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Table for the main charecters in this fanfic.

Name Race How their life has changed since the start of the story A little background
Antoinetta Marie Breton Antionetta is now serving in the Imperial City Dark Brotherhood Antoinetta is planning to escape the Brotherhood. Little does she know is that she is going to get more than she bargained for...
Adamus Phillida Imperial Not at all, really. He got a new Deputy. Adamus has a plan to destroy the DB in the City... but can he bring himself to kill ALL of the members?
Ulrich Leland Breton Ulrich has been promoted to legion captain of the Waterfront District. Ulrich has promised to himself that he would become the most loved guard in the City, therefore is no longer smuggling money.
Caelia Draconis Imperial Caelia got promoted to captain of the Elven Gardens District after her amazing duty in Leyawiin- which is still her home at heart.
Ahsi Khajiit Ahsi is not in the game for a reason. She is living undercover in the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in the Imperial City. Ahsi has been serving in the Imperial City Dark Brotherhood sanctuary almost all her life, since her father sold her to the DB when she was a child. she has always seeked to escape, but with Antoinetta present she may actually get her wish... and so much more.
Hieronymus Lex Imperial Hieronymus has been promoted and is serving as second commander in the Imperial Legion. He almost has given up his paranoia with the Thieves Guild.
Selene Ascrin Imperial Selene is the new head monk in the monastery on Stros M'kai, who ordered the attack on the city. Selene has always been a quick to anger person. She has got herself promoted to second place in the Monastery of Azura, which means she'll take over once their current leader, Meeka, dies or retires.
Asgrin Nisrtel Nord Selene's second in command. Asgrin is a calm, reasonable person, who follows orders very good. That is why she has become Selene's closest friend.
Edward Souldianne Breton Not in Oblivion. The Souldianne name is very well known in High Rock, and Edward took over as ruler once his family gained enough power. Edward is a perfect opposite of Fjor. Edward is a logical magic-full devious tyrant.
Fjor Virstaang (Fih-Jor) Nord Not in Oblivion. Fjor completed an ancient ritual to become the Commander of Skyrim. He defeated the late ruler, Olfand Higred, in a grand battle. In which it was Fjor used his hired marauders to fight the royal guards, and slew Olfand. He now has all of Olfand's power, and has immediately used it to ally with Edward and invade Cyrodiil.
Raenellian Guerinn Bosmer Not in Oblivion Raenellian Guerrin has sympathy for Cyrodiil when their emperor died, since Uriel Septim helped his nation a long time ago. When he heard Edward and Fjor were attacking Cyrodiil, he had to take action. He is offering a safe haven to any Cyrodillian who comes to Valenwood during the attack, providing the name for the Fanfic.
Countess Arriana Valga Imperial The Countess's life has remained the same... for now. I decided to give the Countess a bit of a background to make her seem more lively. She's a gentle enough ruler who loves her Daughter. Her temper is famous across the nobles, and she is trained eccesively in Hand-to-Hand.

Alternate Universe[edit]

In this universe where Escape to Valenwood takes place, Emporer Uriel Septim, his wife, and his thirty-year-old son took a vacation to a Privite Island off the coast of Anvil. Without warning, a storm whipped up, but they underestimated it. A day later, a tsunami raged across the island and killed the Emporer, his wife, his son, and six Blade bodyguards. However, the High Priest of the Imperiel Palace did a heroic action; he sacrificed himself so the realm to Oblivion would stay closed for another fifty years. The story starts fifteen days after this tragic event.


Athras Nevelos was slowly creeping up on Meeka, lead monk in the Monastary on Stros M'kai. Athras got his mission from Mirilli Uvaan, the head of the Imperial City Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. Meeka, an argonian woman well into her eighties, was sleeping in her grand chambers, in the monastery. Athras was mad because he had to go to S’tros M'kai to eliminate his target, the farthest distance Athras had to travel ever for a mark, since that target in Black Marsh. Anyway, he went up to Meeka and slit her throat. "Yes,", he thought, "Back to Cyrodiil."

The discovery in the Monastery[edit]

"What is the meaning of this?" Came a woman's voice, desperately. "Meeka, oh, Mistress Meeka. Who has done this to you? Who could have done such a vile, horrible, -" A Nord woman interrupted the sad Imperial. "Selene, with Meeka's death, you are the Mistress now. What shall we do about this?" "I don't know, Asgrim. Wait, look here, a book!" She looked at a dusty book in the corner Athras must have dropped. A Guide to The Imperial City, by Alessia Ottus. "The Imperial City- Cyrodiil, I beleive. Wait! Look, there is a note inside it! Let me read it."

Dark Brotherhood Slayer,

Deep in the mountains of Stros M'kai, there lies a monastery, the Monastery of Azura. In this monastery, the monks lie in a great amount. Your mission is to kill their head mistress, Meeka. This woman has committed an act of High Treason and deserves to die for her crimes.

Hail to the Empire and Cyrodiil,

High Chancellor Acaito

White Gold Palace, Green Emperor Way

Imperial City

"So, what do we do?" Asgrim asked. "We... attack the Imperial City. For Meeka."

A Secret Meeting Between Two Nations[edit]

Edward Souldianne, leader of High Rock, met with Fjor Vristaang, Leader of Skyrim, in a secret bunker under a High Rock building. Edward came from a very high class family, the Souldiannes were known throughout Cyrodiil. Fjor Vristaang is a very simple minded person, but he was a great warrior, and therefore very respected by his peers. "So, Edward, what can your puny Breton men offer my elite Nordic army?" "Fjor, I sure you, my force is very well stocked. I have a well balanced army. agile archers, fierce warriors, and tactful Mages. More of a variety than your barbarians" Fjor scoffed and admired his war axe. "My nords are also mages, and archers, although weaker ones. But we make up for in force. Barbarians, heavy warriors, scouts, Skyrim has them all. But you make a point. My army will cover the north, yours will cover the south. Agreed?" Edward thought, with his usual smart look on his face. "Yes. We attack Cyrodiil at dawn." "NO! I forbid it! You will not attack Cyrodiil at its weakest. They do not have an emperor, we should help them, not hurt them!" Raenellian Guerinn, the king of the Bosmer, said, as he strode into the room. "Raenellian, what are you doing here? This is a private meeting!" Edward huffed. "I have my sources." Raenellian dismissed the matter. "I won't let you destroy Cyrodiil. I will fight you. We will win. Along with the Altmer, once Ariildail hears about this, he will surely help Cyrodiil!" Ariildail will not hear about this, because you will not leave this room. I am sorry, dear friend." Edward smiled. He motioned for his guards in the corner to kill Raenellian. "Are you sure... You want to do that?" Raenellian smiled. Ten Bosmer elite guards came in. "Now, gentlemen, I will see myself out."

Antoinetta's Plan[edit]

"Why am I in the Imperial City Sanctuary? I miss my home in Cheydinhall." Antoinetta whined. "It is ok, we are directly under the Tiber Septim Inn, no one would think to look here for a sanctuary. You are completely safe." Ahsi, a Khajiit woman and Antoinetta's new closest friend, said. "Anyway, I need to confide in you, Ahsi." Antoinetta looked around. "It's about the Dark Brotherhood... but I cannot tell you anything unless you repeat your words you told me yesterday." Ahsi looked thoughful. "That I am getting sick of being a slave of the Brotherhood and wish to leave, but they'd kill me, friend." Ahsi said, looking slightly ashamed. "Yes, and I have a plan. I gave Athras a book, The Guide to the Imperial City, in a loose pocket. And in the book, I left a note saying the Empire requested for her death. He will drop it in Stros M'kai. This will bring the monks here. You know how easy they are to anger, and they have a force of over two hundred! You and me, Ahsi, will escape in the carnage." "Antoinetta, what note did you give him?" Ahsi asked, sceptical. "Here, a copy of the note." Ahsi quickly read the note. Ann, you spelled Ocato wrong." Antoinetta loked confused. "What? Give me that," She reread the note. "Chancellor Acaito. What is wrong with that?" Ahsi sighed. "Ann, his name is Ocato. Not Acaito." Antoinetta scoffed. "They dwell in Stros M'kai. They will not know the difference." Ahsi looked concerned. "Well, if you say so. But what if the monks come down here, in the sanctuary?" Antoinetta smiled. "I have a... a plan for that. If you're willing. Listen close..."

Chapter One: A Plan Disrupted[edit]

Adamus Phillida was talking to Hieronymus Lex. "So, I have figured it out!" Adamus ranted. "The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary- I know where it is, under the Tiber Septim Hotel! We attack tomorrow morning!" Lex looked doubtful. "Adamus... Will this really end well? They are so logical and sinister... They will see it coming." "Well, what do you think, Hieronymus?" "Really?" Lex asked. Adamus curtly nodded, and went on. "I think we should wait until the afternoon. We should attack them in their weakest. Half of the members will be away on contracts. We kill those remaining, and wait and ambush the remaining returning from their marks." Lex looked smug. "Well, that is an idea." Adamus said. "Well, we can- " Lex was rudely interrupted. The two imperial guards turned around as a Legion man came in, he had obviously ran a large distance. "S-s-s-sir! The-the... Imperial City! It's... it's..." Adamus looked annoyed, but concerned at the same time. "Spit it out, man!" "Ah- okay. The Imperial City is under attack by the Monastery of Azura from Stros M'kai! Over two hundred men and woman!" Adamus had to sit down. "Why, this is terribly bad news indeed. But we are stronger than them. We need to go, now. Get the army ready." Again, another guard ran in. It was Caelia Draconis, who recently got promoted from the Leyawiin guard to the Imperial Legion. "Sir- we are under attack!" Adamus looked grim. "I know, Caelia, I know. The Monks of Azura." Caelia's look of despair lessened. "Then I shall help you." Before Adamus could say anything, yet again, there was another interruption. This time, it was not from the legion. It was Selene Ascrin, Asgrim Nisrtel, and three monks. "Imperial legion- you will pay for the death of Meeka!" They then attacked.

