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(RefID: xx001F39, xx00D2B8)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt, Stirk
Location Anvil Harbor / Stirk Docks
Race Redguard Gender Male
Level PC-3 Class Commoner
RefID xx001F39
BaseID xx002A5E
Other Information
Health 62 + (5+1.8)x(PC-4), PC=8-21
Magicka 92 + 3.5x(PC-4)
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Tr07MagnificentF; Tr07StirkF; Anvil Citizen
Jafan on board his ship

Jafan is a Redguard commoner, who will probably be the first person from Stirk that you meet. He can be found either on the docks at Anvil or at Stirk, and will provide transport services between the two locations for 50 gold on his ship, The Magnificent.

When in Anvil, Jafan will sleep between 11am and 5pm with his wife in the main cabin, and spend the rest of the day either pacing the upper deck or swimming in the harbor. In Stirk, he neglects sleep and remains vigilant the whole day, wandering around the deck with Alden. He will offer his services at all times.

He wears a burgundy linen shirt, matching linens and a pair of thick cowhide shoes. When in Stirk, he will also carry 5 gold coins and an hourglass.

When first met, he will praise his ship and immediately offer his services, "The Magnificent is the finest ship on the sea and about to set sail. We still have space for another passenger or two. Tell me, are you called to voyage by sea to Stirk?" When on Stirk he will say, "Would you like to return to the mainland?" If you choose the 'yes' option he will tell you, "Glad to have you aboard! That's just 50 gold, and you're good to go."

When asked about the island, he will show his loquacious character, "Wonderful island! Once home to the Yaya Solorik, an evil monster I personally eliminated. Thank Stendarr that's over with!"

His talkative and sometimes annoying persuasion is well known among Stirk's townsfolk, "Have you ever spoken to Jafan? He held me up for hours talking about how he met his wife" and "That Jafan fellow is a bit obnoxious, but he sounds like he's seen everything. Not sure how much you could believe" make it clear as to what people think about him. His wife too should have been able to tell you, "Aria's my name. My husband Jafan is the captain of the Magnificent. He tells some amazing stories, but take them with a grain of skooma."

During the Errands for the Eulius Brothers quest, Amarius will task you with telling Jafan they'll have to cancel a planned goblin hunting trip. Once you head down to the dock and tell Jafan, he will be quite sad, "Amarius is busy? That's disappointing. Not surprising, I suppose, but disappointing. I was rather looking forward to the adventure! I guess it will have to wait a bit, though. That may be a good thing, actually. It gives me a little more time to decide how to tell Aria we're going goblin-hunting..."

Related Quests[edit]


  • In the CS, two versions of him are present; namely Jafan and Jafan2. They are identical in every respect and are used in the two versions of The Magnificent; in the Stirk and Anvil version respectively.


  • Jafan will sometimes be found swimming in Anvil harbor; this is because his wandering radius is large enough for him to fall in the water from the ship deck. If he does fall in, he will mostly likely always be found there on future occasions.
  • Do not use Jafan's travel services if you can avoid them. There have been reports on the TR forums of serious graphical errors occurring only after traveling on Jafan's ship, such as an upside down world, and the landscape turning into rainbow colors. At first the game appears to be fine. But after reload, these problems occur. There is no known fix for this bug. Alden the Wanderer, who appears to be affected by this bug, can sometimes trigger it if you talk to him, even if you didn't travel on Jafan's ship. See Alden's page for more information.