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A drunkard once was a noble knight. Help him to become one again.
Quest Giver: Simeth in Ranyon-ruhn
Location(s): Ranyon-ruhn, Tansumiran
Reward: 150 gold
Bottle of Free Estates Wine
Reputation Gain: +1 Reputation
ID: TR_m1_RR_Drunkard
Hasilius takes on Tidril

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Alasha Kori to learn of an unusual customer.
  2. Ask the other patrons about him.
  3. Talk to the bartender again for ideas.
  4. Ask the healer Nevusa Lakasyn if she can help.
  5. Give the remedy to Hasilius Brahn.
  6. Talk more to Hasilius to discover the source of his misery.
  7. Ask the guards for ideas.
  8. Take Hasilius on a trip to regain his confidence.
  9. Talk to Simeth for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Drunk in the Basement[edit]

When you first talk to Alasha Kori, the bartender of The Dancing Jug in Ranyon-ruhn, her otherwise friendly greeting ends with a warning not to pay attention to Hasilius Brahn. When asked further, she will tell you that he's an Imperial currently hanging out downstairs. When he first arrived in town, everyone assumed he was a knight on a mission; now it seems his only mission is to get blind drunk.

The other patrons agree. Farul Dinz is particularly sad to see a man in such a state, but doesn't know what to suggest. He thinks Alasha Kori, being a bartender, is in a much better position to help and is surprised she hasn't done so. Talk to Alasha again and ask her how you can get Hasilius to lay off the drink for a while. She tells you that he'll need something to counterbalance the alcohol and that a healer might have something suitable. Unfortunately, she can't leave the tavern unattended so it's up to you.

Kill or Cure[edit]

The town's healer is Nevusa Lakasyn, who runs a shop on the southern side of the central block of buildings. Head over there and ask her about Hasilius. Her suggestion is a potion to boost his intelligence, and it turns out that she has just the thing: quality or exclusive potions that fortify intelligence. The quality one is cheaper, so buy that and head back to the tavern. Talk to Hasilius, who asks you to buy him a drink. Offer him some of your own instead, and he will take your potion and drink it. Hasilius downs the potion but when you talk to him again, he's far from happy. All his bad memories have come back, and after a brief rant he falls to the ground unconscious. The other patrons tell you that they will take care of him and that you should return in about half a day when he might be awake.

Sleeping it Off[edit]

After 12 hours you should receive a journal update telling you that Hasilius will be awake. Head back to the tavern and talk to him. He isn't exactly grateful to you for relieving his alcoholic stupor, and angrily tells you that he doesn't want to remember his story at all, let along relate it to a stranger. If you take the sympathetic approach, his disposition drops by 35 points and he refuses to tell you more. Instead, tell him it's all the same to you, and he will grudgingly open up.

Hasilius' Story[edit]

A year ago, Hasilius was a captain in the Imperial Legion in Cyrodiil. He lived a good life with good pay and a good wife until one day a messenger arrived. He gave Hasilius a message containing an order to clean out the ruins of an old fort and kill the "foul creatures" that lived there. Hasilius welcomed the message as he believed it offered an easy route to glory and fame so he set off to the fort with a dozen men and his wife. The route was anything but easy, however, and the assault on the fort ended with his wife dead and Hasilius fleeing blindly. He has been drowning his sorrows ever since, but no matter how much he drinks, cannot blank out the memories.

Press him further and he admits that he has even sold his precious Silver Longsword.

First Step to Recovery[edit]

If a silver longsword is what Hasilius needs, it's up to you to get one. There are several places nearby that might provide such a sword, but the closest is the Erushara Ancestral Tomb located in Aranyon Pass, just north of town. Many skeletons infest the tomb and are usually armed with silver longswords. Alternatively, Drenim Ancestral Tomb, just off the road to Llothanis, offers another source. Wherever you find one, hand the sword to Hasilius and he will become your follower.


What Hasilius really needs is a quest to give him back his confidence. Talk to any of the guards in the tavern and they will suggest the nearby cave Tansumiran. It seems a small number of renegade wizards have taken refuge in the cave and need to be brought to justice. As the guards will tell you, Tansumiran is south and a little east of Ranyon-ruhn, and carved into the eastern side of the mountain spur south of town. Your task is simple: head to the cave and kill the leader of the wizards, Tidril Moras. You needn't clean out the whole cave, just kill Tidril.