Chapter Two: The City Under Siege[edit]

Selene and Asgrim fought a heavy battle. The monks were swarming with iron daggers, but Selene had a Elven shortsword and Asgrim had a Silver Longsword. They were all wearing monk robes. Caelia fought suprisingly well, as she cut down two monks. Lex and Adamus killed the other. Caelia blocked Selene's thrust, and quickly killed her. Adamus killed Asgrim with a quick blow to the back. Caelia smiled and huffed. Adamus looked down. The monks had killed the legion messenger. Just as he was bending down to check the body, Selene's body rumbled. Her long gash on her chest miraculously shut, and her black eye faded. She gasped a breath. She got back up. Just as Asgrim did the same, all her cuts closed and she also got back up. "Hehehe. We are undefeatable. Azura gives us strength. We will never die!" Selene signaled Asgrim to close in. Adamus gave a desperate attempt to make peace. "W-wait! Why are you laying siege on us! We did nothing to you!" Selene looked angry. " You- you dare ask us this?! You have slain Meeka, our mistress!" Adamus looked confused. "B-but- we did no such thing!" Selene scowled. "You sent an assassin to kill Meeka. Why, I ask? We have done nothing to you!" "Why do you think we sent an assassin?" Lex wondered. "We have this note the assassin foolishly dropped in Meeka's chambers. Asgrim!" With a flick of her hand Asgrim got a note out of her pocket. "Here." She huffed. Lex, Caelia, and Adamus crowded to read it. This... this note is ridiculous! It spells Ocato... Acaito. Ha! Written by Ocato himself my- Ocato would never spell his own name wrong. I suspect this is another trick of the Dark Brotherhood." Selene was dumbstruck by Adamus's speech. "You mean... you mean... we have the wrong enemy?" Selene, who was not a heartless person, shouted, "What have I done? Why, this is horrible. Legion Captain- do you know where the Dark Brotherhood lurks?" Adamus smirked. "Of course."

Part One: The Brotherhood Falls[edit]

Selene and Asgrim ran out of the Watch quarters, and into the Talos Plaza district. The monks were locked in a battle with the Watch. "Men, follow me! We have a new enemy!" Every monk who heard Selene started to follow her into the Tiber Septim Hotel. They crowded in the Inn. The innkeeper, Augusta Calidia, whimpered. "P-please don't kill me! I'm just an innkeeper! I haven't done anything to you monks! I will give you all the money in the storage- ten thousand gold! Just leave me alone!" Selene scoffed. "Fool! We seek the Dark Brotherhood. Do you have anything to do with them? If so, we will need to cut you down." Augusta turned from frightened to confused. "Wh-what? The Dark Brotherhood? They do not have anything to do with me- or my Inn!" Selene dismissed the stuttering woman. "She knows nothing, men. Spare her. Quick, to the basement!"

Selene and the monks ran into the basement, where they searched everything. It was Asgrim who made the discovery. "Look, Selene! A lever!" She pulled it, and a door opened up, and the monks flooded into it.

It was a full on battle. The ten monks fought against the nine Brotherhood members. The Dunmer who killed Meeka was slain, as well as the leader of the sanctuary. It seemed as everyone was dead, when a burly nord jumped out from behind Selene and almost killed her, but was stabbed in the back by a female Khajiit, and finished of by a female Breton, both Dark Brotherhood members. They were the only two left. But Selene had second thoughts about killing them- immediately, at least. She told to her remaining six monks, "Hold off, men. These women saved my life, even though Azura would have done this. Who are you, more importantly, is there a reason we shouldn't kill you?" The Breton stiffened, and said "Y-yes. We... we forged the note from Ocato so you would come here. We-" Before the Breton could continue, Selene interrupted, "Why would you do such a thing?" "We had sympathy for you monks. We really hate the Dark Brotherhood, so we thought if we informed you of the Imperial City's involvement, you would get your revenge and we could escape in the confusion..." Selene was baffled. "Why would you sacrifice an entire city to escape? Are you mad?" The Khajiit spoke up. "Please excuse my friend's ignorance. Antoinetta can be very foolhardy sometimes, and did not think her plan through fully and when she informed me, Athras already set out for S'tros Mkai. By the way, my name is Ahsi."

They all gathered around the Dark Brotherhood Hall, Antoinetta, Ahsi, Lex, Philida, Caelia, Selene and Asgrim. "So," said Philida, "How do we stop the impending invasion on the City?" Selene looked confident. "With the help of Azura, we have two power cubes. If we destroy these power cubes, every monk will transport back to S'tos Mkai. Only two generals carry the cubes. It's a self defense thing. Both of them die, our army must not be doing so good, so the rest of us poof safely away. So we need to find these two generals and kill them." Lex groaned. "Oh, that's not hard to do. So, where are these generals?" "One is in the Market district. The other is in the Waterfronts." After some murmering from Ahsi and Antoinette, Ahsi announced, "We'll help you. Lead the way."

Part Two: Save the City[edit]

Viator Accius was a hero. That was the first thing Caelia Draconis thought when they crept into the Market District. Viator was the Shield Smith of the Market. Every single merchant from the district, to Palonira to Thoronir, to Hamlof Red-Tooth to Claudette Perick, had a shield and was holding their own against the army. Only one man, Delos Fandas, had died. People like Varnado and Maro Rufus were using weapons. Edgar Vautrine was throwing fireballs at the monks. Rindir was using a frenzy staff, making monks attack each other. It was awesome, to Caelia. The average people uniting and conquering.

Selene scanned the crowd of on-coming monks. "There!" She said. "That's the general!" The general was already dead, amazingly. Caelia dashed up to the General. She searched his body- and found a bright purple glass cube with a faint light in it. She smashed it to glass, and the light vanished. "Cube one: gone."

Ulrich Leland was trying his best in the Waterfront district. Ever since that promotion from Cheydinhall, he always tried to do his best. No more corruption for him. He was all alone, his guards fighting around him. The residents were long gone. They all hopped aboard Ormil's Bloated Float and set into the middle of the lake. Anyone who didn't flee, fought to the death. That included the pirates. They were good at first, but their numbers were small. Just as Ulrich plunged his longsword into the seventeenth Monk who crossed his path, a group of people burst through the gate. He saw Adamus Philida in the lead. A female monk stepped up and pointed to an Orc chopping up one of Ulrich's guards. That's the signal to attack, Ulrich thought.

Ulrich charged to the Orc. Swiftly, Ulrich cut him down. Adamus wildly pointed to the body. Ulrich frowned. He bent down, and spotted an interesting cube. He picked it up and brought it to Adamus. After greetings were exchanged, Ulrich held out the cube. "So... smashing this will send all of the Monks back to where they came?" Selene sighed. "Yes. They will go. And... sadly, Asgrim and I will return with the monks. We can do nothing about it. We're sorry." After that somber statement, nobody really talked that much. except Antoinetta. "I'm really sorry I brought you all this trouble, Selene." Selene smiled and nodded, a wordless "I forgive you." "And Adamus Philida, I apologize for coming to this city. It was wrong. I hope the body count is not high." Adamus just grunted. Antoinetta took the cube, looked in the eyes of Selene, then Asgrim, then smashed the cube. Selene and Asgrim instantly vanished. So did every monk in the city. Little did they know, this battle was over, but the war was just beginning.

Chapter Two: The War[edit]

Ulrich followed Adamus, Caelia and Lex back to the Prison District. Antoinetta and Ahsi followed Ulrich. Back there, friendships quickly severed. "You two! Scum!" Philida barked at the Brotherhood members. "You're going into prison-- forever." Antoinetta, whose whole goal to get out of this was to be free, cried, "NOOO! We need to leave, Ahsi, come!" Ahsi looked flustered. "Ann, we-" "Ahsi! We're going! Backup plan Bravil! Go!" The two girls ran off. Lex started, "After them-" "No, Heionymous." Adamus said. "They're going to Bravil. We'll alert the Bravil guard. Right now, we celebrate!"

There was a celebratory ball in honor of all the heroes of the battle. Heionymous Lex, Caelia Draconis, Ulrich Leland, and Adamus Philida were the guards who attended. Amongst the others were Viator Accius for the previously mentioned shield heroics, and Raminus Pollus for protecting the University students. This exquisite ball's mood could not be broken. Until, of course, a messenger, Ra'jiradh, the creator of the Black Horse Courier, rushed in. "Everyone! Hey!" His voice was lost in the chatter. "HEEEY! EVERYONE!" And he started to bang against the wall, hard with a dinner plate until it broke. Obviously, this was not in Ra'jiradh's quiet nature, and everyone turned over to listen anxiously. Ra'jiradh opened his mouth and screamed out, "WAR!! WAR IN CYRODIIL!" Then the unimaginable happened. Ra'jiradh gasped, then fell over on to the ground. dead. There was an arrow in his back, freshly shot. A Breton man walked in. Adamus gasped. This was no assassin-- this was the Alhair Vetrone, King Edward Souldianne's personal scout and assassin. His name was feared amongst guards. Alhair was number three in the Most Wanted Mans list in the Imperial Guard, and he just shot a Cyrodill civilian. What did that mean? Was he acting under orders? Or did he go rouge? Would Edward send Alhair to Cyrodiil as a message, in Ra'jiradh's final words, a signal of war? The Royal Assassin quickly fired at Itius Hayn, killing him. "No!" Adamus yelled. Itius was one of the better watchmen. Adamus swore to get back at Vetrone. He picked up his longsword and charged at Alhair, who jumped away and ran out the door. In the confusion, he dropped a note with the Royal Seal of High Rock on it. Adamus picked it up.

Alhair Vetrone

You need to weaken the Army. Without generals, an army always falls. I want you to kill the following generals. Note that if you fail, V and I will send more, lesser trained assassins.

