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Bold textEnjoy the story! Click on To be continued... , to see the next part of the story. Also, If you see and Giovanni's, that was originaly Zane's name. If you see any Giovanni's in the story I missed, I'd greatly appreaciate it if you changed them to Zane, just say what you'r doing in the edit summary.

Zane ducked, and the silver arrow raced over his head, brushing his hair. Zane is a male imperial crusader. He uses his weapon of choice, a fine steel longsword. He has short, cool brown hair, tied back in a ponytail. He wore a full set of chainmail, without a helmet or shield. "Raylin, fire!" he shouted. Raylin, a Bosmer female, who uses a glass bow and arrow set, and has a set of leather gloves, boots, greaves, and curiess. Raylin had light brown hair tied back into a stick twist. She is an expert at archery. She fired a glass arrow straight at the Altmer thief. It hit his shoulder, but didn't slow him down. "Drevesi, it's time!" Drevesi, a Dumner female, who wore a black and burgandy outfit with shoes to match. She had black hair tied back, also into a stick twist. She had no weapon on her, relying on spells. She mastered in almost all of the arcane arts, and projected a shock bolt at the thief. Since he was an Altmer, when it hit him, he fell quickly. He stumbled back up, and looked at Zane quickly. The look was packed with so much hate, a shiver ran up his spine. The thief backed up, turned around, and ran away. He ran and ran, straight into K'haz. K'haz, a male Khajiit master thief, was almost invisible in the shadows. He had normal khajiit dreads. He wore a dark shirt, black wide pants, and leather boots. K'haz stabbed him with his elven shortsword, and once again, the Altmer fell. "Please, please, no! I beg you! let me go! I'll give you my ring as proof I’m dead, now let me go! "No deal, scum." Grolug Gro-Balmeg said. Grolug Gro-Balmeg, a male Orc, was better than the fighters guild master when it came to blade fighting. Grolug had blue-black war braids. He bore steel armor without a helmet or shield. Swiftly, the Orc killed the High Elf with his shinging silver claymore, now stained with blood. Zane reached down, and took the thief's unique ring as proof the job was done.

"Are you sure he's dead? The Legion officer asked, examining the ring." "Yep. killed the guy myself." Grolug said. "Well good. that guy was a menace to society. he stole from a noble's home, and when the servant found him, the criminal struck him dead. You did a good deed. here's your reward: one thousand gold coins."

Zane's team is the best. It has a mage, an archer, a warrior, a thief, and a crusader. The best bounty hunting team in Cyrodill.

Nerastarel crept silently across the cold, wooden floor, sweat rolling down his forehead. He went up to his target's back. He raised his hand, and with the mystical help of conjuration, a headless zombie appeared in front of the scout. The scout, Dallin, yelped in terror and turned to flee, only to find Nerastarel behind him, a savage smile of triumph on his face. He was wearing dark, shrouded armor. Dark Brotherhood! Dallin thought. With the assassin blocking his way, he was trapped. He felt the zombie beat him on the back, and he tumbled over onto his stomach. Nerastarel held a fine steel shortsword over his neck. Dallin closed his eyes in fear. And never opened them again.

K'haz was walking down the Imperial City Waterfront, looking for a poster with a marked man on it. He came across a poster of an Altmer with long, auburn natural hair. The description read Nerastarel: wanted for murder of local Bosmer Mercenary, Dallin. Race: High Elf. Age: Approximately 32. Height: 6 foot 2. Weight: Normal. If you have any information about this criminal, please see Adamus Phillida. The normal reward for this target would be 1000 septims, but since the target has shadier dealings, the bounty is 3000. WARNING: TARGET IS SUSPECTED TO BE AN ASSOCIATE OF THE DARK BROTHERHOOD. If caught alive, Nerastarel's bounty will increase to 9000 septims. "Hehehe" K'haz chuckled. "We have our new target"

Zane, Grolug, and Raylin were sitting in their head base in the Imperial City, waiting for K'haz to report back. Drevesi was in her room looking at her trophies. She secretly took something from their bounty targets and hung them up in her quarters. A leather gauntlet from a Skooma smuggler, a fire scroll from a conjurer, a silver dagger from a Marauder warlord, the list goes on forever. Her favorite trophy was an Ayleid artifact from this crazy collector who lived out in a Ayleid cave. It was a amulet that was said to give the bearer advanced magicka, but reduce their health. Drevesi tried it on a mission once, and the positive effect was great, but she almost died. She heard voices in the main hall, so she went to see what was going on. K’haz was back. She went up to them. "What’s going on?" she asked. "We're going after a Altmer Assassin. He's in the Dark Brotherhood. He killed a Bosmer mercenary in the Market district." Drevesi Smiled. "Sounds like fun."

