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Julia Basilla
(RefID: xx0013FF)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt, Stirk
House Basilla Lighthouse
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level 3 Class Commoner
RefID xx0013FF BaseID xx00F51A
Other Information
Health 39 Magicka 107
Respons. 100 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Tr07LighthouseF; Tr07StirkF
Julia Basilla in the Basilla Lighthouse

Julia Basilla is the Imperial commoner in charge of the Basilla Lighthouse.

She will introduce herself with "My name is Julia Basilla. I operate the lighthouse", and indeed much of her time is spent on her duties. Morihatha Stirk has been bothering her for information on the Kintyra II, but there is another, more worrying development in her life. "Three times this month I've seen her with fresh bruises.", some other villagers will remark, before pondering, "I wonder if it's related to why she always keeps her bedroom locked", or "I have a suspicion that she keeps a Mantya Khourana in that locked bedroom of hers".

Julia's duties with the lighthouse means she has to sleep during the day. She goes to bed at midday and wakes at 5pm to light the lighthouse's flame. She spends the entire evening and night tending the flame, finally dousing it again at 5am as the sun rises. On Morndas, Middas and Fredas she goes for a swim at 6am, leaving her clothes on the beach and spending four hours playing in the surf. At 10am she gets out of the water, grabs her clothes and runs back to the lighthouse for lunch, which she eats until midday before going to bed again. On other days, and at other times, she roams the interior of the lighthouse.

If her father dies or is imprisoned as a result of the Julia Basilla's Bruises quest, she grows highly depressed. Instead of tending the lighthouse, Julia will spend her entire time pacing around the lighthouse when not sleeping.

Her outfit is middle class, consisting of quilted shoes with a burgundy skirt and blouse. She also carries a copper topaz ring, the Light House Key and a small amount of gold.

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