Adamus Philida

Heironymous Lex

Itius Hayn

Caelia Draconis

Ulrich Leland

Audens Avidius -- DONE!

Giovanni Civello --DONE!

Carmalo Truiand --DONE!


Truiand, Civello, Avidius, and now Hayn are all dead? This was horrible news indeed. Alhair Vetrone needed to be caught. But not now. Adamus just confirmed rumors of war. He needed to get the army ready.

Part One: Armies at the Ready[edit]

Caelia Draconis, Ulrich Leland and Heironymous Lex followed Philida to the Imperial Palace, the White Gold Tower. Adamus went to Ocato to deliver the news. "Sir Ocato." Adamus greeted him. "Yes, commander?" "Sir, I am sorry to inform you that Edward Souldianne has declared unofficial war on Cyrodiil, and has already sent an assassin and he has killed Carmalo Truiand, Giovanni Civello, Audens Avidius, and Itius Hayn." Ocato looked flustered. "How do you know, Soldier?" Adamus was suprised. Ocato had called him soldier. He had not been called a simple soldier since he was a Grunt in the legion, thirty years ago. The assassin was Alhair Vetrone, Edward's personal assassin, and he was carrying a note with the royal seal of High Rock." Adamus said. Caelia looked up, and said "Um... sirs, don't forget Ra'hiradh, the creator of the black horse courier." "What about him?" Ocato asked. "Just before he was killed by Vetrone, he shouted "War! War in Cyrodiil!" Adamus said. Ocato thought hard. "Then go to the Black Horse Courier. Seek out Ra'jiradh's brothers. Find out how he knew this." Adamus saluted. "Yessir."

Later, in the Black Horse Courier, Lex, Caelia, Ulrich, and Adamus were searching through the late creator's personal items. The brothers were not there, so it was up to the guards to find how Ra'jiradh knew about the war. It was Caelia who found the letter:


I have just teleported this to the Imperial City. I am leaving you this note, as a warning. I have not forgotten our evenings alone in High Rock, even after we seperated. I am sending you a warning-- run! King Edward has sent his armies to Cyrodiil, and he has allied himself with Commander Fjor of Skyrim. That means, although I'm not sure, his armies are marching also. I wouldn't worry about them now, though, as they need to pass through the mountains. I have good news, though. King Guerinn of Valenwood has offered a safe haven to any Cyrodilic citizen who crosses the borders to Valenwood. I warn you! The Khajiits, Dunmer and Redguards have been bribed a substantial amount of money, over ten million septims each, to kill any Cyrodilic who comes in their land. I don't know about the Argonians of Black Marsh, but Edward's messenger was probably eaten a savage Argonian tribe before he could reach their king, because we have gotten no response from them.

So, Raj, take your brothers and flee to Valenwood! Please don't play hero, and if I remember you correctly, I know you'll try to. I'll be waiting at the Golden Oak Inn, in Arenthia. I also need to flee- it is high treason to even consider sending this note.

With love,

Fiona Hastings, High Rock Council of War member, Wayrest.

After it was passed around, Lex was the one to speak up. So, this brave man was willing to risk his life to tell the rest of the world that war was coming to Cyrodiil, even though he didn't need to. That's what I call dedication." Everyone nodded in agreement. Adamus asked, "But where are his brothers?" The answer came quickly. They heard a voice screaming outside. "High Rock and Skyrim have gone to war with Cyrodiil! Flee to Valenwood, Lord Guerinn is offering a sanctuary!" This was repeated several time. After running out of the shop, the guards found out that it was a Black Horse Courier member, spreading the news! Ra'jiradh's brothers were spreading the news to Civilians! "Wow," mumbled Ulrich, "these Khajiits will be hailed as heros once the war is over." Adamus spoke up. "No wasting time, we are going to tell Ocato of the news."

Once Ocato was caught up with the news, he declared, "Sound the Evactuation. I want every citizen in Cyrodiil out of their towns and in Valenwood by the time the armies get here!" He panted with excitment. "Yessir." Adamus said for the second time that day.

From four strategic points- The top of the Imperial Palace, the top of the Arcane University, the top of the Prison, and the top of the Tower of the one, an old world siren went off, connected to the palace by a series of cords and tubes. "Citizens," Ocato started, "please evacuate the city in an orderly fashion and please proceed to Valenwood. Cyrodiil is undergoing a huge attack. This is not a drill. Citizens..." Ocato went on until his throat was raw. At that point, Adamus Philida took over.

The evacuation had a two sided viewpoint. One side, the citizens are happy because they get to escape all violence. Another, the guards are terrified becuase they probably have to fight. The rules of an immediate evacuation such as this are, taken from the Rules of the City: Unpredicted Evacuation:

  • All citizens need to leave, no matter what. To not leave is a matter of treason punishable by life in jail.
  • All guards need to stay, no matter what. To leave is a matter of treason punishable by life in jail.
  • If a citizen is unable to leave on their own (Very old, etc.) the nearest guard has permission to leave and escort the citizen to destination point, then immediately return to the city.
  • If the citizen cannot leave (Deathly Ill, coma, etc.) they will be transported to a fortress underground the city where guards will standby and defend them to the death.
  • The only other guards that have permission to leave are jailors, who's duties are to escort prisoners to destination point. If jailors are needed in an absolute emergency it is their decision to let the prisoners free or leave them for whatever is approaching the city.
  • All Chancellors are required to stay and offer guidance in this time of need-- they are expected to give their life for the city.
  • If towns need to evacuate, the leaders of the towns will be escorted by a group of previously chosen bodyguards. The command of the city is left in the hands of the Guard Captain.

Ocato planned to engage The Breton army in the Colovian Highlands, which meant, although he hated to admit it, Chorrol was in danger of being looted and destroyed, and possibly burned to the ground. The good news is the Imperial armies are already on their way. Messengers are heading to every town to tell them to evacuate, but it is just a race between time: The messenger sent to Chorrol or the Breton army.

Part two: Escape to Valenwood[edit]

Tierra sped across the roads on horse to Chorrol. She was reassigned from Kvatch; she was caught drunk on duty and shipped off to the Waterfront District. When she got this duty to deliver the evacuation papers, she saw it as an opportunity to get promoted back to Kvatch.

She was riding and riding, it seemed endless. Suddenly, her horse, Silver, collapsed to the ground. Tierra tumbled to the ground with a grunt. Just as she wriggled her way out of the horse, who she found, to her despair, had an arrow through its heart. A burly Khajiit approached her. "Hey you! Legion scum! Hand over all your money, or else you'll end up like your filthy horse!" Tierra, always an animal lover, face darkened. "His... name... was... Silver." And she threw herself at the bandit, sword flailing.

Tierra, a trained Soldier, won against the home raised Highwayman. However, she did end up with a split lip and a bleeding arm and a crushed foot, from the horse fall. She limped-ran the rest of the way to Chorrol. Because of the attack she was about five hours late. Five hours too late, it seemed. When she was at the gates, she found they already swung open. Screaming civilians ran past her, one nord even spun her around and made her lose her balance. "Uhhhgh..." She thought, "Did I hit my head in the fall, too?" She limped into the city. What she found was depressing indeed. Dozens of people dead, guards holding their own, the Bretons have attacked. "W-war." Tierra coughed, spewing out blood. She had completed her task, bringing the message to Chorrol. Time to get her reward from Ormelius Goldwine, up in the god's realm. She then collapsed on the ground, dead.

Countess Ariana Valga sped to the Imperial City. Since Chorrol was the only town not to receive news of the attack, her citizens fled to Hammerfel, where they were executed like rats. The Redguards later made the excuse, "We thought they had gone insane from seeing their city be destroyed and could be a danger to our towns."

Valga went up to Ocato, furious. "My Chorrol is destroyed! And I see your citizens have evacuated- why have my citizens been abandoned to die? I was lucky to get out alive!" And indeed, Ariana Valga went alone to the Imperial City, her bodyguard was left to fight the army. Ocato flinched. He knew very well that no one should mess with Ariana when she was mad. Even bandits knew this, as several were watching her speed by to the Imperial City. One young Dunmer tried to rob her, and he ended up on the ground with a cracked skull. When she was young, she trained herself in Hand-To-Hand. "So," she repeated, "Why was my town not alerted to this attack and your city was?" Ocato stumbled out the words: "We sent a messenger, if she got there too late..." "How could she have been slowed down?" The Countess yelped. "You know how many bandits there are on the road to Chorrol, and she could have been ambushed... then got swept up in the fighting of the battle. She could be in the castle, now, looking for you." Ocato finished. Ariana, for the first time since she got to the city, showed signs of defeat. "I-I just... can't continue. My town is destroyed. I am beaten." She slowly sobbed. "It's ok, Ariana. I'll send a guard to escort you to Arenthia.

Caelia groaned. "I need to escort the countess to Arenthia?" "Yes." Ocato said firmly. "You will go with the countess, itis your duty. Go, or else." Caelia huffed. "Or else... what, Chancellor?" She asked, putting emphasis on the word. Ocato blinked. "Do not question me, soldier. You will follow orders, no questions asked. Got it?" Caelia sighed. "Yes... sir."

Part Three: The Battle for Chorrol[edit]

Cyrodiil's army was in a defensive stance. The legion lined up in rows of twenty. They were ready to fight off whatever came their way. They marched off to Chorrol, ready to face the Bretons. These men were highly experienced, and trained to kill. At the gates to Chorrol, the army stopped. They readied their weapons, and waited for Adamus Philida, who was leading the Army. Adamus stepped up, with generals Ulrich Leland and Heironymous Lex behind him. Adamus waited, and a Breton general approached them. "Listen, Breton." Admaus boomed. "This is your one and only chance to surrender to the Imperial Legion. If you are smart, you'll take this chance and go marching back to High Rock. If you're not, you'll fall in battle to my highly trained millitary force." Adamus finished. The general smiled. "I'm sorry, Imperial pig. It seems you have made a fatal mistake; you have underestimated us. So it is not us who will fall, it is you." Adamus looked almost sad. "If that is your wish." He took his silver longsword, and thrust it through the general's heart.

