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This is an archive of past UESPWiki:Morrowind Redesign Project discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page, except for maintenance such as updating links.

Morrowind Quest Pages

This part of the Project is nearing completion, needs Peer review

This portion of the project consists of redoing the Morrowind Quest Pages as follows:

  • Breaking the long Morrowind quest pages down into individual pages per quest.-Done
  • Using a consistent quest page for the individual pages.-needs review
  • Adding any relevant missing content to the quest pages.-Done
  • Rewriting the quest description into quick and detailed walkthroughs. -Done
  • Adding directional information to quest locations when travel to a new location is involved and maps of these locations like in the Main Quest pages.
  • Adding links to NPCs involved in the quest. -needs review
  • Adding links to other wiki pages where needed. -needs review
  • Adding information about locations of hidden loot at quest locations, especially when rare or important artifacts, skill books, etc. are involved. -needs rewiew
  • Noting potential problems that may have been reported on quests, such as bugs, and include console workarounds where relevant.

Please note: A data dump with the official quest names for Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon, along with the Quest IDs can be found here. There may be discrepancies between this listing and what exists on the wiki currently. Discrepancies will need to be resolved. --

Project Contributors

Morrowind NPC Pages

This part of the Project is nearing completion, needs Peer review

This portion of the project consists of adding individual NPC pages for relevant Morrowind NPCs (for those of you who don't know what an NPC is, it stands for "Non Player Character") as follows:

  • Providing demographic information (race, sex, class) and faction information on each relevant NPC --Morrowind Done
  • Providing information on services available (i.e., smith services, training services, etc.) --Morrowind Done
  • Providing NPC locations --Morrowind Done
  • Listing quests that involve the NPC --Morrowind Done
  • Adding links to other wiki pages where needed, including links to other NPCs if necessary --Morrowind Done

The data to create the NPC summary infoboxes for relevant NPCs is all available at User:Nephele/Sandbox/4. Feel free to cut and paste this information for any NPC pages you wish to create; see the instructions on each sandbox page for details.

Since there are over 2500 NPCs in the Morrowind game, at this time the decision has been made to create individual pages on only NPCs who are relevant. The criteria used to determine relevance are summarized at Non-Relevant NPCs; additional discussion is at the talk page. Non-Relevant NPCs will not get a separate page. They will only be listed in the people table at the place where they appear with some basic statistics; a redirect page point to the tables. These tables and the redirects have all been created.

Project Contributors

Morrowind Faction Pages

This portion of the project consists of adding pages for the different Morrowind Factions involved in the game (great houses, guilds, etc.), and completing those pages with the following information:

  • A description and history of the faction
  • Instructions and contact NPCs for joining the faction, if available
  • Faction Ranking information
  • A list of faction members, including links to RELEVANT NPCs
  • A list of quests for the faction
  • Links to other wiki pages where needed

Project Contributors

Morrowind Location Pages

The content part of the Location Pages is almost done, a few stragglers exist. Interior Maps need work.

This portion of the project consists of adding and filling out pages for the different Morrowind Locations with the information listed below. The locations are many, and range from dungeons and tombs to major cities.

  • A new template, Template:Morrowind Places Summary, has been created for giving the places pages a standard look. See the template's description for notes on how to use it.
  • A description and history (for cities) of the location. For dungeons, shrines and ruins, a brief description of the type of location, the location of the site, general directions to the site; a brief description of the type of creatures and NPCs you can expect to encounter; a high level description of any significant loot or artifacts; and for shrines, identification of any cursed items on the altar.
  • Instructions for traveling to and from the location.
  • A list of NPCs at this location (if there are any), including links to RELEVANT NPC pages in bold (please note: if you're adding a location page, you might find a listing of NPCs for your location either here or here -- please check and feel free to move to your location page). The Non-Relevant NPCs should be linked to the Morrowind:Non-Relevant NPCs page in normal font (not bold). For relevant NPCs, who will all have a separate page, include notations next to their name about any significant notables. Additional information can be included in the notes at the bottom of the page
  • A list of quests involving this location (if there are any).
  • A list of important items found at this location (hidden loot, rare or exclusive artifacts, skill books, potions, etc.)