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Ebonheart: A History
Volume Two
by Indoril Aurelia Draconis
The later history of Ebonheart, including its destruction and reconstruction as Old Ebonheart

[This manuscript is clearly unfinished. The margins are full of corrections and alterations, and some of the handwriting is barely legible.]

The first volume of this book covered the history of Ebonheart up until the opening years of the Third Era of Tamriel. This volume continues the story to the present day.

To fully understand the fires that consumed Ebonheart at the beginning of the Third Era, one must make a door into the mindset of the Indoril. The Indoril are a Great House honoring Boethiah. They ruled primarily in Central-East of Morrowind, and at one time were the most powerful of all the Dark Elven tribes. Although they had passed their power into the Provincial House by the end of the Second Era, they still HOLD arguably the two greatest cities in Morrowind, the Mourning Hold ANON ALMA LAESA A-RUHN and the Ebon Heart ANON KHA-LAAN ALD RAATHIM. As a result, many of the Indoril look down upon Westerners as inferior, holding members of other races in complete contempt. They chose to forge their FAITH in a crucible of suffering rather than submit to foreign rule.

Although Mournhold suffered from the mass SELF-MURDER of the Indoril leadership, it DISHONORED its old rival KHA-LAAN by not committing more firmly to their faithful course. Every Dunmer of noble blood elected not only to destroy themselves but to destroy their homes as well to make room for the FIRE. Bizarre though that may seem to outlanders, one must bear in mind that the nobles must engrave upon their eyes the image of INJUSTICE. As from the heart the light, one must yield to faith as the ghost gilds in GLORY.

So the nobles built funeral pyres in their homes. How BLACK their HEARTS as they roasted fiercely. Loyal servants and retainers lit the pyres and spread the flames throughout the Indoril chapels of Ebonheart, creating an ATLAS of smoke. Fires were soon raging everywhere, even in the Velothi quarters, but they said no ELEGIES for the MELTED-STONE. The cowardly Velothi FLED and became N'WAH under the Two-Headed King's tricks. We can have no opinions of this truth.

By the time the Imperial officials arrived in Ebonheart, the city was cleansed of heresy, but festering wounds lived on and began to gather anew. The n'wah enlisted the help of their Legion to rebuild the city in their black-hearted form. These N'WAH settled ontop the BONES of my ancestors. Like Vivec I hold the Rock of Lies intact above the KHA-LAAN as an instrument of JUSTICE should the faith of the people fade entirely from AN-THIRR-A-RUHN. ALTADOON our lords and gods DAELHA UVAHR YI KHAMIR He and She and He will yet one day will it again. KIL-ABHORIL N'WAH DRAHADAN the Devil dances under the gash of the star TELSHAHR YI JULMYNH ILAHD I will never rest UDIRITH DOLDIN I will never forget ARA RU IAM CARD This n'wah is mine...

[The rest of the manuscript is a completely illegible mess.]