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What do the Mages Guild heads say to you in their recommendations to you? What, never thought about it? Hmmm.[edit]

3E 433 Carahil's Recommendation for new associate

I give this aspiring mage my personal recommendation to join your ranks at the Arcane University. He has assisted me take down a rouge mage, Caminalda. He lead two battlemages down the gold road, to Kvatch, and waited for the mage to ambush him, where the Battlemages defeated her. After a talking with one of the battlemages, Arriele, I learned that he stayed and fought the Rouge, which is more than I expected for a lowley associate, even though I gave him my permission to run. I am keeping a good run guild hall here, Arch-Mage. I assure you I am a worthy succsessor to you.----Carahil

3E 433 Kud-Ei's Recommendation for new associate

Hello, Raminus Polus. This is Kud-Ei, Giving a mage my personal recommendation to become an apprentice. This Mage Recovered a local mage's staff from a theif. Not only did he get it from a thief, he went all the way to the Imperial City and bought it back with his own money. A very big help! With love...Kud-Ei

3E 433 Adrienne's recommendation

This is a hastily scrawn note, obviously she wrote this extremely quickly and without much thought.

I give a mage my recc. He saved a mage. Erthor. The idiot got himself into a zombie infestation. The new mage killed all of them. Very good. Adrienne.

3E 433 Jeanne Frasoric's Recommendation

Why hello Travi! it's Jeanne here. Unfortunately for you, I am not writing this to share the local word with you. I am here to recommend a mage into the university. He found a lost mage. Of course I could have done this myself, but I am simply so busy! With love ----Jeanne Frasoric

3E 433 Deetsan's Recommendation

This note was found folded into Deetsan's Report to the Council.

The mage that assisted me in this endeavor proved his worth. Not only did he do the task set out to kill him given to him by Falcar, he found Vidkun's body, and found solid evidence on Falcar's Defection. As new acting head of the Cheydinhal Guild Hall, I give this mage my recommendation. ----Deetsan

3E 433 Dagail's Recommendation

Hello Arch-Mage Traven. This is Alga, writing on behalf of Dagail, at her request. In Leyawiin, this new mage reclaimed Dagail's amulet that regained her sanity. He also exposed and killed Kalthar, who turned traitor. It appears that once a necromancer, always a necromancer.

3E 433 Teekeus's Recommendation

Hello, Hannibal. It's long time no see, since Earana got me kicked out of the University to Chorrol. At least Earana got expelled. Well, I have important news to share. The book, Fingers of the Mountains, has been retrieved, by me. Well, not completely. A new mage helped retrieve it. So I give him my recommendation. Maybe it is time I come back? --Teekeus