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A bit about me[edit]

Bear with me please, I'm not very good at wiki markup commands.

Hi! I'm a chick in her early 30s who lives in Seattle. I've been playing TES since 1994, when Arena came out and blew my 13-year-old mind. Then Daggerfall in 1996, although I never beat it due to the bugs (there was no unofficial patches back then!) it was great fun to scare the pants off my little brother by turning up the speakers full blast whenever Lysandus' ghost shouted "Vengeance!".

I'm a giant fan of the depth of the lore in the games, and view TES as the best CRPG series ever. I love to spend hours on here and other TES sites reading the lore. As far as editing the wiki, although I'm new and haven't done much yet, I plan to spend most of my time correcting grammar/spelling errors. You know, the little stuff that needs to get done. That way the people that actually are good at markup don't have to waste their time with it.

Some Favorites[edit]

Favorite TES Game:

Morrowind is my all time favorite game in the series, and I can wax poetic for hours about how amazing the art and storyline is.

Favorite Race:

Got to be the Dunmer, although the Khajiiti would be a close second.

Province I would like to see a game set in:

Either Elsweyr or Black Marsh. Valenwood would be cool too.

What I like most about the series:

That's a hard one, but I'd have to say the time and care put into the game lore/world to make it indepth and believable. Also the fact that Beth doesn't do stuff like "put in a multiplayer feature in their single player games just to boost sales" type stuff that a lot of modern companies do. Every single game is a masterpiece.

And lastly[edit]

Would I like to see a multiplayer TES game:

Ive heard the rumors. If it was multiplayer-only mmo-style I'm ambivalent, but wouldn't play it. CRPGs are not a social activity to me, and TES stands as one of the last, best true CRPGs out there. So many games nowdays have to have a multiplayer. True RPGs should not.

If it was single-player with a multiplayer component, that would be terrible and going back on what Beth has said for years about why theres no multiplayer in TES. IMHO, multiplayer doesnt belong in TES games. Games should either be multiplayer based, like WoW or CoD, or single player based like TES. It would detract from the game itself because any time/resources spent making the multiplayer component is time/resources taking away from the main game.

So, thats about it. Go ahead and drop me a line if you want. I love discussing lore and everything about Tamriel and the games!