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(RefID: xx00192F)
Added by Tamriel Rebuilt, Stirk
Location Polle Gold Mine, Abandoned Shaft
Race Argonian Gender Male
Level 1 Class Commoner
RefID xx00192F BaseID xx00192E
Other Information
Health 14 Magicka 100
Respons. 50 Aggress. 0
Essential Always
The ghost of Zeek in Polle Gold Mine

Zeek was an Argonian commoner working as a miner in Polle Gold Mine. Because of his race he was often discriminated against and was handed the most dangerous of tasks. He was eventually killed by a cave-in while exploring a new shaft in the mine. His real name was "Zeekhas-Ei", but the other miners shortened this to Zeek as they couldn't pronounce it in full.

Zeek wears a patched vest with a pair of breeches and some braided leather sandals.

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