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Salutations and tidings! I’m Avron the S'wit, old Mama Bear of the UESP forums, founder of many of UESP’s social media pages, and aspiring master of wiki markup. Chances are that if you came here you know me from the forums, or you are dreadfully lost. If it’s the latter, don’t worry, I won’t be offended, and if it’s the former, then hello!

About the S'wit[edit]

My name is not Arvel, nor am I swift.

My first experience with UESP was actually on the wiki back when I first discovered Morrowind. As I became more enthralled with the game’s lore it became my go-to for information, and I still regard it as one of the greatest fan-made wikis on the web, which is precisely why I'm here today. Eventually I drifted toward the forums when I was looking for an easy discussion-based place to hang out and decided to sign up there toward the end of 2010. I was honored to serve as a forum moderator for several years with a wonderful group of folks.

Now my main goal is to make UESP a place where people want to stay and to have fun, and to contribute to it moving into the future. While I got my feet wet at the forums, I'm interested in expanding the site as a whole. Life dictated I take a break from the wide web, but I’m back at UESP and ready to find new ways to contribute.

Around the UESP[edit]

Current Project - WIKI: Tackling the ONQP, one quest journal update at a time.

I had the nickname “Mama Bear” for a few reasons. Here's a few things I do and places that you'll find me:

The Forums[edit]

The forums are my baby: ever since I signed up there in 2010, it's been my home away from home. From 2011 to 2013, I was on the forum staff and had a lot of fun welcoming new members, making new policies and features, and hosting creative ways for users to have fun. Some of my accomplishments include organizing the forum staff, restarting the Competition of the Month, and creating various fun things for members to do.

I am currently no longer active in a staff position on the forums, but you can find me there for conversation.

The Forums for Wiki Users[edit]

There is a forums wiki page that you may find informative! Please check it out. If there is anything you think would be an informative add, please let the forum staff know and they will gladly look into it. (It was also my first wiki page I created, so hopefully it is useful!)

Social Media Pages[edit]

Together with Dave, I founded, and initially ran, UESP's social media pages: the upkeep of our Google+, Facebook, and Twitter pages, and branching out to the TES community on those sites. Dave was nice enough to agree with me that this was an area UESP should venture into, and nicer still to let me help shape the beginnings of these pages. We started with these three pages and it has been great to see them flourish in unique ways!

Community Interviews[edit]

As part of the SMP project, and because many people requested it, I also gathered information about the best people of UESP - the users! In December 2013 I launched the Community Interviews feature with fellow UESP forum moderators, wiki editors, site admins, and anyone else who would like to contribute with the fans of the UESP. This project was a fun way to share the many wonderful and talented people who make the UESP what it is.

You can see the history of the Community Interview here! Special thanks to Kiz for assisting with and creating the format of this page.

Contact and Questions[edit]

If you feel the need to contact me for any reason whatsoever, you are more than welcome to! There are a few easy ways to do this.

E-mail me – Send me an e-mail; it’s the quickest way to get my attention.
Wiki Talk Page – You can ask me questions, propose ideas, let me know an area where I can help out, or write me love sonnets here on my talk page. This way I can practice everything Kiz and AKB have taught me.
UESP Forums – You can send me a PM on the forums, naturally!
External Game Contacts – Alternatively, chances are you can find me somewhere in Tamriel. I actively play ESO on the PC-NA server under @Avron, and also play Legends under the name nosoundcomes (which will also be my username for Blades upon its release). Feel free to come join me on my adventures!


And now for a delightful collection of commonly asked questions the s’wit receives. (Note: some of these are old, but still relevant.)