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Eulius Brothers' Book Store
Proprietor Alenion
Proprietor Amarius Eulius
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The Eulius Brothers' Book Store

Eulius Brothers' Book Store is a bookstore located in the Residential District of Stirk. It can be found next to Kynarius Manor and across the street from Eulius and Amatius Manors.

The ground floor
The first floor

The store is jointly run by Alenion and Amarius Eulius.

Alenion has 800 gold and a Mercantile skill of 50. When bartering, he will buy and sell only books.

His brother Amarius has 400 gold and a Mercantile skill of 56. Similarly to his brother, when bartering, he will buy and sell only books.

The main trading room is on the ground floor and consists of a large counter and a large selection of books on display; particularly the rare On Artaeum, First Addition, which can be found in a display case. Behind the counter is a table with two Ayleid reference texts and a series of crumpled papers where Alenion can be found studying. Both him and his brother live upstairs. Their private quarters consist of a single room used as a dining room and bedroom.

Related Quests[edit]


The following are some notable items for sale:

Name (ID) Value Author Description Quantity
The Alchemist's Guide to Skooma
30 Jeannot Lapage 1
The Argonian Account, Book 4
25 Waughin Jarth Decumus Scotti's continued adventures in Black Marsh, Volume 4 1
Autumn's Welcome
10 Horatio Gargonath 2
Blood Beat
5 1
A Book of Nordic Proverbs
25 1
A Dance in Fire, v4
75 Waughin Jarth Chapter 4 of a clerk's adventures in Valenwood 2
Emeralds: Applications in Alchemy
30 Whertold the Blackened 1
The Essence of Being a Thief
8 Thralos Devneri 2
Folly of Steel
50 Harjeld Ironbane 1
For My Gods and Emperor
5 Imperial Cult A Handbook for the Imperial Cult 2
Guide to Stirk
10 Alessia Ottus 1
Here at Last
10 Horatio Gargonath 1
Hounds of Hircine - A Historical Account
10 Matinus Byrne 1
The Imperial Kitchen, Volume I
5 Arruntius Horatia 1
The Imperial Kitchen, Volume II
5 Arruntius Horatia 2
The Imperial Navy
5 Bacola Gloriosus 2
A Just Punishment
8 Eraturiel 2
Myth or Menace?
10 Conjecture as to the existence of a modern Thieves Guild 1
On Artaeum, First Addition
100 Taurce il-Anselma 1
On Oblivion
15 Morian Zenas A guide to Oblivion and the Daedra 1
The Posting of the Hunt
85 A document announcing a ritualistic hunting of a mortal by Daedra 1
Redemption, Volume I
10 1
Redemption, Volume II
40 1
The Seasons
10 Horatio Gargonath 1
The Spectrum Study
50 Avorina Claudie 1
Spring's Blossom
10 Horatio Gargonath 1
Still Image
20 Murgok-gro-Gurzong 1
The Torment of Klausein I
15 Anthone Resphiel A Four Act Play 1
Varieties of Thought, Volume I
50 1
Varieties of Thought, Volume II
50 1
Weight of Guilt, Part I
15 Fuchon Cire 1
Weight of Guilt, Part II
15 Fuchon Cire 1

Amarius also sells a Steel Warhammer but only once your Mercantile skill is over 50. He will otherwise carry it on his person.