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Alden the Wanderer
(RefID: xx01386B)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt, Stirk
Location Stirk Docks
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 2 Class Commoner
RefID xx01386B BaseID xx013857
Rents Bed Bed 50 gold
Other Information
Health 32 Magicka 77
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Tr07StirkF; Beggars
Alden the Wanderer on the deck of the ship back to Anvil

Alden the Wanderer is a Nord beggar who lives on Stirk Docks.

He sleeps on a bedroll outside the Basilla Lighthouse from 2am to 8am and then eats breakfast for two hours, assuming he can find some food. He spends the rest of his time wandering the docks and waterfront.

If you need a bed, some residents of Stirk will tell you that "There are no inns on Stirk, but that doesn't stop people like Alden the Wanderer from finding a place to sleep. I'd talk to him.", and indeed Alden will rent you a bedroll if you ask: "Well, I got a spare bedroll I can sell you for 50 septims, if you don't mind about sleepin' under the stars." Once you pay the 50 gold, the bedroll appears next to his outside the lighthouse.

Living out on the docks means that Alden knows all about the comings and goings of craft to and from the island. This means that he is in a good position to tell you about the Kintyra II when Morihatha Stirk wants to know about it: "I haven't heard anything about no ships, and bein' that I pretty much live on the docks, you can be sure I'd know. I can say this though. A nord girl named Helga washed up a few days ago. Wouldn't say where she came from. She tried to seduce that high elf what lives with the Stirks, and now she's in jail for prostitution! Hope that helps you. Anything for Miss Mori; I've always been fond of her."

Alden wears sack cloth pants and shirt and carries two gold coins. He doesn't carry any weapons or cast any spells, relying solely on his fists during combat. You can catch the disease droops from him, should you fight with him.

Related Quests[edit]


  • Talking to Alden the Wanderer can sometimes trigger a strange bug. Once you start conversation with him, Alden stays still, but behind him, the entire world spins for a few seconds before stopping. This bug appears to be linked to the Jafan traveling bug, which can cause severe graphical errors upon reloading a save. It seems Alden has a chance of triggering it, even if you didn't travel on Jafan's ship. See his page or the TR forum thread for more information.