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Sevillus Stirk
(RefID: xx0013FA)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt, Stirk
House Stirk Manor
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 15 Class Noble
RefID xx0013FA BaseID xx003611
Other Information
Health 130 Magicka 120
Respons. 60 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Tr07StirkCoupleF; Tr07StirkF; Tr07StirkFamilyF
Sevillus Stirk in the family house, Stirk Manor

Sevillus Stirk is an Imperial noble living in the family manor. More specifically, he shares a bed and supposedly a relationship with Dupineon.

Being the part of a rich and wealthy family means Sevillus can take life on the easy side, and he is all to happy to oblige. After having a lie-in till 9am, Sevillus heads downstairs for an hour or so before taking a trip to the second-floor dining room for a two-hour breakfast. Once he's full, he returns to the first floor entry hall, where he spends the rest of the day loitering about. At 11pm, he makes for the eastern bedroom where he tucks in bed for a good eleven hours sleep.

With money to waste, Sevillus treats himself to the finest clothing: the rare aqua silk robes and a pair of blue suede shoes. He also carries a small amount of gold and the key to the manor.

When first met he will present himself and reveal his attraction towards his partner, "I'm Sevillus Stirk, welcome to the island. By the way, have you seen an Altmer named Dupineon recently? I'm looking to speak with him."


  • You may hear the local townsfolk comment: "I heard that Dupineon and Sevillus Stirk lost something over at the docks not long ago. I wonder what it was." In the Complaints book, the 'something' is specified as a chest. Indeed, if you look underneath the docks you will find a 'Lost Chest' containing 100 gold.