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Garkam gra-Both
(RefID: xx0013E6)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt, Stirk
Location Fort Stirk, East Hall
Race Orc Gender Female
Level 10 Class Smith
RefID xx0013E6 BaseID xx00968B
Available 8am-12 noon; 3pm-9pm
Other Repairs Repairs
Gold 800 Mercantile Novice (5)
Sells Weapons, Armor, Repair hammers
Other Information
Health 50 Magicka 50
Respons. 100 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Tr07StirkF; Tr07FortStirkF
Garkam gra-Both by her forge

Garkam gra-Both, an Orc smith, is Fort Stirk's blacksmith and can be found in the stronghold's forge, in the East Hall.

As her jealous brother Rogkuroth will tell you, "My sister's the smith at the fort, she gets all the luck." Indeed, being the smith of a small garrison on an even smaller island means Grakam hardly has a tiring schedule. After a comfortable night's rest in the fort's East Tower, she gets up at 8:00 AM and heads to the forge in the East Hall, where she spends the rest of the day loitering, waiting for an improbable customer. At noon, she takes a two hour lunch break, then returns to the forge until midnight, when she calls it a day and retires to her quarters for a good eight hours of sleep.

Few customers means few septims, meaning Garkam must make do with a cheap set of lower-class clothing, including a pair of handy blacksmith's pants, a matching apron and a pair of clogs. She does, however, treat herself to a pair of fur gauntlets, and a bronze amulet. She also keeps three repair hammers close at hand.

She has 800 gold and a very low Mercantile, resting at 5, which means you can rip good deals from her. She will buy and sell weapons, armor, and miscellaneous items. Unlike most merchants, she doesn't sell any unique or rare items.

When you first meet her, she'll tell you about her Repair services: "I'm Garkam gra-Both, the only smith on the island. So if you need something fixed, come to me." She will offer her services when not eating or sleeping.

Her only private possession in the Fort is her bed in the East Tower.


  • In the CS, she is only referred to as Stirk Smith.