To Arenthia[edit]

Caelia Draconis and Countess Ariana Valga fled with the rest of Cyrodiil's citizens to Valenwood. Since The Countess was well over sixty, Caelia held her arm as they speed-walked to Valenwood. They were swept up in the sheer mass of people running to Valenwood. Ariana was suprised that no one acknowledged her. Back in Chorrol, or anywhere else she went, people would stop her and compliment her. Now, she didn't have that luxary. She was just one of the commoners, and she felt odd about it. Before she could share her thoughts to Caelia, who was still holding her arm, a scream interrupted her. A woman screamed and pointed to about ten men coming to the crowd running to Arenthia, Valenwood. They sped around and blocked off about fifty people fleeing. Ariana gasped. At the head of the group was Alhair Vetrone. She recognized him from a meeting she went to once in High Rock. She saw that the men behind him were hired mercenaries.

"People," Alhair started. "please use your judgement here, my men and I are willing to take you back to High Rock as slaves. If you deny this, we will kill you all. If you try to run, we open fire. What do you say?" A man stepped up in front of the crowd and took command. "Y-yes, I say we go to High Rock as slaves, what does everyone else say?" There was a murmer in the crowd. Before a decision could be reached, Ariana whispered to Caelia, "Caelia, dear, we must fight. We cannot be taken slaves; I need to meet my daughter in Arenthia!" Caelia was way ahead of her. "Finally," she said. "a fight."

The Final Battle for Chorrol[edit]

"Yeaaargh!" Adamus screamed as he fought in the battle. All around him, people were screaming and blood was flying. Lex and Ulrich were off somewhere fighting also. Admaus bashed his shield into a Breton archer, just as one more replaced him. The wave seemed endless. He fought his was into The Gray Mare, where he killed the three soldiers in there. He glanced down at the body of the innkeeper, laying motionless on the floor. He sat on the counter. He was old, he needed his rest. He felt a little bad leaving the battle, but if he didn't, he'd be leaving permenatly. Juat as he got up to leave, something sturck him in the head. He spun, then collapsed to the floor. He looked up, a Breton Soldier walked in. The soldier raised his sword... just as Heironymous Lex burst in and killed the Soldier. "Commander Philida, sir! Are you all right?" Adamus's vision blurred. "Y-yes... I'll be all right. Th-thank you, Ulrich." Heironymous frowned. "Sir... I'm Heironymous." Adamus looked like he was staring at something far off. His voice raised. "Of course I know who you are! Now help me up and let's go tell Ocato that the Bretons are going to invade Cyrodiil!" Heironymous looked frightened. "No... no, sir. We are fighting the Bretons now!" Adamus suddenly looked scared. "What? why are the Bretons attacking? What have we done to them?" Heironymous now looked concerned. "Adamus, I need you to get you out of the battlefield. Let's go."

Lex led Adamus out of the Gray Mare, holding his hand. What he saw outside was not good. His guards were losing. Although it pained Lex to do it, he needed to take charge. He took an old siren that could echo his voice across long distances and yelled, with much sorrow in his voice, "Retreat! The battle is lost! Escape... Escape to Valenwood!"

To Arenthia[edit]

Alhair smirked. "Ok, everyone, lets all just go this way and..." "Wait!" Caelia shouted. "Alhair, you slime... Did you enjoy slaughtering all the guard captains in the Imperial City?" Alhair blinked. "You... you are... ah! Caelia Draconis, is it? Well well, aren't you resistant? I figured you be dead by now. I-" Before he could go on, Caelia turned to the crowd of people. "Listen to me, people! Do you really want to spend the rest of your life as slaves to these Bretons? We need to fight! Who's with me?!" "Yeaaaaaaah!" Came an exited roar from the crowd. "Ok, lets attack!"

Many people died. The hired mercenaries were really slavers, so they weren't prepared for a fight. They were just there to intimidate... and to collect slaves, of course. But Alhair, always prepered, took out a scroll and repeated the ancient words written on it. He was ready for a slave rebellion, and this is what this was. The second he finished the words, a circle of fire surrounded the fifty people plus the slavers. They were immediatly disorganized, and tried to flee. Anyone who touched the fire instantly vaporized. In the process, eight slavers were also vaporized. Of course, Alhair avoided the fire altogether, and was standing outside, watching, waiting.

Arriana desperatly scoured the land for a way out. "What does he plan to accomplish with this?" Arriana thought, as it got hotter in the flaming vortex. "No... could it be... the vortex is getting smaller! " The fire was going to shrink until it devoured them all! She looked over to the two remaining slavers. They were cursing their heads off at Alhair. Suddenly... "Yes! An escape!" Arriana saw a trapdoor that led into the unknown, off to her right. She ran to it. "Locked!" She pulled a pin out of her hair, and started to fumble with the lock. "C'mon..." She said outloud, "No!" the pin broke. It was getting hot. Very hot. Some people were dropping from a mix of exhaustion and heat. People on the borders of the vortex were disintegrated. The two slavers were gone- they probably threw themselves into the barrier to get to Veltrone. Arriana sat on her knees. Again, Arriana was old. She statred to feel faint. Before she could pass out, an orc ran up to her. "Hey lady, this a way to escape?" He spoke crudely. "We gotta bash it down; I aint going down here, not me, not now!" The orc pulled up a warhammer, and bashed the trapdoor in. Without checking how deep it was, he jumped in. After she heard an "Oomph" shortly after, Arriana fell in too.

"Urrgh..." Arriana whimpered. She was dazing on the hard rock of the trapdoor's hidden cave, the Orc next to her. She thought she recognized him... was he a fellow survivior of Chorrol? "Hello," she tried, "You are...?" "Gaturn. Gaturn gro-Gonk." He then got up and went over to the far end of the small grotto they were in, waiting out the fire. The grotto itself was not big, it was just about twenty feet wide and long, whatevever it was there for, it saved these two's life. Arriana's head swirled. She knew she was forgeting something... but she couldn't put her finger on it. She suddenly bolted straight up. "Caelia!" She scrambled off the ground and crawled to the ladder. Halfway up it, she was pulled back by Gaturn. "Hey, lady! You crazy or something? That fires gotta be very close by now!" Arriana squirmed. "N-no! I need to save my friend! I need to show her this cave!" Gaturn continued to restrain her. "Listen, lady. Your friend, er, Caelia, is probably dead by now. Really, there's no point." "But she's my companion! I need her to get to Valenwood!" "You think I got no friends up there? ...Ok, so I don't. But even if I did, I wouldn't risk my neck to save them!" "Fine..." Arriana slumped. Gaturn's grip lossened. He smirked. "Well, I- Argh!" Arriana jabbed two fingers into his eyes. "Lady, what is wrong with you?" Gaturn fell back on his butt, and started rubbing his eyes. Arriana popped her head out of the ground. Her face grew red immeadiatly. The heat was intense. She scanned around. "No..." Arriana thought. "If I can't see her, it means... she's been consumed by the fire." in the time she had, she looked around. About ten people were left, most were crying, praying, and either cursing or begging Alhair, who, to Arriana's disgust, was hanging around. The only people who looked safe were a couple hugging each other tight, for the man had a fire shield up. Just when she was about to shout out and call people here, she was pulled down from underneath. She landed on her back, under Gaturn. She rolled off him and pouted off in the corner, mourning her loss. Gaturn started to get up, when a startled Orc female fell from the roof on top of him. She seemed suprised, and her legs buckled. She toppled on to the ground, next to him. "Oh, Stendarr, thank you, I'm alive!" "Ugh. Good for you, princess. Who do you, anyway?" "Orag gra-Bargol, a pleasure." She treated this like a casual encounter. "Gaturn. And this is our mystery lady over there." Orag gasped. "That's Countess Valga! Oh, Miss Valga, I thought you had perished!" Gaturn blinked. "The Countess? I'd been down here with the Countess?" Arriana just whimpered. "Miss Valga, what is wrong?" "My friend, an Imperial Guard Captain, was up there. Shes- shes probably dead now." Orag nodded smypatheticly. "Yes, this vortex is horrible. I was fleeing with Otius Loren. He was incinerated instantly as the fire started. At least I know he felt no pain..." To distract them from this horrible discussion, Gaturn said "So... how did you escape from Chorrol? I was hunting outside, and heard the scrams. On the road, I met others who were fleeing, and they said to run to Valenwood. You, Orag?" Orag breathed deeply. "Otius and I, we were sleeping in the chapel, when the attack occured. He woke me up, and we both ran out the door. People were screaming, and the guard was heading towards the north gate. We fled the other way, made our way out, and... Otius died, and here I am." Orag finished. "You, Miss Valga?" Before Arriana could tell her story, they heard a huge explosion that blew the top of the trapdoor. "It looks like... the fire's over." Orag said quietly. "And that means facing... Alhair Vetrone." They all got up, knowing the danger that faced ahead. Before they could head out, a voice came from outside. "You want a crack at Vetrone? I got him right here." Alhair's unconscious body was thrown down the hole, and after it, came Caelia Draconis, in the flesh.

Escaping Chorrol[edit]

Ocato was waiting in a camp near Chorrol, waiting for news from Adamus. The Imperial Legion soldiers turned and ran out of the city. Lex came out holding Adamus's arm, and went up to Ocato. "Sir Ocato, we have lost. We are in full retreat. Adamus has been hit on the head, and his brain isn't right now." Ocato looked grim. "Thank you, soldier. Let us go."