Zane was going around hanging up posters for information about Nerastarel. When he was in the Elven Garden district of the Imperial City. He saw a Khajiit couple looking at him and pointing. They were wearing matching russet felf outfits, with no visible weapons. He went up to them. "Can I help you?" he asked. "Actually, we can help you." the male Khajiit said. "We have information about Nerastarel." Suddenly Zane became interested. "Go on." "We rented a house out to him in Skingrad. We lived in the upper floor of that house, so we saw him every day." The male said. The female continued, saying "He seemed like a normal High Elf at the time. The only thing that was odd was he was more of a sneak, not a mage, like your typical High Elf. But one day, he started acting strange. Paranoid. He started jumping whenever he saw a guard. We noticed a bad smell coming from our basement, but since he rented that, we had no business going in. But one day, I got fed up with it. The smell turned to rotten, to horrible, to unbearable. We left the house and went to the Skingrad castle. I think he saw us. His eyes got wide and he ran for the exit of town. Once we went to the guard captain, the first place we searched was the basement. We found a gruesome sight. A pile of six bodies, all town guards. That started the search for Nerastarel. This experience has haunted us for years, but is now nothing more than a bad memory. But now that he has killed again, it caused us to take action. I think we know where he is hiding." The female Khajiit finished. But where are my Manners? My name is... Dha'rasha, and this is my... husband, S'arad." "Yes. Nice to meet you. We should get you back to our base in the prison district."

"So, where do you think Nerastarel is hiding?" Grolug gro-Balmeg asked. "...Yes. when he left, we found a map of Tamriel in his room. An Aylied ruin was circled. We thought he may have explored that place, but now, we think he may be hiding in it." S'arad explained. "Well, what is the ruin called?" Drevesi Onther asked. "Nagasel." "What does that mean?" Zane asked. Raylin looked grim, and said, "In literal translation, Nagasel means hall of death.

When Zane was about to leave the base, Drevesi went up to him. "Z-Zane?" She stumbled, "We have a problem. Nagasel... is supposedly a tomb." "A tomb?" "Yes. Myth says The lost king of the Aylieds, forgotten in history, was buried here. We don't even know his name. If Nerastarel really is hiding here, he could re-animate him. If Nerastarel does this, it would be a very tough situation." "Well," Zane said with a smile, "wouldn't that just make the job more fun?"

"Are we all ready to head out for Nagasel?" Zane asked. The team all nodded. "We're taking S'arad and Dha'rasha with us, so we could possibly take Nerastarel alive. You'll be well protected, lost king or not." "Agreed." S'arad said. "Okay. Lets go." When they were leaving, Dha'rasha murmured, "This shall be... a challenging fight."

About halfway there, Raylin stopped the team. "Wait! I think I hear something." Grolug looked around. "I don't-" Suddenly, three Timber Wolves jumped out and attacked the group. Everyone knew their place. K'haz took Dha'rasha and S'arad and ran back. Grolug raised his ax and lopped a wolf's head right off. Drevesi cast a shock spell that sent another wolf into a spazzing frenzy until it laid unmoving. Raylin finally shot an arrow right into the last wolf's neck. "Good job, team." Zane then walked away, and the rest of the team followed, much to the amazement of S'arad and Dha’rasha.

When the bounty hunting team reached the gates of Nagasel, S'arad and Dha'rasha stopped. To Zane's confusment, they went to the front of the group, and made hand motions forcing the team backwards. They set themselves up quite a stage. "Hmm. He. Well, guys, the road ends here." S'arad chuckled. "What do you mean, fool? We sill have to find Nerastarel." Zane snarled. Dha'rasha piped up. "No. In fact, We haven’t even met Nerastarel, ever. He just hired us. Now time to die, Zane."

To be continued...

--Arch-Mage Matt