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This is an archive of past UESPWiki:Upgrade History discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page, except for maintenance such as updating links.

15 November 2007

  • Set $wgAjaxSearch = true
  • Set $wgDisableCounters = true to test performance change (if any)

9 November 2007

  • Switched from ConfirmEdit to reCaptcha.
  • Turned off memcached and returned to previous settings to test performance.
  • Tweaked a few Mediawiki settings to improve performance.
  • Results: Server load and response times during peak hours show a small improvement.

6 October 2007

  • Installed the ConfirmEdit extension (default settings).

30 September 2007

  • Fixed issue with new PHP installation which was causing CPU spikes.
  • Enabled memcached with an initial size of 100 MB. Will monitor and tweak as needed.

29 September 2007

  • Recompiled PHP with enable-sockets in preparation for using memcached.

4 August 2007

  • Renabled the omission of \Directions and similar sub-pages from search results.
  • Removed MHL as forum helper-mod.
  • Enabled avatars on the forum.
  • Added basic ranks to the forum.
  • Tweaked DoS/throttling settings a bit more.
  • Added the uesp theme to the forum to match the main site style. Changed all uses to the use this theme. Uses can switch back to the previous subsilver theme if desired.
  • Added a basic Google ad and search unit the to top of the forums. Mainly for statistic purposes to see the relative impressions compared to the main site.
  • Fixed a few spelling mistakes on the forums.
  • Fixed the forum error message in the profile area when registered or newly registered.
  • Allowed the forum spam filter to ignore certain known sites, like and, when checking for links in a message.

1 August 2007

  • Disabled mod_throttle again.
  • Disabled web server access logging and webalizer statistics in an attempt to improve performance.
  • Increased EAccelerator PHP cache size from 16 to 24MB. Reduced compression level from 9 to 1.

23 July 2007

  • Renabled mod_throttle and tweaked the various DOS settings to better prevent a single site from monopolizing connections. Will continue to monitor and tweak settings as needed.
  • Changed the Oblivion online map to grab images directly from the lighttd web server. This will make it easier to tweak the DOS settings for content served from the main Apache server. The Oblivion map can generate 10-20 requests at a time which makes it difficult or impossible to have the settings to both prevent a DOS and allow map content to pass at the same time.
  • Enabled the mouse scroll button to work in the Oblivion online map.
  • Submitted a support request to get back up (VPS power control panel was not accessible).
  • Created an account with for free server monitoring. Will setup alerts if the main site or backup becomes unavailable.

12 June 2007

  • Installed mod_evasive to try and prevent future DoS type events.

26 May 2007

  • Tweaked the Go search function again.
  • Added help button to search form (need to update search help to reflect recent changes).
  • Tweaked the spam blacklist again.
  • Modified the forum spam prevention error message to be more helpful.

20 May 2007

  • More work tweaking the onsite and offsite backups.
  • Deleting old logs and backups to free disk space (32GB and 64GB currently free on the two drives).
  • Modified the SpamBlacklist extension to include spaces when checking for blacklisted links and words.
  • Article links will use the parent namespace by default if omitted.
  • The search function now automatically fills in a namespace from the current page. It also now matches pages by checking for singular/plural articles and titles beginning with The.
  • Added the Shivering Isles namespace to the custom options on the search page.
  • Changed the SQL query for the Active Users special page with the addition of the user_editcount field in the user table. This makes the query significantly faster.
  • Added the CategoryTree special page.
  • Fixed the autopatrol setting for patrollers.

14 May 2007

  • Upgraded Wiki to 1.10.0.

16 April 2007

  • Corrected settings to mod_limitipconn to ignore images, stylesheets, and Javascript files in the concurrect connection count.
  • Started using Lighttpd to serve Wiki images and Oblivion map images (trial period to see effect on site load, if any).
  • Removed unused modules from the Apache server configuration. Will monitor site performance and any related issues.

12 April 2007

  • Switched to using mod_limitipconn to prevent a single site from monopolizing all available connections. Have not re-enabled mod_throttle since all issues so far are due to connections being used up and not bandwidth related. Will monitor the site and make changes to settings as needed.

28 February 2007

  • Modified SpecialSearch.php to have List Redirects on by default when searching from the sidebar.
  • Modified SearchMySQL.php and modified the query to not include any page that includes /Desc, /Direct or /Auth in its title.

21 February 2007

  • Added the Shivering and Shadowkey namespaces.
  • Updated the search page with the two new namespaces.

13 February 2007

  • Had second hard drive installed (80GB).
  • Finished setting up and testing the NFS share on the site.
  • Moved the Wiki images store to the second hard drive.

20-25 January 2007

  • Changed the automated site backup scripts from only logrotate scripts to both logrotate and cron jobs. This appears to solve the previous unknown issues of the database backups not being created. Daily backups of all relevant data are now being saved on the server automatically. Scripts to save weekly/monthly snapshots are also in the process of being tested.
  • Created a script to automatically compress archived logs daily. This will help prevent the disk from filling up with old logs.
  • Figured out that the automated backups were causing issues after a few days. The ftp connections appeared to be failing and continually retrying which would eventually eat up all 10Mbps of the site's bandwidth. Backups continue to be made daily but are not currently downloaded automatically to prevent this from happening.
  • Installed 3.1.2 of mod_throttle to apache to try and help prevent a single used from taking all the site's bandwidth. Throttle status can be viewed from /throttle-status. The current rule is ThrottleClientIP 200 Speed 100 1s although this will likely be tweaked as needed.
  • Banned several IPs ( and at the OS level as they were monopolizing the majority of the site's bandwidth.
  • Turned off the KeepAlive apache setting. Site still appears very reponsive at this level and there are no more lingering graceful connections. Will continue to monitor the site status in the next few weeks/months and make tweaks as needed.

9 January 2007

  • Modified includes/Sanitizer.php to allow the q, abbr, kbd, dfn, and acronym tags.

8 January 2007

  • Installed the Patrollers extension.
  • Tweaked the apache web server settings some:
  • StartServers from 5 to 20
  • MaxRequestsPerChild from 200 to 2000
  • KeepAliveTimeOut from 2 to 1

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