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This is an archive of past UESPWiki:Featured Articles discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page, except for maintenance such as updating links.

This is an archive of past nominations for Featured Articles from 2006 and 2007.


Very good-looking page (IMHO) with some good introductory information. --RpehTalk 06:24, 13 August 2007 (EDT)
  • Full Vote --Eshe 13:29, 9 September 2007 (EDT)
  • Full Vote --Hargrimm 19:30, 26 September 2007 (EDT)
Support. Selected as Featured Article on October 14, 2007

Lore:Daedric Alphabet

A new detailed article showing off the Daedric template, with several good pictures

  • Full Vote --Aristeo 01:21, 3 November 2006 (EST)
  • Full Vote --Timmeh 23:54, 3 November 2006 (EST)
  • Full Vote --Hoggwild5 14:12, 8 November 2006 (EST)
  • Full Vote Verin Sedai 19:05, 13 November 2006 (EST)
I like the page. I like the link to download the cool Daedric font and its set up well. --Timmeh 23:54, 3 November 2006 (EST)
That would be really cool, a font on a computer titled "Daedric. Oooh. Verin Sedai 19:05, 13 November 2006 (EST)
Support. Selected as Featured Article on November 14, 2006

General:Fishy Stick

Very well written article, I nominate it as the next featured article. Of course, I'm a little biased ;). What do you all think? --Aristeo 12:17, 20 July 2006 (EDT)

  • Comment: I would vote for it, but there are no bread crumbs at the top :-p --Lorenz03Tx 22 July 06
  • Comment: The fishy stick article is a miscellaneous page; no bread crumbs needed. --Aristeo 20:56, 22 July 2006 (EDT)
  • Support: I enjoyed reading it, having never known what the deal was with fishy sticks before. And it is more colorful than the current feature.--Nephele 19:54, 22 July 2006 (EDT)
Support. Good enough for me. I promoted this article to featured status, and removed the other article since we now have an article that we all agreed upon. --Aristeo 22:25, 22 July 2006 (EDT)

Early Discussions

Nominate and vote for articles for featured status, or vote to have the featured status removed.

I'd like to see a few more pages as featured, perhaps a couple in each namespace. I'll keep my eyes open for good ones but suggestions definitely welcome. -- DaveH 13:08, 13 August 2006 (EDT)
I would like to propose that the following be considered as additions to "Featured Articles" status...
  • General:Bethesda - Relatively complete, and soon to acquire the addition of an employee roster (see the articles talk page for the current roster and news of such), this article is both clean, easy to navigate, and chock-full of pertinent and valuable information.
  • Lore:Khajiit - A complete look at the Khajiit as a species (insofar as currently released lore allows), the article is quite new (posted yesterday), but well-researched (yes, I wrote it, so take my word for it...) and informative. While it needs some cleaning up, I would be remiss were I to say it is anything other than the most complete Tamrielic race least, for the moment.
  • Arena:Buying and Selling Guide - The article could use some cleaning up (namely for style), however, apart from such, it is well-written and quite helpful.
Admittedly, I did pen - in greater part - two of the articles I am proposing, and thus, am slightly biased in my opinion of their quality, however, when you come right down to it, each article is in need of some work (aren't they all?) but still superb examples. -- Booyah boy 06:13, 28 August 2006 (EDT)
You have my support for General:Bethesda and Lore:Khajiit, but the last of the three still needs to be cleaned up a bit. --Aristeo 12:52, 2 September 2006 (EDT)

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