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"Do Not Seek the Treasure!"
-Pete Hogwallop

Oh my. It has been months since I have nested securely back into the UESP, my apologies to all my fans and groupies of which there are none. The story is long and embittered with sorrow akin to that of the apocalypse itself. I will return quite shortly and spend some much-needed time reworking this abomination of an outdated page and provide a few answers and a brief commentary on my "life without Oblivion". For those feverishly waiting, of which there are none, please be patient. Briefly however, I can solidly and wholly admit that not playing Oblivion for as long as I currently have is, what I imagine beyond doubt, to be as close to withdrawing from cigarettes filled with heroin and crack cocaine, dipped in Oxycontin and Opium, soaked in hard liquor and dried with the dust of crushed up Ecstasy pills.


"Who in their right mind would ever wish to animate a month-dead Cyrodiilic butterfly, or bring life to the rotting husk of a rare Albino Mudcrab?"

This is the heading for what's commonly referred to as a "Task List". I'd call it such or to-do list but everybody else already does, plus I revel in coming up with minute, archaic, or trivial titles for almost anything I can. That's how I roll, I'm just goofy like that and over-influenced with early pop culture. This will be updated the least, for I'm surely not the type to make lists of things to do in advance and much more likely to just do them when the feeling arises. This is why I titled the section Ice-Nine.

Instead of listing definitive things I want to accomplish, this serves as a guide for the smaller steps I need to do linearly in order to complete those "big" tasks. A lot of times updating a whole quest page involves more than just edits; for example, to bring an old page up to the new style you might have to upload a few images, add an article about a reward or other item, correct template(s), or rename the whole thing, and this is before updating the page. So Ice-Nine is my stack, the order of things needing to be done before a large update, that way during editing I can preview the article and know it's the way I want it to look.


  • Continually post-processing screenshots in preparation for any quest in need of updating to the new style.


Everything Was Beautiful...[edit]

...and Nothing Hurt.[edit]

The extreme vastness of a game like Oblivion makes one wonder if they'll ever see the fruition of completing each and every quest, or if they'll ever see the light of day again in the real world. Well, unfortunately the time does come when you'll be asking yourself such questions, but on the much better side you have a literal "countless" amount of mods of every type to choose from and enhance or add to the game. There is no true list of best mods because each one is specific to the player, much like the choices given in the game. However, there are great recommendations that can provide almost a whole new level of gameplay with the smallest change. These aren't "huge" changes, simply ridiculously good ideas most of which probably should have been included by default or option but were not. These are my top three with two runners-up, however, they could easily change at the rate of some of these modders.


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