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Father Ambrogio should be relieved from his troubles... One way or another...
Quest Giver: Rogkuroth gro-Budok or Marks at the Polle Gold Mine
Location(s): Polle Gold Mine and Stirk Chapel
Prerequisite Quest: A Third Party (Polle)
Next Quest: A Third Party (Miners) or Errands for the Eulius Brothers (Polle)
Concurrent Quest: Strange Noises (Miners)
Reward: Progression in storyline and 150 gold (Polle)
ID: Tr07q006TFatherInTrouble
Townsfolk look on as the chapel blazes, but where is Father Ambrogio?

Quick Walkthrough[edit]


  1. Check on Father Ambrogio for Rogkuroth using the newly-excavated shaft.
  2. Exchange various code phrases between the two and reassure Rogkuroth that the priest is fine.
  3. After viewing the chapel on fire, enter it via the Upper shaft to discover Ambrogio's murder.
  4. Return to the shaft with Rogkuroth to find it blocked by fire.
  5. Try to reach the main entrance to discover that the fire has destroyed the whole chapel.


  1. Report to Polle for some "detective work."
  2. Enter the shaft that has Polle suspicious and pick open the two doors.
  3. Inform Polle that the shaft leads to Stirk Chapel.
  4. Deliver an encoded message to Cartello Stirk.
  5. Look on helplessly as the chapel burns to ashes.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


Coded Words[edit]

After Winston has sent you to Rogkuroth during the Strange Noises quest, the mine foreman will inform you about the secret pact between the miners and Father Ambrogio and of the shaft being used to smuggle supplies and medicine. He will also tell you that he is getting worried because the priest hasn't turned up for the latest meetings. He gives you the key to the shaft and sends you to investigate. Once you meet Father Ambrogio, you may notice something is amiss and that he seems to emphasize the phrase: "everything is Nine". Backtrack to Rogkuroth to find out "Nine" is their codeword for danger.

Reassure Rogkuroth[edit]

Return to the chapel and talk to Ambrogio once again and tell him "Dead are the Nine" to find out that Polle had been forcing him to spy on the miners under threat of burning the chapel. He asks you to reassure Rogkuroth that he will deal with Polle and that the shipments will resume. The burly foreman doesn't seem too convinced but acknowledges the fact that Father Ambrogio's actions have given you two time to explore the newly-found ruin.

Father on Fire[edit]

Once you have completed the Strange Noises quest and set out to find Alenion Eulius, you will exit the mine to find most of Stirk's citizens gathered in front of the chapel, which is ablaze. The front door is locked and you'll have to go through the Upper shaft to enter Father Ambrogio's private quarters. The room is intact and you'll find the priest's body on the floor, brutally murdered.

A Daring Dash[edit]

Report this quickly to Rogkuroth, who is distraught and senses Polle's involvement. He take's the shaft's key back from you and asks you to follow him back there. Once you arrive however, you will find that the fire has spread down and is blocking the way. Run behind Rogkuroth to the front entrance to discover that the chapel has burnt to the ground, destroying all the evidence of Father Ambrogio's murder.


An Innocuous Investigation[edit]

Once you have completed the Third Party quest and have entered the Ancient Ruin with the Eulius brothers in tow, Marks will tell you that Polle has got some "detective work" waiting for you. When you report to him, Therander explains that he is suspicious of a new shaft which is not present in his maps and does not lead to other parts of the mine. He also informs you that the door is locked and that he believes the necromancer responsible for the zombies is hiding out there.

Shaft Scouting[edit]

Enquiring on the matter with the mine foreman Rogkuroth gro-Budok won't net you anything so the only option is to go through the shaft. You will have to pick two doors: the one from the mine to the shaft and the one from the shaft to Stirk Chapel; both have Hard locks. After picking open the second door you will find yourself in Father Ambrogio's private quarters, the mystery of the shaft apparently solved.

Encoding and Blackmailing[edit]

When you report back to Polle, he will be surprised that the necromancer is actually Father Ambrogio and asks you to come back in a day's time. Wait 24 hours and report back. Polle gives you a message and asks you to deliver it to Cartello Stirk. If you ask him about it, he will be evasive, but if you manage to push his disposition up to 80 he will admit: "Alright the message has to do with one of my plans. I want that the city guards stay out of it."