In the battlefield, the soldiers were slowly backing towards the gate, keeping their defense strong. The Bretons were not giving up, they were hounding the soldiers until they were out. Within the hour, every Imperial Legion soldier in Chorrol had gone out. The Bretons cheered, and turned to looking in cellars for surviviors to enslave. Chorrol had officially become High Rock property.The Imperials lost. The Bretons were one step closer to Domination.

Lex was running with Adamus, who was babbling about Edward Souldianne, with Ocato close behind. A man ran up behind them. "I'm here... don't worry." said Ulrich Leland, who was very reluctant to leave the battlefield. "Lets go... to Valenwood."

The Second Meeting[edit]

Edward Souldianne and Fjor Virstaang strolled through the ruins of Chorrol. "So, Fjor," Edward said as they were walking. "Have you any doubts of my army now?" Fjor looked angy, like a child who was outsmarted. Having about the intellegince of a child, it was a suiting look for him. "Ok, I admit, you did good, Edward. I underestimated you. But I think Chorrol's destruction is nothing compared to what I've done." He smirked. "Ok, I'm perplexed. What exactly did you do?" "I sent an assassin to Chorrol. He will not live to see the next day." "I've already sent an assassin for the Watch Commanders. He failed. What makes you think yous can kill Ocato?" Fjor once again smirked. "The assassin I sent isn't... well, it isn't human."


Note: This chapter will switch between Adamus's point of veiw and Edward Souldianne's.

Ocato, Lex, Philida, and Ulrich ran down the roads to Valenwood. As they were walking, they tried to get Adamus's memory back. It went like:

Ulrich: "Adamus, how long have you been in the legion?"

Adamus: "...Twenty years?"

Ocato: "What is my name?"

Adamus: "...Caelia?"

Lex: "What is your last name?"

Adamus: "...Leland?"

Lex: "Adamus, how long have you been in the legion?"

Admaus: "Forty years. You know that, Heironymous."

Heironymous's heart skipped a beat. "Adamus, what were you doing in the Grey Mare, in Chorrol?" "I was resting. Then I got hit in the head... now I'm here." Lex cheered. "Yes! Adamus, you lost your memory! And now it's back! Thank the gods, we can go normally to Valenwood!" Adamus eyes widened. "Valenwood? Why are we retreating?" "Sir... we were outnumbered, and you were senseless, I made the decision to retreat." Before Adamus could respond, the ground blasted apart. A creature from out of a nightmare came up, and whispered the words through a raspy voice, "Ocato ae naga" without another word, the creature conjured up a blazing spear made of gold, an hurtled it through the air at the small party. It impaled Ocato, but his body did not fall to the ground. The spear lodged in the ground with Ocato halfway up it. It went through right above his stomach, and was bleeding rapidly. "No!" Adamus screamed and ran over to Ocato's body. It was seared and bloody, and Ocato was definatly close to death. Adamus looked at the creature. He had never seen anything like it before, but it looked like an etheral Altmer. The creature just stared at Adamus. adamus called out to Ulrich, who he knew was very well educated. Ulrich jogged over. In this drama, Lex circled the demon to make sure it didn't move or attack again. He whispered hastily, "Ulrich, what is that, and what did he say?" Ulrich thought hard. "He said 'Ocato is dead'... in Ayleid." I know it can't be, but from everything I have read, it looks like a ghostly Ayleid sorcerer. But... how could a mortal capture one?"

"So, Fjor, what assassin did you send to Ocato?" "His name is Aba Anyammis." "Forbidden Life.." Edward mumbled a translation. "Yes, he is an Ayleid ghost. He was an outlaw who was banned from his city of Nelentala, therefor the name, I think, is just a title given to outlaws. Well, he fled to skyrim, where, in an accident, died in a cave-in. That cave was later the site of the Roayl Palace. His ghost appeared when we upset his place of death, and we imprisoned him by getting the priests to trap him in a realm of oblivion. Now we have promised his freedom to kill Ocato.

Adamus Philida bent over to the closest thing the Empire had to a leader. "Sir... no... sir! Chancellor Ocato! Answer me! Stay awake! Please, sir..." Ocato's eyes flickered opened, but then closed. "Adamus..." he croaked out with his eyes shut. "Adamus... avenge me... kill the creature... kill Edward Souldianne... kill Fjor Virstaang... save Cyrodiil." And with that, High Chancellor Ocato stopped breathing, and died. Without a word, Adamus Philida got up and went over to the creature. Ulrich followed. "Adamus? What are you doing?" Adamus looked grim. "Fufilling a dying wish."

Ulrich looked distressed. "Adamus. Let m,e talk to the beast. I know some Ayleid language. I can convince him to go away." Adamus looked mad. "Okay, Ulrich. One try. Thats it. One try."

Through some mumbling that Adamus couldn't understand, UUlrich was nodding at some points, and repeatidly was asking "Ma?" Ulrich finally turned to Adamus. "He says he freed some human slaves in his home. He was banished. He then escaped, and was given the title Aba Annyammis-- Forbidden Life. He says it has been so long he has forgotten his real name. Poor guy. But he says he just wants Math-- home. He just wants to return to his people in the afterlife." Adamus frowned. "So... he's asking for help with that?" Ulrich nodded. "When he realized I could communicate with him, he apologized for- for killing Ocato. But he asks us to free his soul... he asks us to kill him." Adamus smiled. "No problem, my friend."

"So, Fjor," Edward said. "Give me an update. How are your nords faring?" Fjor smiled. We have fooled those foolish Imperials. They thought they could outsmart us. However they knew, they knew we were coming hours in advance. What they didn't know is that I marched my army is advance. We were hours above schedule. The towns of Bruma and Cheydinhall were both destroyed. There were ten survivors each, at the most." We took Count Indarays and Countess Carvain. They were beheaded in front of the Army. With the conqueor of Chorrol, we dominate most of the North of Cyrodiil." Edward smiled. "Excellent. And... I must apologize personally for their knowledge of our attack. The woman representing Wayrest in my Council of War betrayed us- she told. She lated fled, we could not catch her." Fjor frowned. "Well... it went good anyway. And... did you deploy our secret weapon?" "Oh yes! How could I forget! I even did not tell the Council of War this-- the traitor had no way of knowing. Black Marsh has agreed to aid us. They launched a suprise attack aimed at Bravil and Leyawiin. They both were destroyed, but most survived. Tsek-Ra, the Argonian king, is headed to Chorrol now for a meeting. "Ha ha... perfect."

Chapter Three: Reaching Arenthia[edit]

"You want a cack at Veltrone? I got him right here." Caelia, yes, Caelia's voice echoed off as she jumped into the cave. Arriana was speechless. "I- you- fire- we-" Caelia chucked. "...You want to know how I survived?" Arriana nodded numbly. "Well, in my training in the legion, we learned the dangers of ancient scrolls like that one Veltrone just read. So as soon as he whipped it out I ran headfirst into him- and knocked him over. He kicked me down the hill, when the Vortex started. Did you wonder why such an efficiant killer would have a scroll that took so long? The answer is he never read all of it. If he did- trust me, Miss, I wouldn't be speaking to you right now." Orag gasped. "W-wow. Th-thats... impresive." Caelia looked pleasently suprised. "Oh, I'm glad to see more survived. Who are you?" After greetings were exchanged and stories told, Caelia turned to Veltrone. She kicked him in the gut. "Hey, slime. Wake up. Now" She kicked him again. "Gruuuuuugh..." Alhair mumbled. Caelia grabbed him and positioned him sitting up. "Veltrone." She rasped. "We need to know the facts. Why are the Bretons attacking?" Veltrone blinked. "J-just... don't hurt me. The Bretons are attacking you to take control of Cyrodiil, when your empire is weak from not having an emperor." "Oh, how the powerfull have fallen," Caelia thought. "Anything else we should know? If it's good enough we'll let you live." Alhair coughed up blood. He suffered a slash across his side from Caelia and was suffering. "The Argonians..." Arriana crossed over to Alhair. "What about them? Speak!" Ahair's cut oozed out blood. He was weak now. "Th-they... t-t-teamed up... with... Edward..." Alhair's eyes threatened to clamp shut, but he forced them open. "To... d-destroy... Cyrodii-" Alhair Vetrone went into a fit of coughs, threw up more blood than Caelia thought possible, and Orag gasped and fought the urge to rush to his side. Gaturn stood unmoving, no mercy in his eyes. Arriana looked away. Alahir's head jerked to one side, and he uttered up a single huge, gruesome cough. He tried to speak, but it was no more than a horse whisper. "Caelia... Caelia... Caelia, come closer. Find... the Stoics... they fled to A- *cough* Arenthia. Find them... kill Edward..." His head slumped. His eyes closed. Everyone knew he was close to death, even himself. "And Caelia..." Caelia shed a tear. "Y-yes, Alhair?" "Tell everyone... I'm s-sorry." Alhair gasped a breath, his eyes opened wide, and he died in the Hideout Cavern.

Everyone climbed out of the cavern in a somber manner. Caelia and Gaturn helped Arriana and Orag out of the pit. They walked over to the middle of the burnt field. The couple who were in a fire shield approached them. The man spoke, he could tell the group was in a grim mood. "...Hello. I'm Alberic Litte. This is Carmen, my wife. Nice to meet you. So... what happened down there?" "The assassin died." Carmen brightened. "Why, that's great news!" The party only slumped farthur. Carmen sensed she said something wrong. "What? Isn't that good? He tried to kill us- he did kill most of us. Even Rena... my friend." Caelia shrugged. "You're going to Arenthia? I'll tell you on the way. We'll all walk together."

Conversation on the road to Arenthia[edit]

"So... I don't get it." Carmen said. "This... Alhair, you say, killed Imperial Guard captains, and killed about fifty people. Now you say he is really good becuase he gave you information on how to find this group-- the Stoics--- in Arenthia, where it could very well be a trap? and we don't even know what the Stoics are." She summed up. Gaturn rolled his eyes. "Yeah, good job. Alberic, you got a smart one here." Alberic shot Gaturn a dirty look. Carmen huffed. "Well, I just am saying this is rather pointless." Caelia intervened. "I know, Carmen, I know. But it's all we got. We have no other choice." Carmen nodded.

