beard, a set of leather overalls and quite possibly a brogue. In Morrowind, a smith is not necessarily any of these things. Men and mer of all races find a home in this profession.

List of Blacksmiths[edit]

Map 1[edit]

Name Gold Location Other Services
Baluk gro-Thuk Firewatch, Iron-Grip's Weapons
Bradasou Gilvani 0 Sarvanni Molecrab Farm Merchant
Chatal Mendor 550 Firewatch, Chatal Mendor: Armorer Merchant
Cocius Matius Firewatch Palace, Stairs Trainer
Deram Drelas 1250 Port Telvannis, Deram Drelas: Armorer Merchant
Erick 300 Llothanis, Erick's Smithy Merchant
Hekka Gildaren 300 Ranyon-ruhn Merchant
Llerar Arantamo 300 Tel Ouada, Llerar Arantamo: Armorer Merchant
Llivlo Indalen 675 Llothanis, Llivlo Indalen: Armorer Merchant
Methas Moril 250 Gah Sadrith, Market Merchant
Nuhalsin Haron 500 Sadas Plantation, Tel Sadas Merchant
Odming Fire-Toe 850 Firewatch Palace, Guild of Fighters Merchant
Sendal Tithres 1775 Port Telvannis, Sendal Tithres: Weaponsmith Merchant
Umbrid Serath 575 Bal Oyra, Umbrid Serath: Smith Merchant
Var Iron-Grip 1400 Firewatch, Iron-Grip's Weapons Merchant
Yrgjol Steelfist 1000 Yrgjol Steelfist's Shack, Molagreahd Region (22,21) Merchant

Map 2[edit]

Name Gold Location Other Services
Argul gro-Urgush 800 Helnim, Argul Gro-Urgush: Smith Merchant
Atherios Adirion 1050 Alt Bosara, Atherios Adirion: Weaponsmith Merchant
Athrelos Guralin 825 Helnim, Marketplace Merchant
Berin 200 Helnim, Tel Narrusa: Services Merchant
Brandirn 500 Helnim, Militia Headquarters Merchant
Farvil Madryen 925 Helnim, Guild of Fighters Merchant
Jonas Callodus 850 Helnim, Guild of Fighters Merchant
Kah-Meelai 200 Helnim, Guild of Fighters Merchant
Peladia Varousha 1250 Helnim, Peladia Varousha: Armorer Merchant, Trainer
Ridar 250 Tel Muthada Merchant
Servo Nierius 500 Windmoth Legion Fort, Interior Merchant