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Turosi Salvel (TR_m1_Turosi_Salvel)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt
Home City Port Telvannis
Store Turosi Salvel: Enchanter
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 25 Class Enchanter Service
Other Enchanting Enchanter
Gold 3100 Mercantile Novice (7)
Sells Armor, Books, Clothing, Misc., Weapons
Other Information
Health 140 Magicka 200
Alarm 90 Fight 20
Faction(s) House Telvanni 2(Oathman)
Turosi Salvel

Turosi Salvel is a Dunmer enchanter who runs a shop in Port Telvannis. He lives in his house/store just to the west of the Tel Thenim tower. He sells an odd selection of items, ranging from worthless junk to items that he has enchanted, along with the means for others to enchant their own items. He is also the richest trader in Tamriel Rebuilt.

Salvel has a long-standing rivalry with another local enchanter, Cerul Arnem, although he has recently given the latter a gift in an effort to stop the feud. Or maybe not.

Related Quests[edit]


  • Noises Off: It must be hard to be a successful enchanter when all you hear is noise...


  • Items in italics are equipped, and can be purchased if you sell him something better first. (If there is more than one, you may be able to purchase the others.)
  • Items in bold are Leveled Lists. Click on them to learn more about what they may contain.
Item Qty
On Oblivion 1
Scroll of Healing 1
Scroll of Hellfire 1
Scroll of Leaguestep 2
Scroll of Selyn's Mist Slippers 1
Scroll of Summon Skeleton 1
Scroll of Supreme Domination 1
Scroll of The Sixth Barrier 1
Scroll of The Third Barrier 1
Scroll of Tranasa's Spelltwist 1
Orcish Longsword Of Flame 1
Silver Mace of Flame 1
Silver Sparksword 1
Steel Staff of War 1
random_loot_special_marksman 20
Item Qty
Blessed Shield 1
Molecrab Cuirass of Fortitude 1
Common Robe 6
Expensive Robe 1
Expensive Shoes 1
random_common_de_fclothes_01 3
Common Soul Gem 1
Grand Soul Gem 1
Greater Soul Gem 2
Jug 1
Lesser Soul Gem 3
Petty Soul Gem 4
Pillow 1
Platter 1
random_de_pos_01 8