Talk to Hasilius, who is immensely grateful to you for restoring his confidence. He suggests you both head back to the tavern to start spreading the word about your deeds.

Reward Time[edit]

Escort Hasilius back to The Dancing Jug and then head to Simeth for your reward. He's the guard who stands watch on top of the central guard tower.

Simeth is grateful to you both for dealing with the wizard and for helping Hasilius. He gives you the 150 gold bounty on Tidril's head, and a bottle of Free Estates Wine as a present from Alasha Kori for dealing with her problem. You also gain one point of Reputation. Although Free Estates Wine may be cheap by the standards of Cyrodiil, it's considered quite valuable in Morrowind, and some people are very fond of it.


  • Repeatedly asking Nevusa Lakasyn about Hasilius Brahn adds a Exclusive Fortify Intelligence potion and a Quality Fortify Intelligence potion to her inventory every time. If you have a particular need for these potions, and don't mind spending the time, this can be used to gain an infinite supply. The option stops being available after you give a potion to Hasilius.
  • You can clear out Tansumiran before heading there with Hasilius: Tidril Moras doesn't appear until the relevant quest stage, so you won't break the quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

The Drunken Knight (TR_m1_RR_Drunkard)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
5 The bartender of the Dancing Jug tavern in Ranyon-ruhn told me of a customer of hers, Hasilius Brahn. Hasilius is an Imperial who arrived in the town recently and hasn't stopped drinking ever since. Although he has never caused trouble, it's a sad thing to see and nobody has managed to do anything about it. Perhaps I should take a look and see what the patrons have to say.
10 I talked to Farul Sarayn, a mage who resides in the Dancing Jug. He's grown accustomed to Hasilius Brahn, but not enough to put up with him on a daily basis. Farul does, however, feel pity for Brahn and wishes to aid him. Although he doesn't know much about drunkards himself, he is certain that the bartender of the tavern, Alasha Kori, does.
15 Alasha Kori told me that to clear a drunken man's mind, I need to give him something that has the exact opposite effect of drinks.
25 I gave Hasilius a potion to fortify his intelligence, which he accepted and drunk right away. I hope it works.
30 As soon as he drank the whole vial, I attempted to talk to him again, but he was out of control, cursing himself and shouting. Must have been the side-effects Alasha warned me about. A few moments later, he fell on the floor, unconscious. I'd better consult the patrons here on what to do next.
35 Hasilius Brahn should be awake by now. Perhaps he's in position to speak with me.
40 Hasilius revealed his sad story, how he was once a brave soldier of the Imperial Legion and how he lost his wife and men in a mission. He has been drinking to forget ever since.
45 It seems that Hasilius has lost all confidence in himself. If I am to change him, I'll have to help him regain that confidence. He mentioned he once possessed a silver longsword...
50 I have brought a silver longsword to Hasilius Brahn. It seems that my persistence paid off finally, since he took the sword and I convinced him to give himself another chance. I should now find somewhere for him to exercise his skills. The guards should be able to help me.
55 I learned that the Tansumiran cave is a good place for Hasilius to see some fighting, given that it houses a small number of outlaw wizards. To find the cave we must leave Ranyon-ruhn and head south and a bit to the east, until we see a rocky hill amidst the plain. The cave entrance is located on the east side of the hill. Fortunately I won't be punished, since their leader is a wanted criminal.
60 The wizards' leader is dead and Hasilius seems rather satisfied. I wonder what's in his mind right now...
65 At last, Hasilius acts as a true warrior again. All that's left to do is get him back to the Dancing Jug.
68 I have escorted Hasilius Brahn back to the Dancing Jug. I should see Simeth on the guard tower to collect the bounty for the rogue wizard leader.
70 ☑Finishes quest Simeth rewarded me for cleaning Tansumiran cave with some gold and offered me a bottle of imported wine, Alasha Kori's personal gift for helping out.
100 ☑Finishes quest Hasilius has been killed.