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There are a large variety of places in Stirk.

Bodies of Water[edit]

  • Abecean Sea — The large body of water that separates Stirk from mainland Cyrodiil.


  • Basilla Lighthouse — A lighthouse found on the western coast of Stirk, overlooking the dock area.
  • Miners' Shack — The name given to each of the two lowly abodes that serve as a home for the miners of Polle Gold Mine.
  • Stirk Chapel — The only chapel on Stirk, located near the center of the island.
  • Stirk Manor — The grand family home of the Stirks, located in the town's residential district.


  • Fort Stirk — A castle located on the southern coast of Stirk.



  • Stirk — A small town on the identically named island.


  • There are no inns on the island, but, as everyone will tell you, the beggar Alden the Wanderer is willing to rent out his bedroll.


  • Polle Gold Mine — A large mine inhabited by Miners and Zombies (quest-related).


  • Vassa — A large ruin beneath Polle Gold Mine inhabited by Undead (quest-related)



  • Kintyra II — A sunken vessel to the northwest of Stirk.

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The sizes (small, medium or large) of Ruins, Forts, Mines and Caves are related to the number of zones they contain as follows:

  • Small: One zone
  • Medium: Two or three zones
  • Large: Four or more zones