An hour later...

Orag pointed to a grisly sight. "Look- the Skingrad Castle. Janus Hassildor's domain. It's burning. It just shows how horrible this war is." Caelia nodded. "Huuh. I had a friend in that castle- Hal-Lurz. I hope she is okay..."

Thirty minutes later...

Gaturn edged closer to Orag. She didn't notice. "So... Orag," He said. "Yes?" "You single?" Orag looked offended. "Gaturn, please! This is hardly the time!" Gaturn threw his hand around Orag's shoulder. "But you look so lonely... Ah!" Orag wriggled her way out of Gaturn's grasp, turned towards him, hauled off and slapped him across the face. Gaturn whimpered, and the Littes snickered. Orag sped-walked ahead, leaving Gaturn alone.

Ten minutes later...

Carmen walked along. "Hmmm...Hmmmhmmmhahmmm..." She was humming a tune. Suddenly, a rat jumped out of the undergrowth and leaped towards Carmen's face. "Aaaaahhh!" Alberic's quick reflexes came to her rescue. He raised his hand, a dagger appeared in it. "Heeyah!" He lunged at the rat, killing it. Carmen was trembling, but unharmed. "Uh..." she said nothing farthur, but embraced Alberic.

Thirty minutes later, reaching the borders of Valenwood...

The group was walking, their hopes getting up, when they saw a black-robed man heading down the same path. It was Orag who called out to him. "Ho there, stranger! Come over here! You look like you need some company! Er... no offense!" When he kept walking, Orag jogged over to him. "Hey, guy, what are-" The man batted an arm towards her. "Hey! I prefer to be left alone!" Orag, a experianced Priest and talker, refused to give up, despite her remembering Gaturn's attempt to talk when she wasn't in the mood. "Aren't you hot in those black robes?" The man shuffled. "Well... it's nearing dusk... it's getting cooler..." Suddenly, a gust of wind came by and blew his hood slightly off. He rapidly re-adjusted it. But not before Orag saw the red eye. "*Gasp*! A vampire! Yeeeh!" She scurried back to Caelia, whodrew her sword. "Vampire," she spat the word, "Reveal yourself. Now." The man turned around. He pulled down his hood slowly. "Huh! I'm so sorry! I'm sorry Count Hasildor! Please forgive me!" Janus Haslidor looked annoyed. "It is alright. I am wearing this simply to protect myself from the sun. What are you waiting for? Let's go. It's what you wanted, isn't it?" Janus sighed. "Just do me one favor." Caelia smiled. "Anything." "Offer better protection than Shum gro-Yarug and my bodyguard."

Forty minutes later...

The party, Caelia, Arriana, Gaturn, Orag, Alberic, Carmen, and Janus, came to a Bosmer woman holding a necklace made of flowers. She put it around Caelia's head. "Hello, weary travellers! I commend you for your efforts getting here! I am Jasmyn, your new guide. You are safe here. Welcome... to Valenwood.

Chapter Four: The Stoics[edit]

The group went huged-eyed into Valenwood. They were lead by Jasmyn, the young Bosmer who greeted them. Soon enough, they came across a old-style town, full of people. Truly, it was full of people. Refugees from all over Cyrodiil were there. Inns were crowded, people were sitting on the dirt, natives were rushing by, beggers were everywhere, shady merchants were offering half-used products and food to desperate refugees, and preists were chanting words from the gods.

Jasmyn interrupted everyone's sightseeing. "Can I direct you anywhere, good sirs and maams?" Caelia pulled out a worn note that she kept since they were in the Imperial City. She read over the last lines, one purpose in mind.

I'll be waiting at the Golden Oak Inn, in Arenthia. I also need to flee- it is high treason to even consider sending this note.

With love,

Fiona Hastings, High Rock Council of War member, Wayrest.

"...We need to go the the Golden Oak Inn, Jasmyn, please." Jasmyn blinked. "Q-quite a knowledge of our land. B-but that Inn is closed, I am sorry." Caelia detected something off in her voice. "Oh well, Jasmyn, I just want to see it. Take me to it. Now." Jasmyn shuffled. "N-no, I'm afraid I can't do that, miss." "And why not?" Jasmyn looked afraid. "...I just can't!" Her expression quickly changed to happy. "Now, is there anything else I can show you?" Gaturn went up to Jasmyn. "Yes, there is." Without warning, he picked her up by the front of her shirt. "Show us the Golden Oak Inn. Or else." Jasmyn sighed. "Fine. Just let me down." Gaturn set her down. Quickly, Jasmyn shot out of Gaturn's reach and ran into a crowd, vanishing. Gaturn shook his head. "Hmm. Looks like we have some investigating to do."

The entire group split up and went to find information on The Golden Oak Inn, and The Stoics. Only two found anything interesting.

Janus Hassildor's Search[edit]

Janus's hood went back up, and he scoured the back alleys for information on the Stoics. He knew that shady people would more likely know about them. He came across a Bosmer man in his fifties, who had an empty Skooma bottle next to him. Janus said, "Listen, Wood Elf, I don't have much time. Do you know anything about the Stoics?" The man yelped. "Shhhh! Do not utter their name! Fool!" He tried to leave, but Janus persisted. "Do you know anything about them?" The man just looked away. "No, now, excuse me..." Janus took the little man by the neck and picked him up. He then revealed his face. "Tell me, or I'll turn you into a vampire." "Ahhhh! OK, their base is in the Golden Oak Inn, at the very corner of Valenwood!" Janus dropped the man and walked away. "Now this is interesting."

Caelia Draconis's Search[edit]

Caelia looked around with no prevail. Everyone she asked about the Stoics ran away. She thought she was lost, until...

Caelia was walking, when a woman bumped into her. "Ouch! Oh, sorry, maam." The woman said and retreated into the crowd. Caelia looked over towards her. She thought hard. "Hmmm... bright blonde hair, short, a Breton, carrying a silver dagger, it's... Antoinetta Marie!" Caelia jogged over to the Breton and put her hand on her shoulder. "Antoinetta!" At the sound of her name, Antoinetta yelped in suprise, and began to run. Caelia, however, held her firmly. "Antoinetta! Hold it right there!" She spun the young Breton around to face her. It was definetly the same woman who brought the Monks to the Imperial City. "Please, maam," She started. But then she recognized Caelia. "You!" "Yeah, thats right, now come with me." Antionetta looked distressed. "No! I need to get to the St-... I need to go away!" She finished quickly. Caelia looked suprised. "You need to get to the Stoics?" Antoinetta whimpered. "How did you know?" "I have my sources," Caelia said. "Now... I have some friends for you to meet."

Chapter Five: The Stoics[edit]

The entire group, minus Caelia, was waiting in the meeting spot, they were all exchanging losses on finding information, until Janus spoke. "I know where the Golden Oak Inn is." Everyone snapped his a suprised look. "It is in the southwest corner of Arenthia, and it is the base of the Stoics, whoever they are." "Great." Gaturn said. "Ok, group, we'll wait for Caelia, then-" At this point, Caelia came up to the group. She was dragging Antoinetta by the shoulder. No one in the party knew who she was, though. "I have Antoinetta Marie. She's working with the Stoics." Everyone shared a gasp, evern those who didn't know who she was. Once Janus told her where the Golden Oakn Inn was, she smiled. "Then lets go. Antoinetta, lead the way." She pushed Antoinetta foward, and she just grunted. "So, Antoinetta," Caelia said. "Where's your friend, Ahsi?" Antoinetta shed a tear. "Ahsi... Ahsi... was killed by a bandit when we fled here. She made me run when she killed the bandit, but died from her wounds. She- she saved me. Now... she is truly free from the Brotherhood."

Antoinetta pushed open the door of the Golden Oak Inn. She then went to the basement. Only Caelia, Janus, and Arriana were following, as to not make a crowd. The rest were waiting anxiously outside. Antoietta called put, "Red Raven!" It must have been a code of some sort, because as soon as she did a secret door opened up and a Breton woman stepped out. "Hello, Ann... who are these people?" She gestures to the group. "They are friends, Iltan" Antoinetta said. Saying Iltan at the end of her sentance was a code to make sure guests weren't forcing her to show them the Stoics. If she didn't say Iltan, the three would be dead by now. "Good. welcome." Caelia noticed the woman looked tense, and sad. She took a guess. "Are you... Fiona Hastings?" The woman looked suprised. "Yes, how did you know that?" Caelia pulled out her note and handed it to her. "This." Fiona gasped. "Then... were's Raj?" Caelia looked at her feet. "I'm sorry. He's dead." Fiona dropped the note. "No!" Caelia quickly added, "But if he didn't tell the empire war was coming, hundreds more would be dead. He is a hero." Fiona didn't look much happier. "I told him not to do anything stupid! He ignored me! That fool!" She tried to go on, but she burst out crying. Antoinetta looked akward. "Umm... it's all right, Fiona, let's go inside..."

"Let me explain what the Stoics are," Antoinetta said. "They are groups of people who teamed up to help Cyrodiil, freedom-fighters, call them. They are the bravest people in the world, to me. Each group has about fifty soldiers.