Errand Boy[edit]

Find Cartello and deliver him the message, then return to Polle to collect your reward - 150 gold. Polle will tell you to go back to the ruin to see if the two adventurers need help and drops a scary hint: "Now I can do what I had planned. Everyone who disturbs my mine with zombies deserves to be punished!"

Once Amarius Eulius has sent you off on some errands, you will exit the mine to find most of Stirk's citizens gathered in front of the chapel, which is ablaze. The front door is locked and there is not much you can do to stop the fire, which eventually smothers the chapel and leaves a bitter sense of guilt in you.


  • Polle's remark about the encoded message, along with its ID Tr07006PolleBlackmailNote , should give you a hint at his machinations.

Journal Entries[edit]

Father in Trouble (Tr07q006TFatherInTrouble)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
5 Marks said that Therander Polle had some more work for me to do. He said it involved some detective work.
10 I have been sent to see if Father Ambrogio is alright. He has failed to meet with Rogkuroth gro-Budok to provide him with medicine and food for the miners.
15 Therander Polle has asked me to investigate the mine's upper shaft. He has no idea where it leads and suspects the cause of the zombie to be at the other end.
20 Something seemed to be bothering Father Ambrogio, but he insisted that everything was fine. He was curious as to what has been happening in the mine, but I avoided the subject on the Ancient Door until I can find more information. I should return to Rogkuroth gro-Budok and let him know of the Father's unusual behavior.
21 Something seemed to be bothering Father Ambrogio, but he insisted that everything was fine. He was curious as to what has been happening in the mine, and I told him an Ancient Door had been found. I should return to Rogkuroth gro-Budok and let him know of the Father's unusual behavior.
25 Rogkuroth gro-Budok, the mine foreman, claims not to know where the upper shaft tunnel leads.
30 I am to return to the Father, and tell him 'Dead are the Nine.' He will know what this means.
35 I have discovered that the upper shaft of the gold mine leads to Father Ambrogio's quarters in the Stirk Chapel.
40 Father Ambrogio explained that he was coerced into spying on the miners, with the threat that Polle would burn the chapel to the ground. I should return to Rogkuroth gro-Budok and let him know of what has transpired.
45 I told Polle that the tunnel led to the Chapel. He blames Father Ambrogio for the zombies in the mine. He is going to think about this news and wants me to return in a day for another task.
46 Therander Polle has asked me to deliver a letter to Cartello Stirk. The letter appears to be in code. He didn't tell me anything about the content of the message, but I suspect it has something to do with the zombies in the mine.
47 I have delivered the encoded message to Cartello Stirk. I should claim a reward from Therander Polle.
48 Therander Polle wants me to go to the ancient ruin and speak to the two adventurers; Amarius and Alenion Eulius. Maybe they discovered something in the meantime. I fear he has something bad planned for Father Ambrogio.
50 Rogkuroth gro-Budok hopes that Father Ambrogio will be able to take care of Polle on his end. Father Ambrogio's willingness to help at the risk of his chapel has given Rogkuroth gro-Budok and me the opportunity to further explore the Ancient Door.
60 The Stirk Chapel is on fire! I don't see Father Ambrogio among the crowd; I need to get inside and see if he's still alive.
70 I entered the Chapel through the tunnel in the mine. Father Ambrogio was dead, though the fire had not yet spread to his bedroom. Someone murdered him. I should tell Rogkuroth gro-Budok.
75 The Stirk Chapel is on fire! The front door is blocked; I don't think there's any way in. I hope I didn't cause this as Therander Polle seemed to hate Father Ambrogio.
80 I told Rogkuroth gro-Budok that Father Ambrogio has been murdered. He ran toward the tunnel to see if he could find some evidence.
90 The tunnel to the Chapel has been blocked off by debris from the fire. We should check the front door also.
100 ☑Finishes quest The fire has smothered itself out. The Chapel is destroyed, and with it, any evidence of Father Ambrogio's murder.
105 ☑Finishes quest The fire has smothered itself out. Father Ambrogio is nowhere to be seen; I suspect he perished in the blaze. I am almost sure that it was Polle's work; and to think that I helped him doing it!
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  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in random order.
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