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if you want to get an idea of what im like, look around here, here, or here

Home City Boise
Location Upstairs
Race Caucasian Gender Male
Level 15 Class Gamer
RefID N/A BaseID N/A
Available Now and then
Buys FenceClothing, Books, Misc.
Other Information
Health 1Up
Magicka Faster than a speeding lawn dart.
Morality Aggression over 9000
Faction(s) Baconificationism

My Oblivion Characters[edit]



OB-qico-Spies.png This Character is Level 27
MaleIcon.png This Character is male
OB-icon-Waterbreath.png This Character is Argonian
OB-icon-Thieves Guild-Master Thief.png This Character was born under the sign of The Thief
OB-icon-Thieves Guild-Prowler.png This Character is a Thief
OB-icon-Fortify.png This Character is using the Lady Stone
OB-qico-PathOfDawn.png This Character has collected all of the Heaven Stone Spells
OB-icon-Security (title).gifOB-icon-Sneak (title).gif This Character Is a master of Sneak and Security
OB-qico-Dragonfires.png This Character has completed the Main Quest
SI-qico-TheRootsOfMadness.png This Character Has completed the Shivering Isles Main Quest
OB-KotN-DivineCrusaderIcon.jpg This Character Has completed the Knights of the Nine questline


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