"There are five seperate groups of people that made up the Stoics." Antoinetta explained. "Over there, the Skyrim Stoics. Their leader, Colt." Colt, a big Nord man of about fifty, smiled and nodded in their direction. "Over there is the High Rock Stoics, Fiona is their leader." Fiona, by now, was sitting in the corner telling a friend about Ra'jiradh's death. "The Cyrodiil Stoics, and their leader. Palonirya." However Palonirya got to be leader was a mystery to Caelia, but she seemed friendly and waved excitedly anyway. "Then the Black Marsh Stoics, and their leader, Hides-His-Nose." Hides-His-Nose looked up, muttered a "Hello", and went back to a conference with some other Argonians. Antoinetta looked almost afraid. "You know... about Black Marsh's involvment..." "Yes." Arriana said quickly. Antoinetta went on. "And last but certainly not least, the Valenwood Stoics, and their leader, Jasmyn." Caelia almost choked. "Jasmyn?!" The same young woman who greeted the group at the Entrance to Arenthia got up and avoided their gaze. "Y-yes... I'm sorry for running away like that back there, but I didn't know who you were..." "Understood." Janus said. "...Thank you." Jasmyn said, and went back to discussing a chart about something. "So... you want to join the Stoics?" Antoinetta said. Caelia responded. "I guess so, until Admaus and Ocato get here. Then we use the Legion's help."

When the rest of the group was learning about the secret group, the Stoics, Carmen Litte and Orag gra-Bargol were waiting for Adamus and Ocato to arrive. After about two hours of waiting, three men, one of which was matching Adamus Philida's description, were lead into the city by a Bosmer guide. Carmen and Orag jogged over to them. "Adamus Philida!" Carmen said. "I was sent from Caelia Draconis. She and Arriana are well." At that point, Adamus dismissed the guide and asked Carmen some questions. "Who are you?" I'm Carmen Litte. This is Orag gra-Bargol. On the road, me, my husband, Caelia, and Arriana were ambushed by Alhair Vetrone..." Carmen went on and told the story of everything that happened on the journey to Arenthia. Admaus didn't interrupt once, until the end. "Well, now, that is an interesting sequence of events... the Argonians, you say, have teamed up with the Bretons and Nords... this is worse than I thought. Much, much, worse." Orag tried to brighten the situation. "But Ocato can lead the Legion against the army, with the Stoics!" Adamus slumped. "Oh... I'm getting to old for this... Ocato died on the journey. He was killed by an assassin sent by Fjor Virstaang." Orag gasped. "But Adamus, that means..." "Yes. Now, I am the de facto ruler of Cyrodiil, and the Empire."

Adamus was caught up on the Stoics and Antoinetta by Caelia Draconis. Adamus caught her and the rest of the party up on Ocato's death and the lost battle of Chorrol. "And... after the battle was lost, the Legion disbanded. I have only fifty loyal men left, including Lex and Leland." Colt, the Skyrim Stoic leader, approached them. "Well, Adamus, you can create and lead the Legion Stoics. Congrats." Colt smiled meekly, shook his hand, then went back to a conference, as busy as ever. Palonirya came up to the group. She explained to them how she fled from the city with Claudette Perrick and Rindir, but they were waylaid by a group of necromancers. Rindir went down fighting, and Claudette and Palonirya fled, where Claudette died from a gash on her back. Palonirya went on alone, and rallied the Cyrodiilics and formed their version of the Stoics. "So..." Palonirya finished, "Even with your Legionairres, we are about three hundred men short. We don't know what to do." Adamus was also lost. Until Caelia came up with a solution. "I know how to get three hundred men." "How?" Palonirya gasped. "Well... they are not soldiers... but they are monks."

Part One: Selene[edit]

Selene Ascrin, head of the Monastary of Azura Monks, ambled down her hall with Asgrim. They rounded a corner, and came to the Dining Hall. Everyone was having lunch, and Selene and Asgrim went to the leaders table where elite monks sat. Just before Selene could pick up her Sweet Cake, a strange light appeared and enveloped the table. Then, a fresh scroll dropped out of middair and plopped itself down on Selene's plate. By now, everyone was looking at her and the note. Then the crowd of monks broke out into a fury of whisperes and talk, wondering what the letter was. They were immeadiatly silenced by Selene, all she had to do is raise her hand slightly. She shuffled around, and pulled out reading glasses. Everyone was ghost-silent. She put on her glasses, and stood up. She figured whatever note this was, every monk in the room had the right to hear it. She cleared her voice, and began to read.

"To Selene Ascrin in the Monastary of Azura, St'ros Mkai

Sent by the magic of Fiona Hastings

Hello, Selene. This is Caelia Draconis, the guard who helped the monks return to the Monastary. I am writing this to call in a favor from you. You nearly destroyed my City, and you said yourself you owe us for stopping you for commiting mass murder. Well, we are in desperate need of your help, Cyrodiil has been lost to Bretons and Nords, and we are about three hundred men and woman short to stand a chance. I ask you, please, to help us raise an army and defeat these cretans. Cyrodiil would be in your debt, and us and the Monastary would forever be at peace, maybe even an alliance. So I ask you again, please consider sending your monks to aid us. I thank you, and the entire nation of Cyordiil thanks you.

Caelia Draconis"

Selene finished. Again, everyone broke out into a gossip and debated about what to do. The elite monks turned to each other and discussed the situation. "Selene, what are your thoughts?" Asgrim said. But Selene did not respond. She was not in the room, she was not on Nirn.

Selene found herself floating in Moonshadow, Azura's very realm of Oblivion. Over her, a great being stood. "Selene," the voice boomed. "I forbid you from going to Cyrodiil. You have to many duties in your Monastary. If you go, I will not offer my aid. I will not return you from the dead should you fall in combat." The realm melted away and Selene returned to the Dining Hall. Asgrim shook her. Her soul was gone, but her body remeined on Nirn. "Wha..." Selene started. "Selene, what are your thoughts on the letter?" Selene shook her head. "Asgrim, I just had a vision from... I think... Azura herself. She said she would not help us if we go." Asgrim looked shocked. "I- wow. This is suprising. So we stay...?" Selene thought back to her attack on the City. She remembered the lady she personaly cut down, shaking Adamus's hand and leaving, the guards tolerance of her, and her quick friendship with Caelia and Antoinetta. Selene made a descision. "No. We go anyway. Rally the monks, and tell them the dangers we are going to face."

Part Two: The Planning[edit]

There were specific instuctions on where Selene and the monks were supposed to teleport through a huge gate into an open field. In the field were the leaders of the Stoics, Fiona, Colt, Hides-His-Nose, Jasmyn, and Palonirya, as well as Caelia, Adamus, and Janus Hassildor. In the middle of the field, a huge gate opened up, yet only a single monk came out. Walking towards the group, was Selene Ascrin herself. She strode up to the group. Everyone, especially Palonirya, seemed releived. Palonirya spoke. "Oh, Miss Ascrin, thank you so much for coming, you are doing a great service to the Empire, I applaud..." She went on, but Selene cut her off. "Listen, everyone. We have no protection. Azura abandoned us. We are just as mortal as you. And these monks don't like it. They are waiting at the Monastary- they will come on command." Colt spoke up. "Does that mean...?" He didn't want to put it into words, as not to offend the lead monk, but Hides-His-Nose didn't mind. "...Mean they won't fight for us?" Selene scoffed. "No! By Azura, no, they will still fight for you. I give you my word." Jasmyn smiled. "Good. That's good. Listen- you lead the Monk Stoics- no questions about that. Now listen, I have a meeting planned now, Caelia, Janus, you need to leave, please.

Caelia and Janus grumplily left, when the leaders stayed. Jasmyn took the lead. "Okay, since this is our first official meeting, I want to do things by the book. So, I will begin."

"Leader of the Argonians, Hides-His-Heart, what is your status?" "We are in good condition, our leader Tsek-Ra has no idea we exist. I have currently 298 soldiers."

Jasmyn nodded. "Good. Leader of the Stoic Nord Division, Colt Armetes, what is your status?" Colt sleared his throat. "Fjor is clueless, and we have a spy in his ranks. I have 303 men, currently." "Good, good. Leader of the Cyrodiilic Stoic Division, Palonirya Caspe, what is your status?" Palonirya stood straight. "We are weak, but great in numbers. I have 422 men, currently."

Jasmyn smiled. "Again, good. Leader of the Breton Stoic Devision Fiona Hastings, what is your status?" Fiona spoke loud and clear. "My men are in great condition, but Edward knows of us. We have 194 men right now."

"And The Legion Stoic Division head Adamus Philida, what is your status?" "We have but 64 men, each man is worth twenty against Edward's men!" "I like your determination" Jasmyn said.

"And finally, Monk Stoic Division leader Selene Ascrin, what is your status?" "I have 482 faithful men at my side, Jasmyn." "Impressive" Jasmyn said.

"And finally, me. I have 412 men, and Raenellian Guerinn is secretly funding our cause."

"Now, we have all the men gathered, we will discuss our assassination plan. Colt, take it from here." Colt cleared his throat. "Our spy, Tolgar..."

Part Three: Colt's Plan[edit]

Tolgar lazed in the Royal Palace of Skyrim. He had nothing to do- Lord Fjor was not due back for his speech for another hour. He never left with Colt when he and his men went to Arenthia, he stayed behind to spy. And now, he was Fjor's right hand man. He was going to take advantage of this... and kill Fjor Virstaang.

His plan was simple. He would be called out on stage to personally be behind Fjor when he gave his "Skyrim is winning, don't lose faith" speech. Over a thousand citizens will be there. Colt's plan was to have Tolgar excecute Fjor publicly, to show the citizens that Cyrodiil reigns supreme.

A circle of guards escorted Fjor into the palace. Tolgar flustered. "He's early!" Tolgar gasped. Tolgar scrambled around and went to his personal chambers, a huge room. "Hmm... Goodbye, rooms," He thought, since he could not go back after Fjor's death. He grabbed a sharp silver dagger concealed in his walk-in closet, and hid it in his sleeve. He left his chambers and approached Fjor. "Ahh! Fjor, friend, how are you?" Fjor smiled. "Great, Tolgar, I am great." The two men shook hands, then proceeded to the public stage, where the crowds were gathering. They waited for the announcer to call them up.

