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Finally, we get to know exactly who stole the ebony from the mine.


Quest Giver: Template:PAGENAMEx:-1}}Master Mithras
Location(s): Template:PAGENAMEx:-1}}Ranyon-ruhn
Prerequisite Quest: Template:PAGENAMEx:-1}}Balancing Act
Next Quest: Template:PAGENAMEx:-1}}The Final Search
Concurrent Quest: {{{Conc}}}
Reward: None
Reputation Gain:
ID: TR_m1_RR_MQ_8
Required Rank: {{{ReqRank}}}
Required Reputation: {{{ReqRep}}}
Required Items: {{{ReqItem}}}
Suggested Items: {{{SuggItem}}}
Suggested Spells: {{{SuggSpell}}}
Required Level: {{{ReqLevel}}}
Prerequisites: {{{Prereq}}}
Suggested Level: {{{SuggLevel}}}
Time: {{{Time}}}
Difficulty: {{{Difficulty}}}
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A really well-hidden ledger

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Wait three days then talk to {{#define:ns_base|Template:PAGENAMEx:-1}}Master Mithras again.
  2. Ask around town to discover the latest rumors.
  3. (optional) Talk to {{#define:ns_base|Template:PAGENAMEx:-1}}Galdasi Thendas.
  4. Talk to {{#define:ns_base|Template:PAGENAMEx:-1}}Simeth to learn the next step.
  5. Demand the mine ledgers from {{#define:ns_base|Template:PAGENAMEx:-1}}Azariah Thelas.
  6. Compare Azariah's ledger to the one in the {{#define:ns_base|Template:PAGENAMEx:-1}}mine.
  7. Bring the proof of Azariah's treachery to Mithras.
  8. Go to Azariah's house to arrest him.
  9. Ask Simeth about Azariah.
  10. Return to Mithras with the bad news.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The Proud but Captured Thief[edit]

Three days after completing the previous quest, talk to {{#define:ns_base|Template:PAGENAMEx:-1}}Master Mithras again. He is now convinced that Azariah is the thief, but needs concrete proof to lay before the Parliament of Bugs in {{#define:ns_base|Template:PAGENAMEx:-1}}Port Telvannis, which means catching Azariah red handed. He cryptically tells you that "the word's already on the streets" and that you should investigate the latest rumors. The rumors turn out to be that {{#define:ns_base|Template:PAGENAMEx:-1}}Galdasi Thendas, the world's worst thief, has managed to steal a large amount of ebony from the mine and that {{#define:ns_base|Template:PAGENAMEx:-1}}Simeth caught her in the act.

If you talk to Galdasi in her house at this point, she will give you an {{#define:ns_base|Template:PAGENAMEx:-1}}Amulet of Swiftstep as a reward for helping restore her honor among thieves.

The Plan Progresses[edit]

Head up to see Simeth on his rooftop. It turns out that he was the one who removed the ebony that that he and Mithras arranged with Galdasi to falsely accuse her of theft. The "theft" means there is now an opportunity to see compare Azariah's ledger, which should show how much ebony is really in storage, to the one in the mine, which shows how much has been moved there. If Azariah has been faking the ledgers, they won't show any decrease.

{{#define:ns_base|Template:PAGENAMEx:-1}}Mirisun Varen points out his copy of the ledgers on the mine office table, and tells you that he saw Azariah take his into the adjacent room. Comparing the two shows no decrease in the amount of ebony stocked, which proves Azariah is the thief. Head to Mithras and deliver the news.

The Great Escape[edit]

Mithras is pleased that the plan has finally borne fruit. He asks you to go to Azariah's house and bring him to the tower for interrogation. Unfortunately, the chicken has flown the coop and Azariah is nowhere to be found. Talking to Simeth reveals that he has seen nobody leave, and he believes Teleportation must have been used to escape.

Mithras is not happy. He wants you to search Azariah's house just in case there's some clue as to where he has gone.

Quest Stages[edit]

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