The announcer, a fragile old woman named Harriet, called them up one by one. "It is my pleasure to call up these friends of Commander Fjor Virstaang. Grill Sern, the castle mage," A Nord stepped on to the stage. "The Castle Steward, Friela Cicine," A nord woman stepped on to the stage. The Castle Butler, Tolgar Dain." Tolgar stepped onto the stage. "Now finally, our lord, commander of Skyrim, layer of siege to Cyrodiil, Fjor Virstaang." Cheers went up from the crowd as Fjor stepped onto the stage. "People. Listen to me. The time to expand Skyrim's borders is upon us. We will conquer the northern part of Cyrodiil!" More cheers from the crowd. "And you know what that means?" The crowd stayed silent, confused. "It means... we grow more powerfull. We then attack Hammerfell. Then Valenwood. Then Elsewehr. Then Morrowind. Black Marsh. Orsinium. High Rock, and them Summerset Isles! We will no longer live in the continent of Tamriel. We will live in the continent of... SKYRIM!" The crowd exploded with cheers and wildness. Fjor smiled, relishing their excitement. Tolgar took this chance to kill him. He got up, much to the confusement of the old Harriet, who was sitting next to him. "Tolgar, what are you doing? Fjor must not be interrupted! You will get arrested for treason!" Tolgar shrugged. "That... is not what I'm going to get arrested for. Goodbye, dear Harriet." Tolgar pulled out his dagger, and approached Fjor. Fjor acted like this was normal. He whispered. "Tolgar, get back in your seat!" Tolgar just smiled sadly. "Sorry, no." He then thrust his dagger into Fjor's gut. "Tolgar, why?!" He gasped, then fell over. Tolgar flew from the stage. The crowd was in a frenzy. Some didn't know what had happened, some were crying, some were chanting vicious words at Tolgar. Before he could get too far, he was cut off by a crazed mob of citizens. He heard vague insults. They caught him, and he felt puches raining down on him. Suddenly, two guards approached him, they cut down any citizen who got in their way. One grabbed Tolgar. "Scum. You are sentanced to death. It is to be carried out immeadiatly." The guard then stabbed Tolgar in the heart. His eyes widened, and he gasped. The crowd cheered, a gruesome, ugly cheer.

Chapter Six:[edit]

Arriana Valga searched desperatly throughout the city. She forgot something- something important, when she came to Arenthia. Then, she found it. Specificly, she found her. Arriana ran over and embraced the woman she found... Alessia Caro, her daughter.

"Oh, Alessia, you're safe!" Alessia was too shocjed for words. "I- looked all over. M-mother, I did not find you... with Chorrol's destruction... I thought... I thought..." Arriana smiled. "Don't worry. I'm safe, and you are to. But...? Where is...?" Alessia got choked up. "Marus... died in the attack of Leyawiin." Arriana gasped. "No! It cannot be!" Alessia shed a tear. "Yes, the Argonians... he could not escape." "Well, come with me. I have something very important to show you." Arriana said. "Very well, Mother. Let me fetch Hlidora..."

After Arriana showed up in the headquarters of the Stoics, and congratulations were exchanged, and a mourning for Count Caro went by, Jasmyn spoke up. "Colt, you have been silent for a long time. What is the news on Tolgar's plan?" Colt sighed. "A failure. Fjor is hospitalized by a stab wound in the stomach. Our informant says that Tolgar was soon after killed by the guard. Our informant, a public speaker known as Harriet, says she is coming here to help us. But she is old, and unable to fight. So she will serve as a mole between us and Fjor."

Part One: Fjor's Downfall[edit]

Edward Souldianne rode in on a Slit Strider to Skyrim, to visit Fjor Virstaang in the hospital. He was in the room alone, after dismissing a nurse and Fjor's bodyguard. "So, Fjor. A little bird told me your plans after we defeat Cyrodiil." Fjor froze up. He had said too much too soon." Edard went on. "And I have to say... Skyrim conquoring High Rock does not sound appealing. So... I must stop you. Forgive me, my friend." Before Fjor could object, Edward strapped down his arms, picked up a pillow, and put it slowly over Fjor's face.

Part Two: Confrontation[edit]

Adamus Philida eagerly waited for news on Fjor's state of health, from Harriet the spy. After a while, Gaturn gro-Gonk approached him. "Sir. Haiiret has returned. She has news."

Harriet gathered everyone around her, to give the news. "Everyone, I bring joyous news," She started. "It appears that Edward did not take kindly to Fjor's domination speech. He snuck into the hospital where Fjor was resting, and smothered him with a pillow. thus declaring war between Skyrim and High Rock. We no longer need to face the Nord army, only the Breton and Argonian armies." Everyone sighed with releif and broke off into groups talking amongst themsevles. But Jasmyn realized what this could mean. "Colt?" Colt looked up from a discussion. "Yes?" "Are you going to continue to fight?" Colt was going to ask why he wouldn't, but then he realized. The Skyrim Stoics now had no reason to continue in this fight. Colt thought for a minute, then reached a decision. "Yes, Jesmyn. Of course we will continue to serve. We now stand as one." Jasmyn smiled, as well as Adamus. "Thank you, Colt. Once this war is over, we will assure that Cyrodiil will be on peaceful terms with you and anyone who follows you." Colt was about to reply, but then the group got a sudden suprise visit.

Ten royal guards flooded the headquarters of the Stoics, Followed by an old Bosmer man. "Greetings, everyone. I am Raenellian Guerinn. It is apleasure to finally meet the heros of Cyrodiil, and Valenwood." After a huge gasp of shock, followed by cheers, Raenellian went on. "Upon a confrontaion with Edward, Valenwood officially went from helping Cyrodiil to defending it. We have declared war on High Rock as well. Now I can visit you, and it is legal!"

After Raenellian convinced Jasmyn to combine her forces with the Royal Guard, and Jasmyn herself becoming a Captain of the Royal Guard, Raenellian went to discuss battle plans with Adamus Phillida, who was still currently Cyrodiil's Ruler.

Part Three: Losing Allegiances[edit]

Edward Souldianne sat with Tsek-Ra, leader of the Argonian army, who was still loyal to him. They sat in the ruins of the Chorrol Castle. "Ra," Edward started. "Has your general brought the reinforcements yet?" Ra squirmed. "Sir... General Josk defected. He joined the Stoics, our opposing force." Edward remained silent, taking in the news. "No matter. I- we, can win without him. What about Gil-Jos?" Tsek-Ra coughed. "He... defected." Edward's face grew red. "I... see. No matter. I still have my generals, Harold," He was interrupted by his Squire, Imric. "Umm... Lord Souldianne, Harold... defected." Edward growled. "How am I the last to know about these things? Well, Imric? Tell me!" Imric looked down, avoiding Edward's gaze. "Er... I was instructed to tell you... a list of people who turned... I was going to tell you after your meeting..." Edward had a raged look on his face. He grabbed Imric by his neck. Imric coughed. "Tell... me... now, squire." Imric could barely breath. "I- O-kay, lord. G-generals, James, Nathan, Jastia, Lillian, and Timothee. Plus about fifty soldiers... Ach!" Edward squeezed Imric's throat. "Gah! Why are my generals defecting! What is wrong with them?!" "Sir... they have nothing wrong with them." Imric muttered out through Edward's grasp on his neck. "WHAT?!" Edward burst out. He then took a breath, and clamed himself. He spoke through clenched teeth. "What... are... you... suggesting, Imric?" Imric coughed yet again. "Uh... you... unerpay them, sir. And undersuply them. You... are a tyrant." Edward was uncomprehending at first, like what Imric just said Edward has a second head. Then his face turned red, then purple. He Put his other hand around Imric's neck, lifted him off the floor, and threw him aside. He gestured to his guard in the corner, who was wide-eyed with shock. "Guard!" Edward barked. The guard stood alert. "Take my squire to the prisons. He is to be executed for treason, and it is to be carried out immeadiatly." Imric cried, "No! No, no, no, please! No!" The guard looked confused. "But sir, Imric has been your squire for eleven years and-" "NOW, guard! Or will you join him?" That got the guard's attention. "Yessir. Right away, sir." He went to Imric, who was still on the ground, weeping, and dragged him out of the room. What Edward didn't see, but Tsek-Ra did, was the guard, thirty yards down the hall, let Imric go. He pushed him away, and Imric ran right out of the Castle.

Tsek-Ra had a realization. Edward Souldianne was not a genius millitary mastermind. Edward Souldianne was a tyrannical, corrupt, power-hungry, murderer. There was no need to kill Fjor; Edward could have simply dismissed him and his army. But no, Fjor went against his wishes and 'had' to die. Edward wanted world domination, and would kill anyone to get it. And Tsek had a horible feeling he was next.

Tsek-Ra looked around, then got up from his seat. "Hm... Edward, my friend, please excuse me... I need to... excuse me, friend." Tsek finished lamely, and left. Edward squinted. "No, Tsek. Stay. We need to discus... battle plans." Tsek blushed the best an Argonian could. "N-no, Edward, I need to... talk to my wife." He then went for the door. Edward blocked his path. "Didn't your wife leave for Black Marsh... yesterday?" Tsek opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. "Now, Tsek, come with me down to the cellar, so we can discuss battle plans." Tsek looked worried. "I thought we were discussing them here." Edward smiled devilishly. "No... the cellar is more, ah, private." Tsek-Ra knew that he had no choice. He wound up his fist, and punched Edward in the face. He crumpled to the floor, and Tsek dashed out of the castle.

Edward wiped blood from his nose. "Guards! Get him!" Guards loyal to Edward dashed after the Argonian Leader, while Argonia guards helped him escape. Tsek managed to escape, and ran to the former Grand Oak plaza. The Grand Oak was burned to the ground during the attack. Tsek ran up to his lieutenant, Oraz. Tsek pulled him aside to an alleyway, and said "Oraz, pull out your men. We are withdrawing from the army. Go! Be quick, or else we'll need to fight our way out."